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  1. As always, another job well done! On a side note, you must have nuts the size of grapefruits to rest that freshly coated barrel on a rock 😂.
  2. Many thanks my good man! I think I'll end up ordering one once you post up about the shim fix to eliminate any wobble.
  3. Rgarc, When you get a moment can you take a few close up photos of where the handguard meets the receiver? Thanks in advance!
  4. How'd the barrel get scratched so quickly directly in front of the flashlight? Not picking, just curious since I have held off on mounting a light to avoid adding unnecessary finish wear.
  5. How does it mount to the gun? You mentioned you had to tighten the front screws. Do these screws make contact with the gun to help alleviate wobble? Does it appear that the rail is going to cause finish wear to the barrel, mag tube, or receiver, over time?
  6. Thanks for the reply! Luckily I have the 5.5 mm ignition wrench, but the nut seems to be rarer than hens teeth at the moment.
  7. Just got my 3rd Benelli M4 and noticed the front sight is a little crooked (not canted). I know folks say to use a new nut when removing or installing a sight, however what about slightly loosening it to make small adjustments? Seems they're out of stock everywhere and I'd like to get it straightened before I try sighting in, but I don't want my sight flying off never to be seen again. Many thanks in advance!
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