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2007 - 2008 Season Pictures

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Here's all of my ducks so far this season.


My first Drake Wood duck ever, and the first duck of the season.




The most amazing, and successful, day off duck hunting I've ever had. The ducks were bomb diving my spread like I've never seen before at levels I've never even imaged or seen. If I was half a decent shot I would of had my limit.




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Got out for a little goosing this week.

Got a quick triple on a farm pond Monday afternoon and made it out to the blind Friday AM.


It was a warm and sunny day with little wind, but we managed to thump a handful before they settled down.


We also had this big boy buzz the decoys.

We were going to shoot, but then we realized this bird could shoot back !


US Marines

Glad it was one of ours!





Been a while since I've hunted with my old buddy Leroy.

He had to remind me of our signature crossed guns photos.

His Stoeger shot pretty well today. Only one FTF out of about 6 rounds.



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Tuck, those FTF's were the primary reason I couldnt stand shoot my stoeger anymore - if Leroy knew what was good for him he would ditch that think like a bad habit.


God cant believe you guys are still shooting ducks and geese, looks like Siberia here in WI and cold like it too.

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