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  1. SD, I would be lying if I told you. I bought it several years ago and don't remember the brand. It has been rock solid so far. Here is a few pics of it.
  2. Became a big fan of Cloud Defensive after I learned about them last year. My first was the OWL. Then I got two of the new REIN lights one of them being a Micro REIN. Tried to see about mounting one of the REINs on my M4 but couldn't get it just right in the way it should be practical. Now with the CD trade in program where they give you $100 for any weapons light toward one of their OWL, REIN or REIN Micro lights. So I ordered another OWL and decided to see if it would work and be practical at the same time. Well, I think it works great. It acts as a hand stop right where my hand naturally stops. And the switch is in the reach of my thumb without having to stretch or change.
  3. Hi sir , hm u selling battery removal toll for trijicon sro? Just want to buy 10 pcs , cannu ship it in the philippines??

    1. sonyman74


      I'll need to know an address to see how much it cost to ship.

    2. Joe1515


      31 unit b time street barangay west triangle , quezon city , philippines

    3. sonyman74


      Ok, it will cost and additional $55 USD to ship to the Philippines.  For ten units and shipping will be $305 USD.  I will also need a last name, email address and a phone number.  

  4. Like a dream. Even better with the Sandman-L on it.
  5. I finally got my Dead Air Sandman-L and got this sweet rig 100% now. Bighorn Arms TL3 Long Action Proof Research 26” Barrel in 300 PRC Magpul Pro 700L Chassis TriggerTech Black Diamond Trigger Trijicon AccuPower 4.5-30X56 Geissele Super Precision Mount MDT 338 Lapua Mag B&T Mono-pod Accu Tac Bi-Pod
  6. I installed the rear part but the factory nut for the front was too big for the Meprolight front post. So, I put the factory post back on and have the others sitting in a bag in my parts bin. Its fairly easy to do. Just sucked I couldn't finish with the whole install.
  7. You can PM me or email me at [email protected] I will continue to have more made as they are selling out.
  8. sonyman74

    The SRO Tool

    A new batch ofThe SRO Tools have arrived. 31 tools remaining as of now. $25 shipped with tracking.
  9. After such a success, I've decided to make some packaging for the tools and make them look a little more professional. Thanks again for everyone that has supported me.
  10. Anyone wanting one please PM me. Its easier to keep up with. Thanks
  11. Thanks for sharing that picture. Sorry I haven’t replied back but work has been crazy and I’ve been pulling lots of overtime.
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