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    Hello everyone We have identified 3 companies we will be Partnering with for our metal finishes for the Firearms Industry. The losing of The Robar Companies inc. did not effect any of our OEM accounts , we still have many companies that have been sending us parts for metal finish, Robar (being in the same building) was the only gunsmith shop that was allowed to do firearms directly with us. We will be letting everyone know soon where they can send their firearms and parts to for all our metal finishes.
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    CTL seems really promising. They're the ones who were actually doing Robar's plating. So if you like it, you'll like their product. I'm setting up under my FFL to be a processor/dealer for them. I don't think they intend to accept firearms from the general public, but their dealers will be able to act as a middleman. It doesn't seem like they'll have any gunsmithing services for complex disassembly. If this all shakes out, I'll gladly accept shipments as I've done for years and be that middle man who can tear it down and reassemble it properly.
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    Im sorry if no one has gotten back to you yet. Please email me at [email protected] with your contact information and i will add you to the email list.
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    I have completed the first batch of 922(r) compliant hammers for the M4 (though I think that also fits the M1, M2, M3). These are rolled plate tool steel, wire EDM cut, and NiB coated for smoothness. laser engraved to identify them as US made. Price is $85 with free delivery. These are not 'exact' copies of the factory. There were two issues I saw with OEM that I addressed: 1. When cocked with my finger off the trigger, the hammer could hang up on the trigger body before the sears came fully into contact. I'll make a video, but it meant there was a click when you touched the trigger, as the hammer popped fully into position. I fixed that. 2. When dry cycling, I got the hammer to drop as it was resetting. It only happened once or twice, but I added a little meat to the sear to make the handoff more reliable. As mentioned above, I added NiB coating, which smooths pull and might reduce pull weight slightly - though I have not measured how much. Also, I've come up with a version that makes it into a 2-stage trigger. At this stage, pull weight is slightly higher, though this is a work in progress as I explore if there is a demand, and how custom springs can remedy it. 2-stage is typically not sought after in shotgun. I don't think it will reduce effectiveness, but it might not be a benefit, so we'll see.
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    I contacted suarez international and they say they are still able to do NP3 coats. I asked how since Robar has gone out of business. They said they have their own people do it in house. That's the link to their site just for NP3 options. https://suarezinternational.com/np3-metal-finishing/
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    new benelli m4 is $1540 here in Kentucky. namely BUDS GUNS
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    Get a Powerball ticket! I’d take it out and test it some more to see if it vanishes on you again before doing anything more drastic. You could have had it installed where it wasn’t retaining it well. It’s not the best design to be honest. It’s one of those Italian engineer things like how the rear sling mount is installed in the Standard stocks.
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    I reached out to CTL and never got any kind of response. Sucks that Suarez wasn't willing to just plate parts with zero need for reassembly.
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    A glimmer of hope for NP3: Robar Closure ATTENTION GUN OWNERS: With the closing of the Robar Companies the question of accessing NP3©, NP3+© and ArmorLube© coatings has come up. Coating Technologies LLC (CTL) is the owner of these processes. We are currently exploring a methodology to help facilitate individual access to our finishes. This will take some time but we will announce availability to Distributors via electronic and printed media as quickly as we can. To be added to our contact list and receive an update as information becomes available, please send an email with your name, phone number and email address to [email protected] Please note: CTL does NOT have any gunsmithing services nor can we accept work on an individual basis. Thank you for your patience and we are looking forward to resuming our great relationship with our firearm owning friends. Robbie Barrkman CEO
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    I’m also running this one, but I didn’t get it from Botach since they have the worst customer service. The original shape of the factory one is that way because it’s designed also as a disassembly tool. That’s why I chose this one, because it retains the same functions.
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    I usually use a stainless TTI one. I don’t care for knurling on the knob since it can cut up my hand when I’m going fast. Some have issues with the TTI knob over inserting. I’ve never experienced this on several M4’s and dozen of clients’ shotguns. I had a carriercomp knob, and it was a masterpiece of engineering. It was knurled though and would chew up my fingers when running it hard. They’re practically vaporware these days. When found they go for an insane premium price of like 450 dollars. Lighter than the stock handle by a few grams too. The titanium FFT bolt handle gets chewed up over time by the detent in the bolt carrier. Steel wins over titanium in durability. So the notches the detent fits into get chewed up and eventually the bolt handle will just fall out.
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    Update: I shot a 3-gun match today and the upgrades worked perfectly. The auto lifter saved so much time when the shotgun ran dry (not having to deal with putting one in the chamber and closing prior to reloading the tube). Also, the A&S trigger guard guided the second round of a double stack reload right into alignment with the port. I strongly recommend both products.
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    It works! After many attempts to tune the parts, I stumbled onto a solution by simply installing an A&S trigger guard. With the conversion to the A&S, the auto lifter functions flawlessly in my M4. I have to assume that the stock Benelli trigger guard was not true to spec.
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    Just use what the gun came with. You will be fine. I have a M4 I have been shooting for 11 years with untold amounts of slugs with no problem.
  15. 1 point
    Not useful right now... but perhaps in the future http://coatingtechnologiesllc.com/robar-closure/
  16. 1 point
    Ok, finally got it dialed in using 210 grain barnes vor-tx ttsx ammo. Shooting sub-moa, so I’m goin to stock up on that ammo. Also, for entertainment purposes, here’s a 150 lb. sow I shot with the .338 R1 at about 150 yards. Back i February. This was using the 200 grain Hornady sst ammo. Needless to say, there was no tracking involved. The shot was clean, quartering away behind the shoulder, so no meat was wasted nor did the overkill bullet obliterate her.
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