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    Helijunkie- If you get stuck anywhere, IM me and I’ll send you my email/cell to talk you thru it. Same goes for anyone else on the forum.
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    15,000 rounds later and a mix of Nickel Boron and NP3 plated parts with a surface layer of burnt bronze Cerakote. Due to the ongoing crisis, I decided it would be a good time to clean the M4. I have just been shooting more oil in to the M4 for the past two years or so. It's ate about 2,500 rounds in that period of time without any failures. I decided to delete the iron sights from my M4 since they obstruct the view of the optic. My Intellibeam weapon light is off being painted for the past month or so, so I'm roughing it with my 500 lumen M600C head that was painted previously. The bolt carrier group and trigger group is all NP3.
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    So this my M4 with the mlok handguard from briley. Also has the match trigger, a & s trigger guard, extended safety, and opened loading port. will post a couple more pics when I get home. I’ve got just a couple more things like a front grip
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    No update. I would not hold my breath. In looking at the basic geometry - ie where they put the pivot pins, I do not see a way to make the trigger significantly better. Since there are other less expensive 922R parts out there to get to the required count, I'm just going to stick with the hammer for now. Sorry.
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    It is plated. The older carriercomp followers allowed you to knock the plastic high visibility indicator out of the factory follower and install it into the carriercomp one.
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    Thanks, it never occurred to me to keep the lever depressed . . . learned something new😄
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    Ok, just tried this. While holding the drop lever up, every manual cycle of the bolt ejects a round and chambers the next round. Repeating the process (lever up and manual bolt cycling) eventually cycles all the rounds out until empty. Thanks!
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    You are on the right track with your methods. You can also hold the drop lever up, cycle the bolt continuously (while continuing to hold the drop lever up) , no need to press the lever for each shell in the magazine.
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    Thank you for your help. I shined a light in there and sure enough the spring was blocking the screw because the button was still engaged. When I pulled back on the C-Stock, it locked into place, the button disengaged, and the spring was out of the way. Such as simple solution, but sometimes it takes someone else to point you in the right direction. Many thanks.
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    I'll put some electrical tape over the back end to cover the shiny spot. 😆🤣😂😄😁
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    You forgot to say it’s, ‘my funeral,’ with those matte silver pieces poking out!
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    $415.00 Shipped with tracking. Or Trades accepted: New in Box Scalarworks Leap Mount (SW0710) 34mm 1.57" New or like new Carrier Comp Charging Handle New in Box Trijicon SRO2 PP Gift /F&F or add 3.5%. US Postal Money Order also accepted. (Must clear my bank before shipping)
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    We have concluded this trade and I must say everything was as near perfect as I could hope for. Kudos Milspec. 👍
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    Yes it is. It feels good. Had to tighten it a little as far as the front screws go. It’s solid though
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    Just an F Y I ... ordered a Carrier Comp tube last weekend and got the call today (Thursday). Shipping within two weeks. Very nice people to deal with. Great American ingenuity !
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    I had to smack the pistons out with a plastic hammer. They were free to move with the ARGO plugs in place, but once they were removed and the pistons were pushed out the front they were gummed up. The pistons themselves were Nickel Boron plated back around 2013. No oil is ever used on the pistons or the ARGO system to avoid smoke during firing. The bolt carrier group was fairly easy to clean. The only carbon build up was on the bolt itself. There was some unburnt powder or shell media randomly scattered throughout the carrier. Given that it was NP3+ plated, the assembly wiped clean with a rag. A Tornado brush was used to remove all the lead embedded in the barrel. There was a pretty good sized pile of lead slivers on the ground from the brush. The trigger pack collects a lot of debris from the shells. Given that all the parts were NP3+ plated, they wiped clean easily. I felt no need to submerge it in the ultrasonic cleaner or disassemble the trigger pack. Just wipe it down and cleaned with Q-tips, then reoiled. The inside of the receiver was plated in nickel boron way back when as well. Carbon build up was present inside the rails for the bolt carrier and where the pistons make contact with the bolt carrier group. This was easily cleaned with Q-Tips. Random debris was collecting in the back of the receiver beneath the rear sight. This area has no effect on performance. There was quite a bit of carbon build up beneath the plastic handguards, this area wiped clean easily as well.
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    No worries. Benelli tried to bait and switch us all on that one.
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    got he heat gun last night and the mag tube is one, wasn't too much caked on locktite but it did take a while to heat it up, maybe i was being overly cautious. i also noticed a slight difference in color, but not that big of a deal. my end cap threaded up with no issues. thanks everyone for the tips!
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    Here it is in writing; https://www.benelliusa.com/support/faq The Benelli rep told your people that because they plainly say that it is not safe to shoot slugs thru anything tighter than an IC. Obviously, lots of people ignore that advice and do it without apparent problems- yet.
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    yeah, not too sure, but I can confirm it is a legitimate deal. they have the Remington version for $60, they also have the ODG M4 stock, no limbsaver and ODG forend for $40 lol.
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    I didn’t use loctite either, of it ever loosened up I can always add it later.
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    I did it w/o. Was planning on using it but StrangerDanger and CarrierComp's own instructions say you can skip it
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    As an FYI, ShootingSight should be releasing a tool steel hammer for the M4 in a couple of months. If you are interested, please email [email protected], and we will get in touch as soon as they are available. These will be CNC machined Rolled Plate S7 Tool Steel, so the highest grade you can get. Price TBD - under $100. It will be 100% US made, so 922R compliant. Art Neergaard ShootingSight llc www.shootingsight.com
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    Let us know how it goes. I used a heat gun on high temp, low fan
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    good to know, i'll try to mess with mine tonight, I only have a high powered hair dryer so hopefully that will heat it up enough lol.
