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  1. Sukhoi_fan

    FS: Benelli M4 C-stock

  2. Sukhoi_fan

    FS: Benelli M4 C-stock

    Bump Stock is in like new condition.
  3. Sukhoi_fan

    Benelli M4 Collapsible Stock 70085

    PM sent.
  4. Sukhoi_fan

    FS: Benelli M4 C-stock

    PM sent.
  5. Sukhoi_fan

    Huntego CleanShot 12 Gauge Gun Bore Cleaner

    The M1014 I picked up had extremely heavy lead fouling from firing slugs. So I used a stainless tornado brush on a shotgun rod inserted into a cordless drill while using lead bore cleaner. It took a while but I finally got the very last of the lead out of the bore. I would think that your results would happen much sooner if all you have is plastic wad fouling.
  6. Sukhoi_fan

    FS: Benelli M4 C-stock

    Recently picked up a lightly used M4 with Benelli C-stock which doesn't match my preferences so I'm offering this very nice condition C-stock for sale. $265 shipped.
  7. Sukhoi_fan

    M1 Super 90 compatible stocks

    Go to the source, call Benelli and ask. The two I noted listed on ebay specified those stocks listed there would fit both the M1 and M3. M2 stocks are definitely different from M1 stocks, however I'm fairly confident all M1 stocks are interchangeable, but again, go to the source and get a straight answer.
  8. Sukhoi_fan

    M1 Super 90 compatible stocks

    There's a couple on feebay currently.
  9. Forum member Stranger Danger specializes in doing this.
  10. Sukhoi_fan

    Looking for a Benelli M4 collapsible stock.

    Reliable forum member's website shows item in stock - https://www.benelliparts.net/store/p1/Benelli_M4_Collapsible_Stock_70085.html
  11. Sukhoi_fan

    Super New to Shotguns - Ammo training/plinking

    It is recommended that you avoid low power rounds while breaking it in, however those low power rounds will give you plenty of opportunities for immediate action drills.
  12. Sukhoi_fan

    Super New to Shotguns - Ammo training/plinking

    Stay away from ChinaMart (aka WallyMart) ammo. Buy decent quality ammo in bulk. http://www.ammoseek.com http://www.sgammo.com
  13. Sukhoi_fan

    AVA Tactical

    I see that AVA Tactical last visited this forum just over six weeks ago on 10/4/18.
  14. Sukhoi_fan

    WTB: Scalarworks Benelli M4 Aimpoint Micro mount

    Rampart purchased the remaining stock from Scalarworks, so limited supply (it took Scalarworks forever to sell the original batch of 100 so they bailed) - https://rampartcorp.com/products/scalarworks-sync-aimpoint-micro-mount-for-benelli-shotguns?variant=40227064852
  15. Sukhoi_fan

    Buckshot in Rifled Barrel?

    Worth noting, a Sheriff's deputy in Texas was recently shot in the face at pointblank range with a shotgun. He's still alive yet in critical condition and has lost one eye. His doctors are trying to save his other eye. Apparently he was shot with bird shot because had it been buckshot he would have had his head blown off (more or less). Don't ever depend on bird shot to defend yourself.