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  1. Once in a while one turns up on feebay, suggest you monitor feebay.
  2. No, the M4 stock only fits the M4.
  3. We're being conned by the greatest scam in history. Is there some killer, highly contagious (bio-engineered) bug going 'round? Very likely. Is everyone going to become seriously ill? Highly unlikely, 50% - 75% are asymptomatic. Those with compromised immune systems are the most vulnerable to becoming seriously ill and possibly end up dying. These are the people that the seasonal flu kills thousands of every year. So what's really going on? The Mother of All Subterfuges, I urge you to watch this 45 minute video in its entirety.so that you can connect the dots. Look around you and realize what is *really* happening. [video]
  4. Unfortunately there are no longer any spare parts available for the 121M1. Choate used to make an aftermarket polymer stock or two (at least a PG version and perhaps a field stock version as I recall), but that was years ago and their inventory is most likely all gone now. When I last spoke with Choate (c. 2006-7?) I got one of their last 121M1 PG stocks and at that time they advised me they did not plans to run another batch of 121M1 stocks. So regrettably if you're unable to repair your broken stock you've likely got a donor shotgun good only for spare parts.
  5. Good, perhaps Kip is caught up enough to start making charging handles and rails again.
  6. That only happens when you interfere with their revenue stream, so don't interfere with their revenue stream and you're golden.
  7. I'd order it and make sure my M4 is 922(r) compliant with the C-stock with the C-stock installed prior to installing it. Generally websites that advertise "LEO or military only" will allow you to complete your shopping cart transaction and then email you afterwards for "official verification." If you fail to provide "official verification" they will simply cancel your order. While I've never experienced it there may be some vendors out there who advertise that way yet never seek verification. Vendors are in business to make sales, you never know if you don't give it a shot.
  8. Shoot it, it's made to shoot.
  9. Removed from new M2, $245.00 shipped
  10. Just got an email from Freedom Fighter Tactical announcing that their top rail is back in production and due out this summer. FYI
  11. I bought a new van the other day. My assistant happened to drive it into a small wall he failed to see as he turned a corner and damaged the rocker panel. My dealer won't fix it without charging me for the repairs. Should I be pissed?
  12. I utilize a A.R.M.S. #31 mount with no issues on the OEM rail.
  13. Guess what? It's not actually an impeachment unless and until the House managers make it to the Senate floor and present the articles of impeachment. Essentially Trump hasn't been subjected to impeachment YET. Dumborats are so stupid. https://www.zerohedge.com/political/house-senate-impeachment-impasse-would-mean-trump-wasnt-impeached-all-harvard-law-prof
  14. You've got a cool wife you lucky dog (so long as that's not a made up story like the bear attack story).
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