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    This is the brand that came highly and widely recommended when I was looking to convert to 7 rounds. I don't have the H2O, but the link takes you to their finish for the H2O https://www.shop.carriercomp.com/product.sc?productId=5&categoryId=4
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    Inappropriate language and inflammatory statements will NOT be tolerated. Benelli USA hosts the forums for the use of consumers to talk amongst themselves about Benelli USA products in a constructive, safe and civil manner. If the tone of the posts on the forums are anything but constructive, safe and civil, the posts involved will be deleted and the forum members may in turn be banned. Nelli Girl Benelli USA
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    "High brass" these days is a little bit of a misnomer. There are plenty of high velocity and magnum rounds that use low brass, and vice versa. As for the M4, I've had one for years and even used it on patrol. When I first got it, there would be an occasional misfeed with low recoil buckshot (in the 1,100 FPS range). After a few hundred rounds, I have since never experienced those issues. The rounds I use consistently for tactical work (and defense) are the Federal LE132 00 (9-pellet low recoil, 1,145 FPS with FliteControl) and the Federal LEB127 LRS (low recoil TruBall slug; 1,300 FPS). I also shoot full power loads, all the way up to the Brenneke "Special Forces Maximum Barrier Penetration Magnum (1,650 FPS with 3,545 Ft-Lbs. of energy, yes, you really feel that thing!!!). If yours breaks in and doesn't have issue with low recoil, go for it. Low recoil loads allow for very quick follow-up shots for both defense and competition. With the assisted gas piston system of the M4, I think it is less finicky than the M1/M2 systems would probably be. I don't know why some people say things like they did with you, other than not having one and being a "know-it-all." The best advice, try a whole bunch of different loads and determine the reliability. After you have run around 500 rounds through it, go back and re-run another series of loads that may have had issues initially. Every shotgun is different, and what works for mine may have issues in yours. Also, for whatever reason, Benelli felt the need to include a modified choke with the M4 (both the LE and civilian versions). I've never understood that logic. They don't recommend running slugs through anything tighter than an improved cylinder. I personally keep a cylinder bore choke in there since I typically run the FliteControl buck loads. They don't need a constricted choke and actually open up more with tighter chokes. By switching out to a cylinder bore or an improved cylinder, it also allows you to go back and forth between good buck loads and slugs. IMHO, the M4 is still one of the best tactical/duty shotguns on the market. At the same time, the tactical shotgun is something to train with and master. Learn to master it, and it won't let you down. Enjoy your new tool! Jeff
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    Nice and yeah I started my auction for mine at 500 I think with the buy now higher and it went pretty quick. That would probably sell pretty quick
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    The Salient bolt release button is the Arredondo part, available from several sources (requires drilling and tapping your gun's bolt release). The Agency Arms looks to be a custom part.
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    Id say it ranges from $350 and up at least thats been what I've seen
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    Here is the post that the RTV mod was shown. https://forums.benelliusa.com/topic/22059-strike-hayl-rail-no-set-screws/
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    StrangerDanger has helped countless amounts of people with there Benelli's. I personally cannot count the amount of times I've referenced his material when I double guess myself or haven't a clue to begin with. The amount of time it takes him to take photos mid process and type his extensive explanations is all to often over looked or taken for granted. Thank you Stranger Danger! I've shared this photo before here on the forum, I dont know why it wouldn't show up on a Google search for: 1014 recoil tube depth Benelli M4 recoil tube depth Benelli 1014 recoil tube depth Benelli M4 recoil tube picture Maybe it will help someone in the future...
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    I know this is an older thread, but I have to praise you on your instructions. I couldn't find anything, anywhere, on changing the recoil tube assembly. The tip on the taking pictures to ensure proper alignment of the new assembly was spot on, as well. Thank you so much StangerDanger!
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    Harmonica believe it or not.
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    You’d know all about that I’m sure. It’s obviously been plated in NP3.
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    NP3 would be a better choice than nickel boron. I usually have to sand the pistons down on the high spots to get them to fit the shotgun. I put the piston in my drill gun and hold the 2000 grit paper around the piston and run it for 30 seconds at a time. Then test fit the piston to the barrel assembly.
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    well make sure it stays pretty, thats whats important. If you need to shoot your M4, its best to put that one under glass, and buy another one and shoot the "ugly" one. but the ugly one eventually gets the upgrade too, then youll need to buy another one. thats how i ended up with 4 benelli M4's.
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    Heres a novel idea, keep it cleaned and well oiled and dont worry about NON-TACTICAL reflective coatings.
  46. -1 points
    You done yet? Even to someone on the spectrum you should be able to tell that no one values your opinion. We have missed your daily autistic rants though.
  47. -1 points
    "Only facts and logic are to be valued, not the musings and opinions of the peoples " - PROCLUS Here ended the lesson son.
  48. -2 points
    Yes, it sure it pretty, looks like one of those guns that gets dressed up and never shot. Youre one of "those" .
  49. -2 points
    From the bolt condition, this means you either 1. re-coated it 2. your lying. Like most who boast online, im going with the later.
  50. -3 points
    In the one image bottom, we have a SWAT (or other armed forces) with a MATTE black M4, low reflectivity= IDEAL TACTICAL The "fighting tool for those who know". In the other image at top, we have a very pretty M4 with reflective surfaces undesirable for field USE Its perfect for showing others, and posting pictures of. Such mods are boasted of their weather / anti-rust properties (rather than keeping their gun oiled and cleaned as anyone ought to do). i.e. the boasting rights of a Keyboard-Jockey. This is the same reason a $4000 1911 is said of "what you show your friends"........and a Glock is said "what you show your enemies". Here ended the lesson.
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