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  1. If you have a tax stamp the Red Guards will be coming to your place first. Thanks for taking one for the team!
  2. Many years ago I hung out with a several Class 3 dealers, I recall them telling me that (we used to have a lot of local Class 3 dealers locally). They could've been referring only to their own license but the impression I got was if one has a tax stamp for full auto they're very interested in talking to you if a full auto is used locally in a crime, e.g. one owns a FA AK and a FA AK was used in an incident in the area, they would be very interested in talking to you about your AK. The impression they gave me was they would not be wanting to do a search of your home, it'd be more of a knock and
  3. Another thing to consider is that with an NFA item you consent to Uncle Fudd showing up at your crib 24/7/365 demanding to take a look at your stuff.
  4. Being that Federal's Force X2 is only 1,250 fps they would be low recoil since 1,250 fps is low recoil territory.
  5. My preference is Federal's Flite Control buckshot, when it can be found at a reasonable price.
  6. FWIW, here's the Federal webpage for their Force X2 specialty buckshot in case anyone wants to pay nearly $3/round; specs show MV at 1,250 fps. https://www.federalpremium.com/shotshell/premium-personal-defense/personal-defense-shotshell-force-x2/11-PD12FX2+00.html Target Sports indicates they've had it in stock before and currently out of stock, last price at $1.84/rd if TSUSA member. https://www.targetsportsusa.com/federal-personal-defense-12-gauge-ammo-2-3-4-00-buckshot-force-x2-9-pellets-pd12fx2-00-p-110137.aspx
  7. I wasn't even aware of this ammo until you posted about it. Ultimately I did find it even though you weren't willing to share your source. Thanks for your very friendly, helpful and constructive posts nonetheless!
  8. Have you considered the reason why "no one else seems to take the time to do" is largely due to you not sharing where it's currently available?? I see that currently the only availability online is through the Federal website, $2.60/round plus t,s,&h. Ouch. I think I'll wait for Target Sports to get it back in stock.
  9. Where is that available? It's not showing up on ammoseek.
  10. I've owned a number of the C-stocks over the years, no longer have one, it does nothing for me. The only benefit I can possibly see is shorter stock position when wearing body armor.
  11. Another +1 for Socomguy, received first rate mag tube a couple of days after ordering, so no waiting.
  12. Unlikely as 922(r) only applies to whomever assembles any rifle or shotgun identical to those which are prohibited from importation. If one party purchases a rifle or shotgun another party has assembled in a prohibited configuration then the buyer cannot be charged with that offense although that may be difficult to establish downrange.
  13. Sounds like your standard Mossy.
  14. Nothing wrong with my Mossy now...except it's still a Mossy. I have no plans to be shooting a lot of ammo through it, it's a specialty piece, don't want to wear out the POS. ALL pumps have a limited lifetime before they become loosey-goosey and stuff starts to break. Benelli seems to be the only shotgun to hold up well to thousands upon thousands of rounds. And yep, I think this includes the Turknelli M4. We'll see. That's why I would like to see as many of the Turknelli M4s out there as possible so we're able to see how well they hold up. I'm thinking the big savings on purchasing the Turknel
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