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Grizzly man

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Originally posted by garren:

Originally posted by 69beers:

Okay, you can have both legs but save me the breast.

That's not funny. Stupid or not, I'm really sorry for the poor guy. Awful picture. Are you now? That guy wasn't killed by a bear. It was some junkie who overdosed in South Carolina (I think) and was munched on by the coyotes before they found him. The ADFG & USFS debunked that urban legend a while back. The picture supposedly went with the story of someone killing a 12' 6" foot brown bear (more like 10' 6") that ate some guy (dead junkie in another state). All that loser felt was the prick of a needle.





[ 03-06-2006, 04:31 PM: Message edited by: 69beers ]

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"SMACK" now dont you do that--- he says...

that smack should be a canoe paddle on his head....

i think as a child, his hair caught on fire, so his mommy tried to put it out with a ball pien hammer!


-sgt. Brown



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Originally posted by Butch-M:

I think I saw that "documentary." A classic case of flat out stupidity. Sort of like if Michael Moore was dumb enough to go cruising crime ridden neighborhoods to make his next gun control propaganda. Or, somebody swimming amongst feeding sharks. If the girl was so dumb as to not be able to make SOME sort of logical evaluation of the risks involved with invading an area loaded with 1,500lb carnivore on her own behalf ... they both received what any sane person would expect to happen.



http://www.plus613.com/image/5201 ****(GRAPHIC PHOTO)***


Hopefully it will prevent other misguided souls from suffering the same fate; due to an unrealistic understanding of predators, their territory, and unarmed man's place in the food chain.

It has to be said :eek:


Apparently, the male genitalia is not on the menu tonight.

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