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    I plan on it. Nothing else to put it on. I liked my MRO on my SBE II so much I put one in my M4 as well.
  2. 3 points
    Funny you should ask, this particular seminal fluid collector was made by our very own resident engineer and horse whisperer. Word has it he's one hell of a Nerf-gun painter too!
  3. 2 points
    Glad I could help! I’m surprised there aren’t more tutorial based threads on forums. The ones I do find skip over the pain in the ass parts and leave you to assume how to get from point B to C to D. I end up looking at my own posts to remember how I did certain things in the past. I never liked the YouTube based tutorials since I found them to be too fast and hard to navigate. Plus I’d had to sit there and talk thru the video. If we can keep the photo hosting up, there should be no real issues in keeping these active for years to come.
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    I was on leave for a while and hadn't paid much attention to this forum. HOWEVER, I got caught up today and was laughing at his arrogance, kind demeanor, communication skills and overall superior intellect! Of course I noticed this when he first joined and could only say, WOW?! It looks like the herd finally turned on him and your clever and humorous responses had me giggling. I only have one regret, I wanted to buy some butt-ugly hand painted glossy cammo stocks for my next build. I already have a leather codpiece, thank you. Oh the sheer sorrow. Or is it shear? Or Cher? Oh, ROFL, ROFL!! Should I really hit send...?
  5. 2 points
    Wright Armory seemed like they would do simple stuff and had some gunsmithing service options. I'm not sure if they'd be willing to disassemble the M4 since a few areas are a specialty area. Areas like removing the receiver extension from the receiver. I sent a bunch of titanium parts in, so hopefully they just do it like they have in the past. That's my hope is that they just don't warranty the work. I was quoted 2-5 weeks, which is significantly faster than Robar was at 12-16 weeks. We'll see if that's legit.
  6. 2 points
    Since there was a few that didn't like the choice of optic I had on my M4 I upgraded it to a new one.Hope this is better.
  7. 2 points
    😂 love karma posts like this.
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  9. 2 points
    There is a lot of misinformation concerning how to remove these recoil tubes from your weapon. Benelli will tell you that you will destroy the shotgun if you attempt to remove the extension. This is only true if you do not heat the threads sufficiently to break the thread locker. Once you've developed the testicular fortitude to complete this project, you must do the following: Disassemble the weapon. You must remove the internals from the recoil tube assembly. Use a pair of snap ring pliers to remove the snap ring at the bottom of the recoil tube. Unscrew the spring retainer. You should put a punch through one of the drainage holes to keep the spring from ejecting when you remove the plug. Contain the spring as the punch is removed. Tip the receiver back to allow the plunger to slide out of the recoil tube. After that, you should spray the recoil tube out with solvent to remove oil and debris that might catch fire during the next process. To remove the tube, you must heat the recoil tube extension's locknut with a heatgun for 30 minutes or more. A propane torch would also work, and be faster. However, a heatgun will be slower and safer. Benelli coats the threads with a green thread locker compound. Make sure you put the receiver in a vice. I found the best place to clamp to was below the rear sight. You do not want to crush the receiver with the vice. Apply just enough tension to hold the receiver in place. Make sure you apply some padding between your receiver and the vice. The nut is common thread. The nut is a 1 1/16" or metric equivalent wrench. You do not want to apply a lot of torque to the receiver. You want the heat to break the locktite's hold. I never used more than one arm to apply torque with. Once it is heated sufficiently, the nut will begin to turn slowly. Continue heating until the nut is completely removed and slides off the end of the recoil tube. Now time for the hard part. Continue to apply heat to the recoil tube threaded area. Use an open ended 3/4" box wrench on the flat spots of the recoil tube to apply torque. These are also common thread. This may take another 30 minutes with a heatgun to break the locktite compounds hold. Note the depth that the recoil tube is screwed into the receiver. Also be aware that this item must be timed to index the stock in an appropriate direction. Once the recoil tube unscrews, clean up the threads with acetone or another solvent. A wirebrush will help. To reassemble, screw the new recoil tube in so that the threads are flush with the inside of the receiver. Thread the locknut over the recoil tube assembly and screw it flush with the receiver. Add the collapsible stock to the tail to act as an index to help time the recoil tube assembly. Once you've indexed it to where you want it, tighten the locknut. What I recommend is installing the collapsible stock at this time, and collapsing it fully. Use the cheek weld piece of the collapsible stock as an index point. Point the cheek weld so it points to the middle of the rear iron sight housing. Once you have it where you want, tighten the locknut. I highly recommend reapplying locktite to the recoil tube and the locknut. Even if you simply use the blue type. The recoil tube extension is pretty easy to screw in. You can do it by hand. Reinstall the internals of the recoil tube. Drop the plunger in, followed by the spring. Press the spring in and retain it with a punch or screwdriver. Screw in the spring plug. Reinstall the snap ring. Install your stock. Hopefully this tutorial is clear. The times needed to run the heatgun are accurate. Prop the weapon up so you can leave the heat on it and just sit by and watch.
