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  1. After receiving my collapsible stock today I discovered my replacement gun from Benelli is virtually identical to the photo posted by the OP. The jig they use must have gotten slightly out of alignment and I have since compared it to new production guns on Gunbroker and found many to be the same way. In my favor I'm left handed, so the canted buttpad actually fits my shoulder pocket better. I may send it on out to StrangerDanger after the newness wears off, but for now I'm just gonna enjoy the heck out of it since shotgun shells are still readily available around here.
  2. The inside of the barrel just looks like plastic residue from the wad. Not sure how many shells you have through it, but plastic buildup is extremely common in shotguns. Soak a bore mop with Ballistol, run it through the barrel, let it sit for a few hours, then hit the bore with a bronze brush or tornado brush. Don't be at all surpised to see chunks and slivers of plastic coming out of the barrel.
  3. The complaints I have heard are that the rail destroys Larue mounts, instead of the mount destroying the rail. You'll be fine with the factory rail if you can find a mount with full width recoil lug/s. Trijicon's quick detach comes to mind but it's too high unless you run the second position on a C stock. I have yet to find a mount that has full recoil lugs and is low enough to use with the fixed stock.
  4. Sounds like a winner! Thanks for keeping me in mind!
  5. Thanks for taking the time to reply. if you decide the collapsible stock isn't for you please let me know and I'll take it off your hands with no money lost on your end.
  6. Took it to the range today to sight in and it was dead on with the first shot! Very accurate with slugs, buckshot, and ran 2 boxes of cheap target loads with no problems at all. To finish the day I sat in the skeet shack with a nice fire burning in the wood stove and smoked a Montecristo while wiping it down. I LOVE A HAPPY ENDING 😁!
  7. Got the replacement in today and it's a beauty. Machining/fit and finish, are exactly what you expect from a prestigious brand like Benelli and I can't wait to hit the range to get it sighted in. A HUGE thank you again to Benelli, Mr. Orr, and all you fine folks who took the time out of your day to read, respond, and follow this thread to its conclusion. Now, if I can just find a collapsible stock I can finish up my 922R conversion and upset the folks on the skeet field by using it for our Wednesday night shoot 😂.
  8. That's a beauty right there! Tastefully done without being over the top. Where'd you snag that nifty QD socket plate in the stock? Edit: you beat me to the punch as I was typing LOL.
  9. Update, I spoke with Mr. Orr and he informed me that he made the decision to replace the gun. I am relieved, thankful, and extremely excited to receive the new gun in a few days and plan a half day range trip, complete with cigar, once it gets here to celebrate. As before, he was very friendly, understanding, and above all, patient while I thanked him continuously for standing by a loyal Benelli customer. I would like to publicly thank Benelli, and especially Mr. Orr, for going above and beyond to make a customer happy. WELL DONE AND GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!
  10. Thanks for the input! Let's hope they at least send it back where it'll shoot slugs closer to dead center without the front sight being adjusted as far right as it will go, and the rear sight almost as far left as it will go. I've decided that if it comes back with the sights fixed but the receiver the same then I'll sell it, and my remaining M4, to someone who isn't as concerned about the apparent lack of quality control and company's unwillingness to stand by a loyal customer. Not a threat or tantrum by any means, but life is too short to have to settle instead of being satisf
  11. Just wanted to update. Received an email right before Christmas that the gun was being examined and repair time was estimated to be 45 days. I believe this is more of a generic confirmation email that everyone gets and is not specific to my gun. Hopefully the wait will be worth it!
  12. I greatly appreciate it my man! Either way I'll post updates as I get them. Hope everyone here has a blessed Christmas and safe New Year's!
  13. I'm thinking with the holidays it'll be a week or two, which is understandable. Honestly I'd be happy waiting weeks if it meant getting a gun back that was worth the price I paid and the year I saved to buy it.
  14. Thanks for sharing your story Evolution! As mentioned, I specifically asked the cost of a new receiver and was told "the price of a new gun". I thought this somewhat odd since all existing parts on my gun could be fitted to a new receiver. Heck, our resident expert StrangerDanger strips them to bare bones on a routine basis, so I can't imagine Benelli trained smiths can't perform this operation at their U.S. service facility.
  15. Huh, I'll have to check that out when it gets back, provided I still have my other M4's. After this experience I'm giving serious consideration to abandoning the Benelli ship altogether. I have one of my remaining M4's listed on a local site to see if the interest is there. The other one is on indefinite loan with my son in law, so it may be gifted to him if I go this route. This whole situation reminds me of an experience I had with Sig. I purchased a MPX and it came to me with machining marks on the inside of the lower receiver. I called them before I even filled out the paperwork
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