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  1. What's the date code on the barrel?
  2. Did you purchase your M1014 new or used?
  3. I've gone with the Glock equipped Micro Roni Stab in 9mm with Glock 33 round mags for inside the abode. It sports a build-in flashlight, T2 and a Steiner green laser. IMO the AR is way too much for use inside. Would like to equip a tactical shotgun with an IR optic. I've owned several 121M1 Benellis, never experienced any failures to cycle to the best of my recollection. I'm thinking the light weight largely contributed to the heavy recoil. I sure do miss those 121M1s, pretty sweet shotguns in many respects, however I won't own anything that one is unable to get spare parts for.
  4. I'm completely unfamiliar with the handling of the M2, therefore I'm posing this question since I just don't know. I'm hoping a RKI who has experience with both can give me some good input. We all want to be there for our loved ones should there be a serious threat but there may be times when they will be forced to defend themselves without our help. So which is more suitable for a mostly inexperienced smaller framed woman or teenager (like a 13 y.o. girl) to use in a stressfire situation, the M2 or the M4, considering they may not shoulder it solidly? In other words if they are holding it 'loosely'. Some semi-autos don't function well when fired without being held firmly...which would be the preferred choice in such a circumstance? TIA
  5. Yeah, I should have thought of that. Be sure to swab out your magazine tube to remove drill shavings if you do that while still in place.
  6. If no holes for snap ring pliers then you may need to replace the magazine spring retaining cap with one that has the two holes for snap ring pliers. I acquired one M4 which had no magazine spring retaining cap when I got it. It still doesn't have a magazine spring retaining cap. Maybe one day I will get a replacement but for now it's not a priority, just a minor inconvenience upon disassembly/reassembly.
  7. Sukhoi_fan

    M1 super 90

  8. Trust me, when in a **** storm all you care about is reliability and having more than enough ammo than called for. Cosmetics are meaningless in the real world. BTDT If Cerakoting any of my stuff burnt orange and purple would render it more reliable and effective I would do it without hesitation. I've even been considering making a Hello Kitty version of one of my EBRs that is carried in the automobile, THAT would likely make any bad guy hesitate and go, "WTF?!?!?"
  9. I don't give a diddlely-squat how it looks, is it suitable for the application? Does it work with the platform without major issues? (I wouldn't let the magic underwear deter me, she'd still be hot) AKs and SKS rifles are ugly yet they work (even though the ergonomics do seriously suck on the 70+ y.o. AK).
  10. The Benelli website shows the M4 Tactical H2O is available with either stock. https://www.benelliusa.com/shotguns
  11. Unfired 21" Benelli M2 barrel with vented rib - $375 shipped Comfortech stock for M2, SBEII, and Super Nova removed from new Benelli M2, appears new - $180 shipped
  12. I've owned three 121M1 Benellis. I loved them but parts availability is an issue. Highly unlikely you will find any wood furniture. Choate has made stocks for them in the past and I put a Choate stock on one of mine however those Choate synthetic stocks are very heavy vs. the wood stocks. Dunno if Choate still has those available since they make their stocks in batches and at this point there's no demand for them to produce more. I suggest you check with Choate to see if that have any left. Also I think that maybe the earliest version S90 M1 forearm may fit, but not clear on that.
  13. Bump Stock is in like new condition.
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