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i feel you are not the only one that knows of this phenom, but since you have asked so many questions YES you can get longer shots with proper ammo and proper chokes, also depends on your skills which seem to be getting where they need to be. Congrats! Its all inn the choke & ammo and i guess your shim issue/misfire issues have been answered since you have had time to get used to an italian shotgun and its difference vs the 870!:eek: Friend in Colorado takes them at that range routinely with hevi shot 3" rounds with his walmart berreta but he had to do his homework just like you!:)

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74 yards, or 74 feet?


Hmm. While that is technically an impressive shot at 74 yards, most (if not all) turkey hunters would tell you that that isn't an ethical shot as there is a good chance at wounding the bird rather than killing it cleanly.

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Well, that is a long shot. I took the bird that had nowhere but field to fly, and there was plenty of time for the follow up.


I would not advise most people to take a shot like that, but it's a case of no your gun and your situation. I would not have attempted that shot with my 870 or factory ammunition.



Here he is....



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Under most circumstances I would agree that 74 yards is too risky, but when its open field that changes things. I have run down more than 1 wounded bird before.


In the woods I would not even think of it.


When I first started spring gobbler hunting I shot one in the woods at a long distance and the thing ran right at me. I let it go by then shot it again LOL.

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I have to agree with Tucker and Sdkidaho. I don't care how well you think you know your gun. That is a shot that is asking to wound a bird. That turkey can run a heck of a lot faster than you can even wounded. This actually comes down to one thing and that is hunter ethics. Why don't you do this, set a target at 74 yards and pattern your gun. Be honest when you do this and then post the pictures for us. I bet the pattern would be less than optimal for killing a bird.

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