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    I have a M1014 fixed choke two port 18.5" barrel assembly I'm willing to part with.
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    Great. I am new to the semi-auto world. Break-action since the '60's; I may have some other questions regarding the mechanics of this fine shotgun. Shot about a hundred clays yesterday and looking forward to upland hunting with it.
  12. 1 point
    This might help locate where it goes. 106 sounds about right? Probably a plug for the magazine tube.
  13. 1 point
    You have the stock group in 108? If so, it removes the same way as the pistol grip stock. Remove the trigger pack and unscrew it. It can be tight. You shouldn’t have to remove the buttpad.
  14. 1 point
    The Super 90 M1 is what Benelli introduced to replace the SL121/M121 M1. Consider yourself extremely lucky if you happen to find an orphan stock to fit it. Choate did have some polymer stocks a few years ago but it's unlikely they've made any since then being there's essentially no market for a batch of buttstocks that fit only a shotgun discontinued 30 years ago. What's wrong with your original buttstock?
  15. 1 point
    A Wolff reduced power (-25%) action spring and reduced power hammer spring might let you run 1145-1200 fps 1 1/18 oz loads with the Salvo attached.
  16. 1 point
    Hello and thanks for letting me in. After a 423 day wait I finally got approval for my Silencerco Salvo. Couldn't think of anything I wanted more for a suppressor host than a Benelli. Found an awesome M2 Tactical on Armslist, ordered my choke adapter, and got her all set up. Thinking of going with Taran Tactical for my charging handle, bolt release, and safety but also really like the GG&G stuff as well. Big fan of the knurling. Want to also change the tube out for a GG&G or Nordic. Also thinking of adding a Surefire DSF-M1/M2 but not sure how the light will flood below and behind the suppressor. Wondering if a barrel clamp with a rail would be better? Anyway please give me insight at your leisure and here is a pics of my new thunder stick
  17. 1 point
    Thanks Steve, between your post and the schematic, just made life alot easier. Should be a walk in the park to replace the ejector and spring. Should almost be like a new gun with all the springs I've replaced. Thanks for your response. I appreciate the help.
  18. 1 point
    The SRO will be fine. The only issue would be if the weapon was dropped on it, it may deform and shatter. Recoil should not be an issue at all.
  19. 1 point
    I liked the Scalarworks but did not like the Trijicon (and they do not have one for Vortex). So, I removed the factory rail and iron sight and 1) rotated the factory rail to extend back over the spot where the iron sight had sat, 2) used a rotary tool to cut and shape the factory rail to fit the new position, 3) painted the modified rail, and 4) used locktite to bolt it into the new position. This has taken off more weight than the Vortex Razor added. I scratched off the paint from the Right side to show my tooling. NOTE: I also removed the front sight blade.
  20. 1 point
    Carriercomp has one and FFT had a copy of it. Both are pretty hard to find anymore. The trend has been to use rails dedicated to specific optics lately. Scalarworks and MI come to mind. I don’t recall any others that aren’t part or some monstrous system like Sidearmor/Asgard or Mesa Tactical.
  21. 1 point
    I know this is an older thread, but I have to praise you on your instructions. I couldn't find anything, anywhere, on changing the recoil tube assembly. The tip on the taking pictures to ensure proper alignment of the new assembly was spot on, as well. Thank you so much StangerDanger!
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    Jimbo.., you made me think with that saying and that's a good thing. I once said to someone I love, "If everyone disagrees with you then there is one common denominator in the discussion -- You!" Basically, what you said!
