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  1. I love how easy I can make these different like Legos for men. The one solo pic is my latest creation.
  2. Congratulations, But I should warn you that you might be waiting a while longer as USPS, UPS and FedEx are so behind in their shipping. I got stuff that I ordered a month before Christmas and still haven't received them yet.
  3. Well, I usually carry my P320 and my SIG MCX Rattler. But I will have my M4 in it soon as I go to the range after it opens from the holidays.
  4. No. I put 1.5" spacers and will put a leveling kit on the front next.
  5. Well as I am recently separated, I got myself a new grill, new tires, wheel spacers and Ranger sticker for my 2020 Ranger.
  6. Merry Christmas to you all. May God bless all of you!!!!
  7. Just in case someone here has a Ruger Security 9. I bought a Ruger PC-9 and I'm going to use the Glock 17 33 rnd and mags. Looked up the retail price and they run $29.99. Will take $20 shipped to you. Shipping only to states that allow 20 and mags. I take PayPal, CashApp or Facebook Pay.
  8. Did not know I still had it. Was making room in my gun closet and locker and came across it. Wish there was something I could repurpose it for.
  9. American Defense MFG Trijicon MRO Mount Low Tactical QD Lever Got mine from Big Daddy Unlimited. Here is a link to it. https://www.bigdaddyunlimited.com/am-def-trijicon-mro-low-mnt-tact/
  10. It has the same footprint as the RMR, so I would say yes.
  11. I went with red. The mount is an American Defense QD mount.
  12. I love mine. Works great for me.
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