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  1. Well make that two. The pistol grip stocks can't even take the gel pads, cheek riser, or the comfortech chevrons.
  2. In my opinion no. They just for looks😄
  3. Super Vinci parts are stupid expensive to obtain if you can even. I've never seen a barrel sold separately. It is unlikely you will ever need to replace something, but hard to change the config. Super Black Eagle 2 is really nice, and big plus is that the parts are both forwards and backwards compatible. I would only get the Super Vinci if it fits better.
  4. Is the new one going to be metal?
  5. "They look awesome, stealthy" Darn right they do!
  6. Doge

    Some R&D

    FFT isn't credible anymore. The face of the company, Todd, believes that the M1014 how it arrives to America is a California assault weapon because the aluminum stock can collapse when you want to strip the gun.
  7. Order them on job basis. Your best option for individual items through a reliable supplier is McMaster-Carr. If I am trying to put a hole or threads into something hard to replace, I am using good tools.
  8. Doge

    Some R&D

    Good stuff Mr @benelliwerkes! I based that tool I made off of the official Benelli M4 tool: Had I known it was tough to get apart, I would have designed it another manner.
  9. Doge

    Some R&D

    So played with this today and these pistons take a ton of force to take apart!
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