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    It looks like someone posted the official method back in 2011. This method is actually in the USMC manual for the M1014, though is omitted from the civilian Benelli M4 manual. See attached for photos of the relevant pages from the USMC manual.
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    The "tactical" version has the standard carrier. I probably went through 7 or 8 shotgun courses over the years with the standard carrier and never got thumb bite during a course. The only time I ever had an issue with catching my thumb was when I was just farting around on my on at the range. Over the last few years I changed most of them out to Taran Tactical versions. Just because. If you use the proper technique, you shouldn't have any problem with the OEM version.
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    You are not distributing firearm parts. ou are conducting a private sale to some one old enough to own a shotgun. Like DC Dog said, was the individual a Lawyer? or just someone who stayed at a Holiday Inn Express ?
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    Dude, I think it's been made clear here that there aren't guys field stripping M4's at gun ranges to determine 922r compliance. It's an addon FELONY. Did you hear the word FELONY? Could be a misdemeaner, but I'll bet when it's compounded with whatever else, it would be a FELONY. So when the Gubment is nailing your hide to the wall for the primary offence, they can get bonus points for an illegal gun charge. SCORE! They put Freakin' Martha Stewart in prison for God's sake. Who are you? You want to play with BATF? That's your business and ya takes ya chances. But if I was gonna play that game? I wouldn't be shooting my mouth off about it on the Internet... That's just bad playin' technique in my opinion.
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    That ultralight would be pretty punishing with turkey loads--so fair warning. For a budget hunter, i'd recommend you pick up an old M1 Super 90 or an old Super Black Eagle (I, not II). I've got 5 M1s and 1 SBE, as well as a Montefeltro (about the same as the ultralight, just a little heavier. It's a great upland gun), a Benelli M4, and a cordoba. If you're on the lookout, you can pick 'em up in pretty good shape for anywhere between $500 and $800, and they're damn near the same as the newer guns. The main difference is that they don't have the comfortech stock. Honestly, I shoot my M1s more often than my Cordoba, just because they're not as loud and it's tough wearing earplugs (yes, it's that loud) and trying to hear the ducks/geese coming in. Anywhere in the 24" to 28" barrel length will suffice for the type of hunting you're talking about, but i prefer longer barrels.
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    Searching through, I have found I guess you identify it through the barrel, about on top of the piston there will be holes, Mine has 2 holes, so its a 2 port I guess
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    HetWayne pro Shotshell ammo is rated 3" based on its length when the hull is empty not with a charge in it. This is why your shells measure up a little short
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    slu_med, There IS not going to be a class action suit, so just drop it. And I doubt there are many Benelli fans that will boycott them. I won't. You should also know it's not a rifle, it's a SHOTGUN. Yes it was expensive. I apparently paid more than you, but that's not the point. The point is we should be lobbying Benelli to sell the appropriate recoil spring tube. If they won't then perhaps some machinists will. I have a lead on two. Considering Benelli already produces the part, it's easy money for them to make some extra and sell them for an unseemly profit. [ 09-30-2004, 07:09 PM: Message edited by: dport ]
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