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  1. It appears 922(r) only applies to the act of assembly into a configuration, not the configuration itself, so would not apply to a factory LE model since done by the importing manufacturer (prior to importation). An LE version is exempt from 922(r). Stupidest nonsense ever.
  2. I have to wonder why they think it necessary to remove so much.
  3. We can thank Bush I, Mr. New Whirled Odor himself.
  4. If you're wanting an OEM style forend, then here ya go - https://freedomfightertactical.com/collections/benelli-m4-tactical-shotgun-parts-and-accessories/products/the-freedom-fighter-tactical-922-compliant-forend-for-the-benelli-m4-shotgun-black
  5. I bought the two I had at two different times and they were both different in how they were stamped 'US', in both size of stamp and location.
  6. Purely supply and demand, which is completely sporadic and unpredictable. Best source is www.benelliparts.net but I see he's gone up 33% on his C-stock price since the end of last year. The one I sold this past January was like new off a safe queen and it took me a while to sell it at $265 shipped. At the peak demand/shortage about 8-9 years ago C-stocks were selling on gunjoker for up to $800. I see that benelliparts.net currently shows C-stocks available currently for $399. I seriously doubt you're going to find them any cheaper at this point. Owner of benelliparts.net is a forum member here who many forum members have done business with, he's a good guy to deal with.
  7. Another great product from Shooting Sight. Thanks Art! ETA: How about some badass charging handles for the M4 while you're at it??
  8. I'm pretty sure I have one. I will check. ETA: I do have one. You have my contact info.
  9. Sukhoi_fan

    M1 RMR

    Sorry, I meant rail. Any rail that fits the M2 or M4 should work.
  10. Sukhoi_fan

    M1 RMR

    Of course it is. Take it to your gunsmith to have the receiver drilled and tapped for a mount.
  11. I recall seeing some C-stocks selling for $800 on gunjoker.
  12. I half-jokingly posted that I would part with my CC charging handle. Sure, I would sell it for $500 but I doubt anyone is willing to pay that for a charging handle (got the idea from Unobtanium's post). I took a look at what Benelli offers in the way of charging handles for the M4 on the Benelli website. Three are listed, and it appears only the OEM style has the detents on the end of the shank, the other two are milled 360 degrees so therefore those will spin in place. I don't have a FFT charging handle to compare, but based on the photos of the FFT charging handle on their website it appears FFT has the same profile of the OEM detents on the shank of their charging handle. Perhaps someone who has a FFT charging handle can verify this.
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