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  1. Has anybody experienced thermal cracking of the anodizing on the rear of the receiver when doing this procedure. Anodizing has been known to micro fracture due to heating variances between the base metal and the anodizing itself. What about discoloration to the receiver or tube itself? I've seen discoloration from using a torch, but what about a heat gun?
  2. The ring on all 3 of mine appears to be cast steel. Guess it's time for a magnet check.
  3. That seems like an odd explanation since the flange of the barrel being supported by the receiver should prevent the "slide hammer" effect.
  4. You should send that thing back my friend. It isn't suppose to have that gap and you shouldn't have to live with it.
  5. Try it without the sling plate. From the photo it looks like the pocket that the plate sits in is crooked.
  6. You're very welcome my man! Just make sure you put it back in the same slot when taking it off and remounting. I've done it literally 10-15 times and it's ALWAYS the same. Like I said, impressive enough for me to spend over 1000 bucks to replace perfectly good mounts on my other guns.
  7. Forgot the link I prefer the lever on the left side because I'm left handed. Right handed lever https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1008778899 Left handed lever https://www.primaryarms.com/american-defense-mini-quick-release-trijicon-rmr-mount-ad-rmr-lh-ad-rmr-lh
  8. It is actually impressive how well it returns to zero. I've honestly never had a QD mount that is this repeatable. In fact, after I saw how well it did I bought American Defense mounts for every red dot and reflex sight I own. The one you posted the link to is the version with titanium hardware. It's a little lighter then mine, but only by about an ounce. Here's the link to the version with steel hardware, but it's currently out of stock.
  9. Still running it and an perfectly happy with it.
  10. Haven't tried the Black Aces since it's pretty expensive in my neck of the woods. I can get Federal with the Flitecontrol wad for a cheaper price, and it shoots a much tighter pattern in every shotgun I own.
  11. I have three M4's and none of them will cycle the Fiocchi buckshot you mention. These same games will run all day long with low brass clays and target loads provided they are above 1 ounce loads.
  12. For me it's all about the flexibility. The half way position is PERFECT for a red dot on a low quick release mount. The fully opened position is PERFECT for the factory sights. It basically gives the user the ability to utilize the gun in a way that fits their own personal shooting style.
  13. The manual specifically calls for the barrel to sit flush. Have you tried pushing down on the barrel while tightening the barrel nut? One of my M4's does that with the factory handguards unless I put pressure on the barrel while tightening.
  14. My beloved Caesar Guerini. The shop didn't have a left handed one so I drove up to the factory in Maryland to pick it up. When they brought it out I knew immediately the drive had been worth it.
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