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  1. Buy a screw extractor with some length... 1.5" or so and add a few drops of cutting oil. I bet it backs right out.
  2. Mine is HK marked and chrome lined. M1S90, I have no idea the date of manufacture.
  3. I had a similar issue only in the winter (cold Montana) and I was running Frog Lube on my guns at the time. Below freezing it would gum up until it heated up. I stopped running Frog Lube and the issue went away. All I use is Mobile 1 in everything now. I am not saying this is your issue by any means but I was surprised that a simple change in the lube made such a big difference in the cold.
  4. Looks slick. I add the Noveske QD to all my shotguns. That is a serious QD Mount!
  5. REZARF2

    M4 weight

    MIne entry model is somewhere between a butt-ton and a crap-ton. She's heavy but she runs. I don't have a fancy scale to measure.
  6. I have several Benelli's and I am looking at having a few barrels threaded for chokes (Also Benelli's... M4 and a cut down Nova). I have a Salvo 12 on the way and I'd like to keep them all threaded the same for simplicities sake. I don't want to add a new set of chokes and have dozens of Benelli and Beretta Chokes laying around but I do want to thread a few barrels. The chopped Nova might be too thin to thread but the M4 has some serious meet on the tube. I am having a tough time tracking down a service provider for threading to the Benelli pattern. Some searching also revealed there are 2 separate Benelli thread patterns? Can those more informed that me help me understand the difference? I have a M1 and Nova's that are already threaded... I'd like to cut my M4 to match. It appears that Benelli offers "Barrel Cutting/Choke Installation" services but I am unsure if that is threading the barrels for their chokes? Thanks in advance-
  7. HD= sling + Light. A sling is necessary if you need your hands, or if there is a fight/grab over the gun. Light is a MUST to ID what you’re about to shoot with OO Buck shot. A red dot could be helpful but I’d put that in the nice to have column vs the have to have.
  8. It looks like it’s over the barrel roll marks? At least it looks like symbols underneath. I would bet the wrap/dip wouldn’t adhere to a roll stamped surface vs a smooth surface. I’m just guessing here.
  9. The pic you posted says panzer and clone”… I do not think benelli is selling wood stocks for the m4. It’s a combat shotgun. you can buy the wood from several vendors
  10. Not me, I don’t buff my shotguns after every ranger trip. I run a bore snake and spray some lube every now and again. I have a nova that has just over 10k rounds on it and I think I’ve cleaned it 2-3 times. Benelli’s just run. 25k rounds no cleaning is what I think the M4 did to get the military contract. YMMV
  11. If you have a vent rib gun then you have a few more options. Aimpoint makes a red dot with a vent rib mounting system. It will cost 1.5x the original cost of the Nova. Both the S1 and Afro are available. A quick search found this too… there’s are several folks producing similar products… Vent rib mount
  12. Man I don’t think you should have contact there. If open it up, air hose it all, hit everything with brake clean and spray it with a light lube, then darken the area with some sharpie and see if you’re still rubbing. I’d press Benelli, that’s not normal.
  13. If it ain’t broke… seriously though if it’s running well for 500 rounds so far I wouldn’t be concerned. If the finish is wearing off in spots and you start to see corrosion then I would come back to this. I’m sure Benelli would make it right. in the end these are tools. Even if they are beautiful Italian tools and they are going to take some hits as you use them for their intended purpose. It’s hard to tell from the pics and lighting but is the finish wear on the bolt down to bare metal?
  14. Good thread idea. I too have been holding out for a used one... but no one gives them up. @RxArms hint hint.
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