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M 1 vs M 2


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Crew- I am going to purcase a black 20 ga. shotgun. I have a SBEII 12 ga. with comfortech. When I looked at the new M2s the other day one thing I did not care for was the stock seemed to be the same deminsions on the 20 ga as my current 12 ga. especailly on side to side thickness. I was hoping that a 20 ga would be a little more danity than my 12. Am I incorrect??

Secondly, was the M1 offered in synthetic and was the 20 ga stock a little more dainty? Lastly, what is the difference in a 20 ga M1 vs a 20 ga. M2?

Thank you.

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I own a 20 guage short stock Monty (Montefeltro)and they are definately a scaled down super 90. The forearm wood is actually thinner than on my Browning 20 guage, Over/Under, Special Field Citori. I'm not sure if the 20 guage Monty's come dressed in black as mine is wood.




Cape Cod

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I have or have had M1 and M2 in 12 and 20 gauge. Liked them all, for different reasons.


Just comparing the 20 gauge between the M1 and M2, here are my opinions:




--more solid feel with more metal parts (trigger guard assembly, etc.)


--Stock less likely to peel than the M2 (in the black synthetic), M1 shouldn't peel.


--You can depress the carrier latch on the M1 to release shells from the magazine. You cannot do this with the M2 unless you have Terminator strong fingers-- it really isn't possible for 99% of us to do this-- and this is a big deal to anyone who wants to be able to unload the magazine without cycling each shell through the chamber.




--You can easily remove the butt pad to access the recoil spring tube assembly for cleaning. Not so easy with the M1.


--Crio barrel on the M2 (but the Crio chokes not available in 20 gauge, at least in 2007). Not so sure it makes that much of a difference pattern wise- the pellets are contained in the shot cup all the way down the barrel with either type- but both guns shoot birds as well as any repeater.


--Lighter feel and handling characteristics. Super balance point. It's quicker.


Those are the big points- I think I'd grab a new 20 gauge M1 again if possible. It is such a solid reliable shooter. Just clean that rear assembly as well as the more accessible parts and you'll be good for a very long time. It's a tough gun.


Happy hunting- Birdbrooks

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Some of you guys are on crack :D


My M2 20 chokes say Criochoke all over the tubes.


Love the new trigger guard just like I love the new trigger guard on the SBE II. Made for hunters for sure.


True that it's impossible to unload with the stop lever, but I go to the plug so often, I hadn't noticed.


The M2 has the Comfortech system. Good for me because I hate the recoil of a 20.


The M2 has all the new corrosion resistant recoil tube parts,


I love my M2 20 gauge. Can't be seen in public with an 'old' M1!



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I just bought a brand new M2 yesterday, I shoot alot of trap and use a Browning Citori XT Trap 32" bbl for it, I wanted a semi auto for sporting clays and 5 stand as I feel the Citori is to bulky for quick stuff IMO. I use to own a benelli SS and really liked it but had to sell it to fund the Citori, I thought about another SS but decided to save 500.00 and go with the M2, I told my dealer I wanted a gun that I could shoot clay sports with and hunt if I decided to, he advised me to go with the M2, My first choice was gonna be the SBE 2 till he talked me out of it as my primary use will be clays, my dealer said if I was gonna pound out 3"- 3 1/2" shells the SBE 2 would be the gun but for my use the M2 should fit the bill very well as I dont need a 3 1/2" gun. Anyway I ended up with a Black 28" M2, I am excited to get out and shoot it! All the benelli's I have tried fit me well right out of the box without any adjustments, I hope the M2 pleases me as well as my old SS. It sure fits and feels good to me!

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