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Benelli versatility?

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I'm thinking about buying my first shotgun this year and have been considering Benelli. As I only plan on buying one shotgun, I want it to be have the greatest versatility possible. A few questions:


Which model would be the best to build different configurations on?


Is there a short barrel (18.5") that can be fitted to the SBEII?


Does anoyone know if Benelli plans to issue a comfortech/steadygrip stock?




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Friendly advice.

I would sugges the SBE II because of.

1. Lack of recoil

2 Both of mine will cycle 1oz loads all day.

3. For goose or crane hunting you just might want to use those 3.5 shells some day. If not, it's there if you ever do.

4. Ease of breakdown for cleaning. As you know the barrel and top receiver are one piece.


You might also want to check out the new Cordoba.

It s 3" shotgun.


[ 02-24-2005, 05:26 AM: Message edited by: BLKLABMAN ]

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It's ridiculous to say that 3.5" is never needed.

There are plenty of hunting situations in which the extra pellets would be beneficial.


The M2 barrel comes off similar to a Rem. 1100, etc., where the barrel and receiver are two separate parts.


Lab is correct in saying that the SBEII is easy to clean. It's by far the easiest to clean of any shotgun I've owned since I my Savage 20 ga. single barrel when I was 11.

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I can think of about three hundred things that WE don't need, but we get anyway, why skimp now???.... I understand your "not needing 3.5" mindset. That's what I thought....I bought a 3.5" gun, then three years later I bought a box of 3.5" shells to finally try em out....been shooting em ever since!! Now have another 3.5" gun. You won't be disappointed and your money will be well spent....I would suspect that someday you will wish you did.


[ 02-24-2005, 12:11 PM: Message edited by: EFLOYD ]

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3.5" excels with large pellet steel shot & high vel turkey loads.


I always try to use the best loads available when trying to harvest a respected game animal.


So I guess the 3.5" isn't needed if you are happy with an inferior load in certain situations....


mudhen - CA

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Originally posted by mudhen:

I always try to use the best loads available when trying to harvest a respected game animal.

Well spoken, mudhen! That's probably the absolute best comment on the 3.5" topic.

Now, if I were plugging carjackers (unrespected game), then I might want them to suffer a bit more :D

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$400.00 difference? What's that spread out over the life of the gun? A few bucks a year. Trouble is ... you never know what you might be hunting 5 years from now. Having 3-1/2" capacity available gives you the peace of mind to know that you can hunt anything, anywhere, anytime. Pretty close to a lifetime firearm. Seems worth it to me. "Beware the man who shoots only one gun."

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