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craziest thing

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i have never in my life thought i would witness what i witnessed the other day, i saw a fox yes a fox chase a gobbler down a ridge and kill it. just so happened this bird was about 100 yards in front of me strutting around 3 or 4 hens and all of a sudden i hear this god awful noise and the turkey comes running straight for me. a few seconds later i realized it was being chased by a fox haha. one of the most ******** things i have ever seen in my life..anyone top that?

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that was one of the many thoughts running through my head after i watched it..didnt make sense to me i mean he had plenty of time to fly i guess he just wasnt in the flying mood that day, i wasnt to happy about the whole thing afterwards

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hello,sawyer the land i hunt on also has a red fox problem. i found a den site with a gobbler foot all chewed up,with about a inch spur.it is hard to imagine a fox can kill a full grown bird,**** i cant hold one when i have shot one with all that flopping.i have tag out in virginia with my three bird limit in nortumberland county not to bad.

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I had a coyote attack my hen decoy this year! She'll never do that again ;) I also watch a hawk attack a hen as she pitched from roost this year. That hunt was awesome and I ended up taken one real nice spurred gobbler thanks to that hawk.

Here's how my "coyote load" preformed this year!



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