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  1. An alternative to disassembly would be to put the straw in the nozzle of a can of Gunscrubber and blast out what you want gone.
  2. I'd say with the picatinny rail, the MLOK slots, and options for more picatinny rails you can mount just about any tactical light available.
  3. Click on 'Follow' in upper right corner above 'Reply to this topic' to get email notifications when there's a reply to this thread.
  4. JMO, but I would advise against using any light oil on the choke threads. A grease of some type will act as a gas check to prevent gas fouling of the threads whereas a light oil will contribute to the fouling over time (for those of us who don't remove the choke and clean it after each use).
  5. Suggest you watch gunbroker and feebay, sometimes there's a deal.
  6. Drones are definitely a problem now and getting worse going into the future. Suggest you take that into account in your shotgun and ammo preps planning. https://www.twz.com/news-features/drone-warfares-terrifying-ai-enabled-next-step-is-imminent
  7. Very nice. Where's the 121M1? Is there a H&K S90 M1 in your family photo?
  8. Website has only been up for about six months, definitely looks very hinky, suggest you avoid and keep looking. https://web.archive.org/web/20230715000000*/https://buybenellishotguns.com/ Also, if looking for an 'authorized dealer' go to the source and contact Benelli.
  9. My two cents on ammo: I avoid shooting slugs because I don't like have to clean the lead out of my barrel, major PITA. I prefer DDupleks over Foster or Brenneke slugs. I suggest using 2 3/4" rounds, the cost of 3" rounds is just not worth the extra expense when 2 3/4" has pretty much the same effect IMO. Practice ammo - the cheapest you can get, whether bird shot or 00 buck. Check out www.ammoseek.com if you haven't already. Home defense/neighborhood watch ammo - my first preference is Federal 00 buck Law Enforcement rounds with FliteControl in either Low Recoil 1,145 fps or 1,325 fps, however there are other 00 buck options that are equally suitable for dangerous varmints from quality manufacturers such as Winchester, Hornady, Federal (not FliteControl), Fiocchi, Nobel Sport, S&B, Black Aces, and Remington. One consideration is how much recoil you're willing to deal with, and you can gauge the recoil by the velocity in fps. When in a storm and injured, using higher velocity rounds with greater recoil to manage might not turn out so well. Hanging onto a shotgun while shooting 1,600 fps Hornady rounds if one is weak from being gravely injured will be a challenge. For those concerned about blasting 00 buck through walls and hitting innocent parties IMO the minimum for that application would be #4 buck shot, which is typically 27 .22 caliber pellets. For self defense one should only use any 12 ga. ammo which is suitable for KILLING animals from 50-300 lbs., anything less lethal is subject to causing you a problem IMO. I'm also a big fan of 000 buck for home defense ammo. Drone elimination ammo - I had been thinking that #4 buck would be optimum, but larger buck shot will have greater range, so it's a trade off.
  10. Indeed, it's VERY important to know local laws, and whether or not you have a woke Soros DA. The criminal in the first case had broken into a SUV to steal the stereo in the wee hours of the AM, the homeowner was awakened by activity in his carport, stepped out with his shotgun and nailed him square in the back which fleeing up the driveway. Unknown about whether he had the car stereo in hand when nailed, however I don't think actually seeing the thief with stolen goods in hand is a pre-requisite to doing a service to the community (I think the law says something law says something like 'a reasonable person who reasonably believes' a thief is making off with one's stuff between the hours of sunset and sunrise - NOT legal advice, DYODD! Remember: shooting a bad guy who deserves it is easy, the aftermath is the problem, which is why deescalation is important as is creating distance.)
  11. In Texas it's perfectly legal for a 'reasonable person' to shoot a fleeing thief at night (I know of one case locally several years ago where a homeowner shot a fleeing thief in the back at night with a shotgun killing him and the grand jury no billed him [the varmint was attempting to steal a car stereo], there was also a case in Houston where someone getting their truck repossessed in the wee hours of the morning shot the repo guy in the back with a .30-30 as he was driving off, killing him - the Harris County grand jury no billed that guy as well, in both instances the shooters were protecting their own property from theft at night [one cannot legally use deadly force to protect someone else's property in Texas]). Additionally, in Texas it's legal to shoot arsonists day or night.
  12. Sadly, none of mine are unblemished.
  13. After watching a lot of videos out of Ukraine on drone use I'm thinking #4 buck would be optimum for drone elimination duty. https://www.bitchute.com/video/q4oqOFHJGUEM/
  14. From my experience one has to be logged in with an approved account in order to utilize the advanced search to see the completed listings, no go otherwise.
  15. I never buy choke tube lube, there's always an auto parts store nearby carrying Permatex Anti-Seize lube. In a pinch I'm thinking a very thin coat of RectorSeal #5 which can be found in plumbing supplies would suffice just fine.
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