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Where to buy M4 telescoping stock?

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Benelli seels these to LEO/Military only. Plus being in short supply makes them high dollar. And I have called some Benelli dealers and they flat won't or can't get them. Buying one from an individual will probably be your best bet. Expect to pay $750 or above. Good luck.

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Crazy as it may seem, these stocks sell for high $. I've seen a number of them on gunbroker go for the buy it now price of $900 and I've seen some go for over $1000. I wouldn't buy one for that price, but I would probably sell one for that.

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You MAAYYYY be able to find one for under $500.


I sold one on AR15.com for $1,000, and another for $750.




If you had one, you wouldnt want one. They are not all that. Id give maybe $75 for one. Pretty uncomfortable stock, even as PG stocks go.


True enough.


I try not to think about how much my stock is worth, because the desire to sell it and get another gun is overpowering.


It's not as comfortable or solid as the standard stock ... it just collapses and looks cool. Is it worth $1000? I'm not sure.

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Pretty uncomfortable stock, even as PG stocks go.


I personally do not find my telescoping M4 stock uncomfortable at all. I know that this is just my opinion, but I have taken my M4 out shooting quite a few times, and the stock has never bothered me, regardless of whether I am shooting 3" mags, or 2 3/4" bucks.

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I was real disappointed when a $115 add on item became out rageously priced and gave up on the thought of owning one when the price went upto the $800 range. I was never a big fan of collapsable stocks on shotguns from the flip over metal ones I had on some issued 870s. I was able to get one for $205 via my my police agency. I like it. So, if you're a COP I have a contact for you if you PM me.



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