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  1. I stand corrected. 30 MOA
  2. I was just wondering who else does it. Here is what I got so far. Bighorn Arms TL3 Long Action Proof Research 26” Barrel in 300 PRC (still waiting on it to arrive) Magpul Pro 700L Chassis TriggerTech Black Diamond Trigger Trijicon AccuPower 4.5-30 X 56 Geissele Super Precision Mount
  3. ....how many here also shoot ELD rifles? Im in a current build. Just waiting on my Proof Research barrel to come in.
  4. I just compared it to my SBE II Steady Grip stock, it will NOT work. Sorry
  5. WOW!!! He is a work of art. The kind you hide behind the door.
  6. I've noticed its been a lot more quiet here without him telling everyone how "It Has To Be" like he thinks.
  7. sonyman74

    New Optic

    Just my iPhone XS Max.
  8. sonyman74

    New Optic

    I plan on it. Nothing else to put it on. I liked my MRO on my SBE II so much I put one in my M4 as well.
  9. sonyman74

    New Optic

    Since there was a few that didn't like the choice of optic I had on my M4 I upgraded it to a new one.Hope this is better.
  10. What did it sell for if you done mind me asking?
  11. Well it seams Kenw111 is the go to guy for optics. Heck, he even used my pic in this post. The way I see it, I put it on MY M4 THAT I PAID FOR!!!!!!! And it the optic comes flying off it's no ones fault but my own. If that happens then I WILL BE THE ONE TO PAY AND FIX IT!!!!! Not sure why the thread I posted was removed other that the few guys that was going back and forth over who was right. I honestly could care less. But its a damn shame that someone can't post a thread on here without the KIND OF EVERYTHING BENELLI highjacking the thread because someone does something he doesn't like.
  12. My goodness. Didn't mean for this to turn into a dick measuring contest.
  13. And I have been toying around the idea of changing it out with a MRO. Put one on my SBE II to see how I like it.
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