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  1. Anyone wanting one please PM me. Its easier to keep up with. Thanks
  2. Thanks for sharing that picture. Sorry I haven’t replied back but work has been crazy and I’ve been pulling lots of overtime.
  3. And you have my greatest thanks!!!
  4. Ordered one from him about 10 years ago and it was a perfect match to the finish. If I would have known he was still doing them a few years ago, I would have bought another from him vs. FFT.
  5. The SRO tool. This is were it all started. I just want to give a big shout out to all of those that have purchased or referred my SRO tool. Today I have sold my 100th unit. It has been such a dream come true. I especially want to thank the few of you that took faith in me and preordered the SRO tool before I got the final product finished. Between this forum and the SIG Talk and Ruger forum it (in my book) has been a great success. Once again I thank all of those that has supported my dream.
  6. Finally after almost a year of trying and then several months after ordering I finally got my LOTAR King Kobra Gen 5. Number 84 of 100 made in Israel.
  7. The problem you will run into the OEM 7 round tube is the 922R compliance issues. Thats why so many of use have changed out several part to US made parts to stay 922R compliant.
  8. This M4 of mine has the FFT 7 round tube with the Nordic Components MXT Magazine Extension Kit, +1 and the Nordic Components Shotgun Extension Tube Nut. If I float or as some call it ghost one on the lifter, I can get 10 00buck shells in mine.
  9. I can confirm this guy's work is amazing. I bought one of his 7 round tubes many moons ago and it looked just as good mid not better than a Benelli brand tube.
  10. I love how easy I can make these different like Legos for men. The one solo pic is my latest creation.
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