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  1. For me it's all about the flexibility. The half way position is PERFECT for a red dot on a low quick release mount. The fully opened position is PERFECT for the factory sights. It basically gives the user the ability to utilize the gun in a way that fits their own personal shooting style.
  2. The manual specifically calls for the barrel to sit flush. Have you tried pushing down on the barrel while tightening the barrel nut? One of my M4's does that with the factory handguards unless I put pressure on the barrel while tightening.
  3. My beloved Caesar Guerini. The shop didn't have a left handed one so I drove up to the factory in Maryland to pick it up. When they brought it out I knew immediately the drive had been worth it.
  4. Think of it more as "tolerance stacking" in mass produced products. Sometimes it works out no problem. Sometimes it takes a little bit of fitting.
  5. Wouldn't it have to be heat treated after the slots were ground in? If you look at the factory multi position tube you can plainly see what appears to be heat treating at each notch. I personally wouldn't want to be the guinea pig since the wallop to the face from the recoil of a 3 inch slug or buckshot would likely not be particularly pleasant should the slots peen over or give way due to the recoil.
  6. Fine job right there! That's a well thought out and well executed project.
  7. I don't know first hand, but I have heard that the slot on the C stock has to be widened to accommodate the mount. It's been a few years since I have seen someone inquire about this item, so something may have changed in that time.
  8. I actually put two layers of electrical tape on the top and bottom ejection port edges before each range trip and it eliminates the wear issue. Then again, I'm the guy who puts electrical tape on the ejection hump of my AR's as well to prevent brass streaks, so it's likely that I'm just a nut. I'm waiting for the one member who just got his H20 version to go shoot it a bit to see if he sells it once he sees the "damage" 😂😂😂.
  9. ProMag used to offer one that attempted to mimic the factory offering, but it was junk. ATI put their own spin on a collapsible stock as well. Unfortunately, it's ugly and the quality still isn't there. While the Benelli version is currently very expensive, the quality is obvious upon examination. The same can't be said for the other C stocks that have been brought to market. Truthfully, even the current aftermarket fixed pistol grip stock is lacking in quality/design when compared to the factory offering.
  10. Benelli may be able to tell you something. Wouldn't hurt to give them a holler to see if they have the information you seek. If they don't have one in the works, I say buy one anyway. I'm a lefty and my Ethos fits me like a dream using the shim kit. Best of luck to you!
  11. The real deal or the Cerakote version? From what I've seen, the Cerakote doesn't hold up particularly well on edges and wear areas. I'd hold on to the "blue one" just in case you find you can't live with the finish dings that will be inevitable.
  12. I think I should clarify my response about your SRO screws. THEY should come with a patch of thread lock already on them. As far as the other items, I don't really have an opinion, however I would offer this small word of caution, if you use thread locker on the new rail screws that go into the receiver I'd reduce the torque to 8-10 inch pounds. You can always tighten if they work loose, but if you overtighten the damage is already done.
  13. The SRO should come with screws that have an ND patch on them. No further thread locker needed.
  14. The follower isn't likely to make a bit of difference in magazine capacity. Keep in mind that manufacturer shell lengths vary, even within a given stated range such as 2 3/4in. This variation sometimes leads to capacity issues due to the fact that even adding a small amount of length to each shell results in a significant overall length difference when shells are stacked end to end. If you have access to different shells you can experiment to see if your gun will hold a full 5 rounds. If it will, then your problem is likely what I outlined above.
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