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SBE II in Kansas & Missery...

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Just got back from another decent trip to KS & MO. Pretty tough this year with all the damage from the bad weather. It looked like winter with all the dead trees and lack of greenery.


We really had to pull a few tricks from the bag to get the birds to work, but that's why they call it hunting, not shooting.





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Between the crappy weather and the Coyotes, we're having a hard time with 'em here.


I'm working on the cure for the Coyotes :cool:


Savage 12FVSS 22-250

50 grain Vmax over 4895

5 shots @ 100 yards

Pesky crosswinds opened up the group a bit, but I think my POA/POI are close enough for old Wiley.



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Nice birds.


You must have been near SW MO. My in-laws farm was ravished. It will take decades for a lot of the timbers to recover. Very sad sight.


Yep. Not far from Joplin. The trees were in bad shape.

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