  23. 1 point
    Scalarworks did discontinue their Snyc mount for the Aimpoint Micros. I contacted Scalarworks and they advised me that a company in Canada bought all the leftover stock. Found that company's website and successfully placed an order for one on their website. Then I get an email from this company advising me that they could not export an ITAR item to the state (even though that's where it originated from) and they refunded my money. Last I looked the Sync Micros mount was no longer listed on their website.
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    There are a few I haven't fully populated yet! One is dedicated to reloading tools and equipment. Another has my sockets and wrenches. Drawers for Dremel tools. Another is filled with my electrical diagnostic equipment. One has a bunch of lathe tooling. Bench blocks and vice fixtures. It's rarely ever that clean though!
  25. 1 point
    I don't have pictures, but I have a couple of those LaRue pistol bags and a duty gear bag that has a hard plastic liner. It's great for muffs and some basic tools. The LaRue bags are set up for my pistol caliber magazines. I have a staple gun and painters tape in with it for serving targets. Generally I tape over the holes to get hundreds of rounds out of a paper target. I also have room for the Labradar and inserts for the Ransom Rest.
  26. 1 point
    Yeah....reminds me of a brother in law of mine. Sad thing is, he's had my sister bamboozled for more than thirty years. You're right that's him for sure. And also right about this vid being his response to what he encountered here. No doubt.
  27. 1 point
    I was looking for a messenger type bag for flying on small jets between SFO and Tucson that don't allow for a typical normal size carry-on bag. For my laptop and stuff like that which you can't afford to go missing in a lost checked bag. I had an old small laptop bag that I used for years but there was not much room in it for anything else. I had been looking at Kreiga bags because I use one of their small waterproof bags strapped to the seat of my Ducati when I ride and they make a quality product. So I bought one their messenger bags then I discovered the Vanquest site and decided that I needed a new range bag as well. While it doesn't have specific pockets made for holding magazines, it can easily handle what I usually take to a typical range day for me and I like the twin bottle pockets on the sides. Fa molto caldo in the summer where I live.
  28. 1 point
    Im having a really hard time believing people like him truly exist. He's all over the internet as a self proclaimed expert in many fields and has a small following of ignorant people in each one of them. He has rubbed many people the wrong way to the point to where he's been sued and even his life threatened various times. Someone described him as a highly functioning autistic or idiot savant with the disability of being incapable of conversating with people. I would have to agree with this statement but that doesn't make him any the easier to digest. He does an almost daily video on youtube as Theoria Apophasis, and the very day he was met with anger and disagreement here on Benelli Forums he posted THIS video in which I cannot excuse as anything other than the resistance he met on the forum. His arrogance is exhibited in all of his videos but this one is enough to make anyone with half a brain see through his thought process and even more disturbing are the supporters/commentors that hail him as a mastermind. 🤪 Grab a garbage can and watch this: 🤢
  29. 1 point
    You know I have to say I wouldn't be sad if he was gone. Especially since he went and randomly downvoted a bunch of my posts and the attitude didn't seem to be in keeping with the helpful tone of this forum.
  30. 1 point
    I don't think he's been banned by the site, more like being shamed away by peers. He could be back though, cuz I don't think he's capable of feeling shame.
  31. 1 point
    Euro Optic is back currently ordered. I ordered one some months ago and it took about 6 weeks(?) for them to notify me via email that they were back in-stock. By that time I had purchased one from a forum member on this site. Might be worth ordering one from them while you continue to search. At $122.50 I recall it being the best price I could find. https://www.eurooptic.com/Benelli-M4-Standard-Synthetic-Stock-81041.aspx
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    ....a modellers paint brush,....why didn't I think of that? I use that TW25 grease (I think that's the name of it) and I can never really get it exactly where I want it and always put to much on. Ill try your paint brush trick next time javars!
  33. 1 point
    I hate even coming close to agreeing with Mr. Horse Stroker, but I think by putting anything other than a RMR up there you're flirting with danger. Ive done my fair share of drilling and taping 6061 T6 aluminum and even though its Rockwell is better than what most would believe, its tensile strength sucks. I have Permatex Ultra-Black between the receiver and the Scalarworks mount AND between the RMR to the Scalarworks. Wiped clean with a few Q-tips afterwards and you cant tell its even there.
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    bolt release and forend are definitely agency arms and probably so is the charging handle. I emailed them a while back about the bolt release and forend but they said it was shot show special they did if I remember correctly.
