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At the end of my rope-Benelli M2

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As sort of a last resort, perhaps you could mount some type of optical sight on the rib. Redring has recently came out with one designed just for shotguns, but their are others that will work. Mount an optical sight, set up a pattern board and shoot on a steady platform. Adjust the optical sight accordingly and go enjoy that M2.


I should also point out that of the many shotguns I have owned and still own, each one has it's own distinct POI. My best shooters hit just a few inches high which is perfect for me as I tend to swing under birds (so I can see the birds). After years of skeet shooting, I know where each one shoots and I use some old fashion Kentucky windage to compensate. My best two are a Remy Classic Field 1100 in .410 (shoots like a rifle) and my older Browning Citori Upland Special in 20 guage (aka my Quail gun). My little Benelli Monty in 20 guage shoots slightly high and to the left which is perfect for tracking and hitting Grouse (it always seems I'm a little behind on them). Many, many years ago I owned a JC Higgins bolt action repeater in 16 guage (full choke) and that's my only shotgun that shot dead on (go figure?).

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On 4/22/2007 at 7:54 PM, PrimitiveHunter said:

Right about now, I'm thinking my new Benelli M2 was the worst mistake I've ever made with regards to a firearm. I have tried every combination of every stock shim and althought I now have a good sight picture down the rib, I cannot force the pattern to hit anywhere near Point Of Aim. I've shot 1 box each of 3 different brand game loads and all shoot the same; 85-90% of the pattern about POI with a modified choke at 25 yds. Using the full choke and Winchester Supreme 3" shells, I have to aim 8" low and 4" to the right to hit even hit the head of the turkey target. I have tried 2 different after market front sights and both shift the POI about 8" low. The original POS sight is .112" about the rib. The lowest aftermarket sight I've found is .192" above the rib. That .080" difference results in an overall shift in the POI of 16"!!! I bought it at Sportsmans Warehouse in Lewisville and their only help/advice is "Let us send it back to the factory". That's the kind of help I'd expect from Wal-Mart but it's too late to do anything about that now. By the way, no amount of stock shimming has had any effect on the POI.

i just bought a benelli SBE3 my problem is more egregious than yours my pattern was off by almost a foot (high and right at 20 yards)at 35-40 yards a startling 15-18 off so i changed the shim to 65mm and no changes this is completely completely unacceptable  i sent it back but do not know what to expect.

Has anyone else run into this problem and if so, did you get it corrected?

My problem was just as bad and worse than yours than yours almost two feet of high and to the right changed the shim and no change sent it back immediately do not want it back and will insist about an exchange or refund 

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Oh, for crying out loud!

art950, you have responded to a post that is over 13 years old and the poster you responded to hasn't visited the site since one day after his post.  The last post to this thread was 8 years ago.

Are you familiar with the term "necropost"?   "A necropost is a post on an "old, abandoned thread that has been considered 'dead' for a while...that no longer serves any purpose but is bumped back up to the top of the forums by someone posting in it." Necroposting is seen as a form of spam and clogs up the forums with old and unneeded topics."

And now, you've made me do it too.  

ADMIN:  could you please lock this thread???

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