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Swapping bolts?


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I have two Benelli M1's, one an older model that allows me to ride a shell on the carrier, the other a newer M1 that doesn't let you ghost a shell on top of the carrier. As I understand it the only difference between the two is a little lug or some such on the bottom of the bolt. One has a rounded surface, the other a sharper more abrupt angle that prevents a shell from laying on the carrier with the bolt closed over it.


After thinking about this, is there any reason a guy couldn't swap bolts between the guns? Barrels swap out, trigger assemblies could be exchanged - why not the bolt?


The M1 that allows ghosting of the extra round is a camo dipped turkey gun. I don't need the extra abilities there, the gun has a three shot plug anyway, no biggie. My other M1 is a Tactical Model, this one could use the ability to ride a round on the carrier to maintain capacity while in the "cruiser safe" mode.

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