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  1. I’m waiting on a S&W 500 mag to get back from S&W (8 to 14weeks). Purchased it new a week ago , the front sight fell off, discovered two loose cylinder locks and the entire inside is covered with rust and red oxide.
  2. I don’t have a CF tube but I haven’t had any trouble with ti or steel tube w/o any thread locker. As long as the end cap is on the tube isn’t going anywhere.
  3. I have an RMR on mine, works great.
  4. Mine ran everything I put in it from day one including cheap Walmart stuff.
  5. Shouldn’t have any issues
  6. Be careful with the front, the mepro front post is made of very soft metal and the threads will strip very easily.
  7. I know people love & praise cerakote but I’ve own 3 firearms that came from the factory with it and it only took one range trip for bare metal to be exposed in the friction areas.
  8. Just finished my M1014 😁
  9. Yup was stripped but it was $80 and available! Lol I ended up ordering one from MWG but I have a dremel I might give that a shot. Thanks for the offer to fix it for me!
  10. Thanks for the write up tutorial! Everything went exactly as stated although I got stuck on the inside retaining ring. I just can’t get that thing out. 🤦🏻‍♂️ That & Reassembly is all I need to do now.
  11. If you can’t find them you might try some mx24 paint. I’ve used it before and it worked pretty well. I’ll do that to my front sight if I can find another oem post that glows as bright as the rear.
  12. I picked up a m1014 a few days ago and have a question about the sights. I noticed the factory dots looked a little different than the ones on my M3. They are filled with luminescent paint. (Not tritium). I haven’t saw or noticed anything in the paperwork or online about these sights. I’ve owned the tritium before and actually like these better for daytime but the front one loses it glow very fast and the rear last alot longer. I was wondering if anyone knows where I could find another luminescent front sight?
  13. Hello, I just purchased a new m3 a few mo ago , well I’ve only cycled the pump less than 100 time and noticed a lot of wear I’ve not saw on other m3s. Is this normal?
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