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  1. No, I like having easy access to mine. Besides it’s pretty much fixed on as long the cap it on the end.
  2. pretty painless swap. The TG goes in much easier now, the safety is 2x as loud and has a more sold feel. Not sure it was a necessity but I’d do it again! 😂
  3. Thanks! It should be here tomorrow after a 800 mile detour today…
  4. Do the FCG part swap over to the aluminum TG or will I need aluminum TG Specific parts?
  5. Haven’t heard anything about oem trigger guards, People were having issues with the A&S not long ago. That’s actually why I decided to grab one of these for $50 less
  6. I assume the aluminum is stronger than the polymer TG.
  7. Just got a notification from MGW that they have aluminum trigger guards in, just grabbed one for $140
  8. 922r us Titanium tube, us follower, trigger & hammer. that said I asked the ATF a few years back about 922r and the one who replied back said 922r only applies to the manufacturer. Some people don’t care about it, some follow it religiously. Honestly it’s not something I stress over too much. If the US parts ever give me trouble, I’ll switch to oem parts and never think twice about it.
  9. The flag and the M1014 roll mark for me!
  10. Don’t know what the status of the “limited” part of the edition but correct on the other differences.
  11. Get on the list while you look. https://www.midwestgunworks.com/page/mgwi/prod/70043
  12. With the ACRO just dropping & M5 using The lens geometry and technology from the T-2 a T-3 might be some time off.
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