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  1. Hope you all have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving. Glad to be part of this community. This year is going to be a little tough as my wife and I called it quits a few weeks ago. But I'm going to hold my head up and not let it get me down. Thanks again for all of those that supported me in my little business venture. Kinda made me feel good that if finally got the bugs worked out. And for any of you that have to sacrifice your holiday to keep our streets and country safe, Thanks for all you do. You have my support!!!
  2. Now I need to come up with a snazzy name for my tool. Any suggestions?
  3. Guys, please let me know when you have received your SRO tools and your thoughts on them. Thanks
  4. Bought this and mounted it on one of my CMMG Banshees but it wasn't what I was really looking for. It's nice just not my cup of tea. I paid $289 for it and will take $180 for it shipped. I take PayPal, CashApp for Facebook pay. Here is a link to more info on it right from Primary Arms site. https://www.primaryarms.com/primary-arms-slx-3x32mm-gen-iii-prism-scope-with-acss-cqb-300blk-762x39mm-reticle?quantity=1&custcol_pco=Orphan&custcol_parent_options=7161%2C0%2CFree Anti-Reflection Device%2C29.99&custcol_free_shipping=T&custcol_affiliate=F&custcol_preorder=T&custcol
  5. They are out of stock right now, but the price was $495. MidwayUSA has the 2.5 MOA for $550.
  6. Big Daddy Unlimited. 99 cents for the first month then $10 a month after. The money you will save on the SRO will cover 7 months.
  7. Good news guys, the SRO tools came in and they are great!!!! I will start shipping them out tomorrow morning. And again, thanks for your patients and support for my project. After you receive your tool, please give any feed back. And if you like it please share with anyone you think will be interested in one and send them my way.
  8. It is a Mesa Tactical and the ammo is Hornady Critical Defense 00 buck.
  9. Just got my email that the tools are shipping today.
  10. Damn, pulled these out and forgot to add them to the group pic. LOL
  11. Figured I would join in. Here are a few of my BLACK GUNS. Would have added more but I was too lazy to pull them all out. Enjoy!!!!!
  12. OK, got an update. But first, I want to say thanks for the patience on this. I thought that my first order of parts were going to be a hit but the material they used was not as strong as they made it out to be. They sent me 4 more units with the strongest (non metal) parts and they were no better. This particular company was a little too expensive on their metal units. I did some research the past few days and finally found a company that can do steel parts at a fraction more than the plastic parts. The order is placed and I should receive them at the end of November. And like I said be
  13. That's what I'm working on.
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