  35. 1 point
  36. 1 point
    That's what I use too.
  37. 1 point
    You've got a decent camera too. Better than Strike Industries product pictures.
  38. 1 point
    Big optic and big side saddle? Living dangerously with all that "SHEER" force.
  39. 1 point
    I'm a fan of the french door style but, you should have went with a KitchenAid.
  40. 1 point
    If you put that made in Italy Benelli magazine extension on your M4 you will need at least three 'Made in the USA' parts added otherwise you'll be in violation of 922(r) (if you have a C stock instead of a fixed stock you will need a total of four 'Made in the USA' parts) - i.e. unless you're not the least bit concerned about 922(r) compliance. FYI, that Benelli magazine extension is steel, just like the OEM magazine tube and Dave's Metal Works full length magazine tube so you'd be spending an additional $50 just to have the Benelli name (which is nowhere to be seen on the extension itself) AND it will appear pieced together rather than the way a M4 should look. Why pay an additional $50 for that?? A M4 looks so much better with a full length mag tube instead of a pieced together mag tube.
  41. 1 point
    My my....such strong emotion. I think that you should check your facts, the military model M4 which is known as the M1014 does not have an insert choke in the barrels.
  42. 1 point
    That’s a pretty bad job they did.I sure won’t be happy with that.If it was mine
  43. 1 point
    Well, assuming you put it right back where you found it at the end of the mag tube on the gun, there's your problem. Pull that spring retainer out. It's a tight fit in the end of the magazine tube and it's designed to keep the spring from shooting your eye out when you take the magazine cap off. If you re-install it in the end of the magazine tube you haven't changed the tube capacity and it doesn't have the ability to move forward into the additional capacity of the extension. Take the retainer out, put your spring back in the tube, screw the Nordic extension back on and you'll be good to go. Unless, that is, you cut the spring too short when you were making your adjustments. Cross that bridge when you come to it.
  44. -1 points
    WRONG!! It is an INSERT CHOKE,.....at least it is on all CIVILIAN M4.......ive never seen a military M4 up close.
  45. -1 points
    Im sorry you dont listen or read full statements, but i said: ".ive never seen a military M4 up close. " Further i said: It is an INSERT CHOKE,.....at least it is on all CIVILIAN M4.......... I own 3 BENELLI M4.... and seen 100s of civilian M4......they ALL HAVE CHOKE inserts. FURTHER STILL, Benellis instructions in the link above are ALL BENELLIS, not just M4 or for Marines M4 /1014 etc etc...... suggest you READ next time before commenting
  46. -1 points
    Key issue you arent seeing: Benellis instructions in the link above are for ALL BENELLIS, not just M4 or for Marines M4 /1014 etc etc......
  47. -1 points
    HENCE the title of this post, which is LACK OF INFO FROM BENELLI
  48. -1 points
    not helpful really, nobody on that thread has a clue, theyre all more than a bit in doubt.....a bit of useful info however
  49. -1 points
    nobody like a grammarnazi .....people that notice a ' , or a lack thereof, have issues. ROFL hugs and cute fuzzy bunny rabbits.
  50. -1 points
    Owner of 6 Benellis, 3 M4, 2 M2 tactical, and M1S90 1. Ive NEVER FOUND anywhere on earth if the follower for (my) m2 are the SAME (guess i need to whip out the digital calipers ehh!) for my M4 ??!?!?!? 2. BENELLI contradictory info:::: A: All M4 (that i know of, including MINE 3 M4 tactical) SHIP with a III (MODIFIED) CHOKE...... which ALL LEO / MILITARY are using with BUCK and SLUGS......>Buuuuuut!!!!, Benelli says hell no on using a modified choke with slugs (ive shot a TON of slugs thru my M4 babies) As per Benelli here:::https://www.benelliusa.com/customer-service/faq#question_1394 It specifically says: Which chokes are recommended for slugs? These chokes are recommended for slugs: 4 notches = Improved cylinder 5 notches = Cylinder A cylinder choke is recommended for shooting rifled slugs in a smooth-bore barrel. Sabot slugs should only be shot through our fully-rifled slug barrels. It is not safe to shoot slugs through chokes tighter than those listed here. ..............>> Soooo, Benelli, what the heck, contradictory info and a LACK OF INFO.
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