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  1. Sounds like your standard Mossy.
  2. Nothing wrong with my Mossy now...except it's still a Mossy. I have no plans to be shooting a lot of ammo through it, it's a specialty piece, don't want to wear out the POS. ALL pumps have a limited lifetime before they become loosey-goosey and stuff starts to break. Benelli seems to be the only shotgun to hold up well to thousands upon thousands of rounds. And yep, I think this includes the Turknelli M4. We'll see. That's why I would like to see as many of the Turknelli M4s out there as possible so we're able to see how well they hold up. I'm thinking the big savings on purchasing the Turknel
  3. There's quite a distinction between "It's a POS!" and "I prefer the original." lol FWIW, when I call a Mossy a POS I actually own one, a Shockwave. The major problem* it used to have has been resolved. All Mossy pumps suffer the same problem as do the Rock Island pumps I have - don't drop them they are easily disabled by dropping them from a drop as little as one foot. *Shell lifter falls out of position when dropped, therefore I regard Mossys which have not been remedied to be POS and NOT reliable for social work.
  4. Yeah, that's right, a particular shotgun which offended you and and yet you have no experience with it. lol
  5. You and another forum member declared a reasonable facsimile of a Benelli M4* to be a "POS" while NEITHER of you has ANY personal first hand experience with the Turknelli M4. That's snobbery. https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/snob *Norinco (the Chinese with their rough workmanship) has made many "reasonable facsimiles" of proven, reliable guns which are also as reliable as the originals and also in strong demand in the secondary market (the Norinco clones are sought after not shunned), why can't the Turks??
  6. Not "many" apparently just a small percentage...lol And "based on nothing"??? Whiskey Tango Hotel?? There's no shortage between the two of you presenting an opinion on something you have ZERO personal first hand experience with.
  7. Here you referred to the Turknelli M4 as a "cheap POS" and apparently you're unable to objectively consider the Turknelli M4 as "a viable alternative" when YOU have zero personal first hand experience with it. It's reasonable to regard your response as snobbish.
  8. This thread is definitely coming across as snobbish. As the one utube reviewer kept reminding his viewers, "This shotgun IS 1/3 the cost of a Benelli M4." The Chicoms have cloned a number of guns including the Browning ATD-22, the 1911, the Model 1897 shotgun, the 870, and the M-14 to name a handful. Rossi cloned the Winchester 62A. The Indians reverse engineered the FAL and it worked sufficiently for them. All of these were venerated, proven gun designs. Some of the Norinco made guns have the occasional part not interchangeable with the originals yet these clones are well thought of and
  9. Kindly post the video you're referring to. TIA
  10. You're suggesting creating a subforum for Mossys??
  11. In the reading of 922(r) I don't see a distinction. It applies to whomever makes the modification. I wouldn't bank on it.
  12. Many suspect that the ProMag knockoff C stock is Hecho en Chino due to the price and the fact that it doesn't say Made in USA on it, so it won't count toward your 922(r) compliance, if that's a concern at this point.
  13. I acquired one of the limited edition M1014s that someone had apparently shot a ton of slugs through. The bore was loaded with lead. I put a tornado brush on a cleaning rod that I chucked up in a cordless drill. I forget the solvent I used but that tornado brush on the drill made quick work of it. Of course I ran it at a relatively slow RPM not high speed.
  14. From what I gather the OEM rail is easily chewed up by a Larue mount. I use an A.R.M.S. mount without issues. I suggest trying whatever mount you prefer before buying something you may not really need.
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