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  1. That would be nice to finally see how it looks. Love my trigger they did.
  2. No problem. That's what we are here for to help one another.
  3. Here is the post that the RTV mod was shown. https://forums.benelliusa.com/topic/22059-strike-hayl-rail-no-set-screws/
  4. All of this is still available.
  5. This is the OPMOD Limited Edition made for Optics Planet. It an 2010 model but still works great just making room for the Trijicons I been upgrading to. I can toss in a few extra batteries as well. Asking $250 shipped. I live in Florien, LA. I take PayPal, CashApp, Facebook Pay.
  6. Evolution, Here are the links to the place I bought them. Big Daddy Unlimited is AMAZING. You pay $.99 for the trial then $10 a month or $99 per year. I haven't found ANYONE with lower prices. I would have saved $800 on my custom 300 PRC build if I would have bought from them. I bought an MRO and mount for the price of the MRO on MidwayUSA. https://www.bigdaddyunlimited.com/nordic-1-mxt-kit-12ga-bk-needs-nut/ https://www.bigdaddyunlimited.com/nord-nut-12ga-ber/
  7. Briley MFG. I had them change out my trigger assembly to give me the required US made parts to be compliant when going to the collapsible stock. It’s much better than stock and about a pound lighter. The only thing I didn’t care for is the goldish color of the trigger.
  8. Finally got it how I want. If and only if, I was to change or add anything would be to go with the factory Benelli M4 Muzzle Brake. And that would be only if I knew it would be a better one than I have now.
  9. ....and have some M4 stuff I don't need anymore. Make offers on any of it and I'll ship it to you. All of it is in great shape.
  10. Birdog19. Thank I called them yesterday and they told me the right one. I took the one I got and put it on my SBE II. I just left the spring retaining cap in place to keep it legal for hunting. I like the way it looks better than the mag cap that has that damn sling stud in it. The right one will be here tomorrow.
  11. OK, I bought this Nordic that says it'd for the 12 Gauge Benelli M1/M2, SBE 1/2/3. It will not even come close to working on my M4. It worked great on my SBE II. Did I order the wrong one. I see they make one for the Nova/Supernova. Is that the right one? Their SKU number is the same on their web site.
  12. I have the Freedom Fighter Tactical 7 round mag tube. I'll check out Nordic Components. Thanks
  13. So I take it no one knows of one? I'v searched and came up empty handed.
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