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  1. Mine id the same thing. The front sight didn't come with a nut and the Benelli one is slightly bigger. I had to put the factory one back on.
  2. 64239 | BRAKEOUT 2.0 90T Taper Compensator 7.62MM / 90T Taper, 5/8-24TPI Decided to go a different route so my change of mind is your gain. They sell for around $100 but I'll ship this one to you for $50. I'm in Florien, LA and I take PayPal and Facebook Pay or Cash App.
  3. .....I just had to show her off. Finally got my DeserTech MDRX in 308.
  4. https://www.bayoushooter.com/forums/showthread.php?191544-Benelli-M4-semi-auto-12ga-w-upgrades-3200
  5. Well, was looking for another 45acp pistol (all mine are 1911 other than the CMMG Banshee). Was kinda hoping to find a Sig P320 in 45 or another polymer style pistol. I came across this. A NFH FNX-45 Tactical. Had an extra light and RMR to put on it. Ready to go to the range and try her out with and without my TiRant 45. Think she'll go good with my M4.And I think I got her at a great price. $800 out the door.
  6. ....and came across a set of VORTEX PRECISION MATCHED RINGS in 30 MM that are the .97" height. I don't have a box and don't think I ever used them. They sell for around $150. I'll take $75 shipped.
  7. So, I also have a Key Tec KSG. I added this cheek pad on it and it made it feel so much better. Kind of a neoprene type material. So, I decided to add one to my M4 stock. Had to do a little cutting but I really dig the feel.One pic is with the flash on on my phone and it sort of made it look like sand paper.
  8. That sucks. Both the M4's I've owned the mag came off fairly easy.
  9. Guy, here are two Geissele triggers for sale. One is the MCX SSA trigger and the other is the SD-3D. Asking $150 each. I'm in Louisiana and will take PayPal or Facebook pay. Shipping is included.
  10. Welcome. We are here to help.
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