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Teaching my daughter

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Any suggestions on teaching my daughter to shoot clays.

Borrowed a 20 ga. mount is ok but i had a hard time teacher her how to follow and hit the bird.

Any suggestions or "tricks" to get her on the bird.

she hit 1 of 20 i though she would have hit a few more

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The first thing I'd do is get her to follow the bird she misses or hits (pieces) to the ground after the shot. Stay on 'em.

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How comfortable is your daughter when a gun? I've organized several women's skeet leagues and sporting clay shoots and I've discovered before you can teach them leads and follow-through you need to let them overcome their fear of guns. Men typically have had guns in their hands from a young age, but not many women/girls. My recommendation:


1) First let her just shoot the gun not worrying about how many targets she hits.


2) Focus on only three points/lessons at a time. Men have a wealth of knowledge, but us ladies sometimes feel overwhelmed with too much information.


Try a 3-point message every time you take her out shooting. Only progress to the next 3-points when she is ready. For example, I always start with these three points 1) Proper Gun Stance 2) Proper Shouldering of the Gun 3) Not lifting her head from the barrel.


3) Lots of encouragement. If she hits one, shout Woo Hoo.


Hats off to you for taking the time to introduce her to a sport that she may become to love!

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