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  1. I ordered the Aimpoint and Larue mount and will report back on how it works. I was suppose to go out shooting today to try the M4, but I got a bad cold and the wife says no way. I want to say a BIG thanks for all the comments. I have learned alot in a short amount of time.

  2. BTW i need to put a disclaimer here that I purposely mounted it a litlte backwards with the lever on the left side. I have seen people do it both ways. I did it because I can ajust the locking nut at anytime once the aimpoint is put into the mount. The other way around....its stuck forever.


    Thanks for the pics. I got your PM but cannot reply back because I do not have enough posts. I have decided to go with the Larue mount and a H1. If need be I will replace the rail later. Thanks everybody for all the help.

  3. So I got my M4 today and now I want a Aimpoint micro H1 for it. My question is will the Larue low mount work for this application? Anybody got any pics of theres with this setup? And I know I owe you guys some pics of the new M4, but I want to get the Aimpoint and a sling first then some pics. Any good choices for a sling. I got the camo M4 so maybe something with a little color.

  4. I am thinking of buying a Benelli M4 shotgun. It would be the camo color one, I prefer it over the black one. I would want to put a extended mag tube on it and that is where the problem is. The tube will be black and I am wondering what options I would have to put a camo finish on it. And what would be a good color match. I have never put a finish on a gun so I am looking for some sugestions. Thanks for any help you can give me.

  5. Friend at work is selling a Benelli M4 that has been test fired only. Comes with collapsable stock and factory Benelli 2 shot extention for 1700.00.


    If interested, please IM me with your contact info, so I can pass it along.


    IM sent with contact info.

  6. I just got a Benelli M2 TAC model and I want to add a Mesa Tactical rail. I see the 4 plugs on the top of the receiver and I want to know how to remove them. Thanks for any detailed help you can give me.



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