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Where are all the duckhunters and dog handlers?


Working seven days a week so they can take time off during hunting season :D


If not at work, I'm planning future hunts. Just started booking 2010 hunts this week. Actually working on a few 2011 hunts as well.

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We"re here...like they said Handling the dog..and boats...i've been trying to get some water work in ,but heck its been almost too hott here for that also..so we've been doing some basic handling in the yard and working on the Dawn Patrol Boat, otherwise we're chill'in Honkers41:D

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I'll second the honey do list. I need some brownie points for the fall. Lots of getting up in the middle of the night with the baby, you know that sort of stuff.


Looking at new decoys I want and trying to plan a Canada trip for 2009. Not much dog work. Just about lost mine a while back. Severe pancreatitis. My wife said she has never seen a dog that sick survive so I'm very lucky.


Hope everyone is having a good summer.

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The corn is looking good in the duck lakes, fall food plots look great also. Had a lot of rain in Missouri this year. I'm spending time annoying friends and family so they'll be glad when hunting season opens !!

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