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  1. Where sort of use do you foresee where an amount of dirt sufficient enough to inhibit the dual piston setup of the Benelli M4 is going to be an issue? You are aware that the Benelli M4 will function with only one piston operating*, right? (*yes, it will still function but slower) I submit that if one foresees one's self being in such an environment with the need for an extremely reliable long arm then one needs to be packing a for real EBR, e.g. a Steyr AUG.
  2. The advantage of a pistol grip stock is that it is easier to handle single-handedly with your strong hand freeing up your support hand, very difficult to do that with a field stock. A field stock is much more comfortable when carrying your shotgun for extended periods of time (using both hands to carry it). JMO
  3. I agree it's best to have the brand name on the receiver on the documents I don't think it makes a difference so long as the serial number is correct. Only an ahole with nothing else to do would make an issue out of the name not being identical if the serial number matches the NFA documents.
  4. The C-stock does make it a four part requirement when replacing the neutered mag tube with the normal mag tube.
  5. It's gungrabbers' language intended to prevent/discourage "the people" (us plebs) from "assembling" an "assault weapon" (whatever that is, I've got plenty of assault weapons in my kitchen and on my work bench in my shop) from that which is not *regarded* as an "assault weapon" (i.e. a shotgun with a magazine of five rounds or less, as if three extra rounds in the magazine makes any real difference).
  6. The Aimpoint Micro RDS are virtually indestructible. Daniel Defense blew up a DD M4 with a T1 mounted on it using 27# of Tannerite. The T1 ended up with a broken rear lens yet it still held zero. Then they dropped it out of a helicopter - TWICE (they forgot to turn the camera on the first time so they had a do-over). Only after the helicopter drops did the T1 really lose zero. The Micro on a A.R.M.S. #31 mount is pretty low profile on the Benelli M4, plus the A.R.M.S. mount doesn't chew up the Benelli rail like the Larue. Jump to 19:20 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uMUASQMt5l8
  7. Head to head #4 buck against the Flite Control you will be disappointed, however it's a compromise when you're concerned about who or what is immediately downrange. #4 buck is going to dissipate energy at a much shorter distance than any 00 buck. Which is why I like 000 buck for a little more range although 000 buck won't hold a pattern like Flite Control, it's still retains sufficient energy albeit it spread out. Flite Control in 00 buck is about as good as it gets for buckshot.
  8. 00 buck (.33 caliber) will shred sheetrock at close range without losing a whole lot of energy (i.e. retaining enough energy to do some serious damage to living tissue) which is why I suggested #4 buck (.24 caliber). 00 buck will still be deadly after passing through two layers of sheet rock, #4 buck not so much. You may not get the very tight and consistent pattern without the Flite Control wads, however I understood your intention was to mitigate possible downrange collateral damage and #4 buck will accomplish that for you. Those awesome Flite Control rounds (one of my faves) retain energy very well downrange which is why I keep #4 buck as an option on tap so as to mitigate possible harm to my neighbors should I have to do some varmint control outside (you know what kind of varmints I'm referring to, the dangerous ones always in season).
  9. You won't find one. Definitely stick with the Benelli OEM C stock. A magazine follower is a simple addition for a 922(r) item, some other suggestions are US made fire control parts and trigger housing. Unsure which forend you're referring to.
  10. Call Benelli customer service and have them take a look at it.
  11. You can generally find the ammo you're looking for at www.ammoseek.com . I'm partial to Federal's 000 buck even though it's not Flite Control and I can generally only find 000 buck in cases on ammoseek. And I did a net search for 'T shot' - it's .20 caliber steel shot according to what I found (not on Hevi's website). #4 buck of course is .24 caliber. No wonder they jack it up with plenty of powder charge.
  12. I checked out Hevi-Shot's Dead Coyote. Kinda thin on info on their website but I did see they list the MV at 1,350 FPS. WTH is "T shot"??? They list "T shot" and 00 buck in 3" and up shells - seems like a limit on mag capacity. I cannot see anywhere on their website where they explain what "T shot" is. I was thinking from your OP you were wanting to tone it down due to the possibility of collateral damage. Federal lists their #4 buck at 1,100 FPS. I would suggest sticking to the tried and true as opposed to some exotic ammo. https://www.federalpremium.com/shotshell/premium-slug-buckshot/vital-shok-buckshot/11-P158+4B.html
  13. One option is #4 buck in 2 3/4". Much less effective range than 00 and sheet rock really taxes #4 buck's energy.
  14. Gen 2 since Gen 1 have flicker problems and you have to buy an aftermarket sealing plate to remedy that. My personal preference would be a 6.5 MOA dot on a shotgun, a larger dot makes for faster acquisition on a shotgun. 6.5 MOA = 3.25" at 50 yards. And I actually prefer a Aimpoint Micro in 4 MOA since the RMR distorts the moment a droplet of water gets on it and is therefore not an all weather device, imo.
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