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  1. I am 99% certain the bolt release was recycled from the M1 or M2 practical. It will fit the M4.
  2. Yes. It will work. You would need the larger M21 thread size. I actually helped out another forum member regarding this earlier in the year and they installed it without issue.
  3. If you have a M3 that was made within the last 6 years then you will need to put on a supernova stock. plain n simple. Barrels are highly regulated in Europe. You will not be able to get one, especially a short 14" with external chokes. It is the reason why the M4 Entry is cut down and crowned domestically. Exhibit A: That ghost ring sight isn't placed there for ANY other reason aside for cutting the barrel down so you can turn it into a SBS below. There's no debate or argument on this. You don't want to thread the inside for choke tubes. You will lose all the chrome plating where the choke tube is and risk flaking. The barrel taper is especially thin on the Benelli shotguns, so basically don't even try.
  4. All it is a regular M4 dressed up with some accessories. These are not new to the global market and have been sold outside of North America for a few years now. You can get a classic looking M1014 or this accessorized version. Is it as cool as a NP3 silver M4? No, but it's good to see more options for consumers.
  5. Doge

    H&K Grey Room

    I wonder if those are dust covers on the loading carrier. If you squint hard enough you'll see what appears to be hinges. Also another detail is two (maybe non-captive?) trigger pins on the SBE variant whereas the longer barrel is one like today. For reference, a regular SBE only has 1 trigger pin. I hope we get more coverage of the Grey room and maybe some information on those XM1014 in the future.
  6. After 5 years, the updated M4 is finally being imported and distributed among several dealers. Looks like the average going price is 2500 currently. https://www.gunbroker.com/item/941540577
  7. -You'll find out whenever you get your M3. We have no idea what tubes would come on it since Benelli makes changes constantly. -There's no off the shelf M3 barrels shorter than the 19~something inch. You'll hafta buy it after you get a tax stamp. -Any gunsmith can cut a barrel. -The barrel is roughly $400, that's like 1/4 the price of the a brand new M3. Not that bad considering it is for a uncommon gun and imported from Italy. There's no aftermarket options so it is what it is.
  8. Doge

    H&K Grey Room

    Woah that's pretty cool. Hey Benelli, I know you like monie$..... I'd bet the bayonet barrels would sell like hotcakes?
  9. Doge

    H&K Grey Room

    Apparently the MP7 video had some full shots of the mysterious M1014s. Notice the SBS is using a two piece receiver like the Super Black Eagle. Youtube Video Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W-2upuYEDKY
  10. Doge

    H&K Grey Room

    Before you dive into this post, note that many assumptions are going to made here... So I happened upon a discovery I don't think anybody has discussed before @StrangerDanger. M1014s inside H&K's famous Grey Room with bayonet lugs! So we know for a fact H&K used to import Benelli weapons, we also know that military M1014s have H&K markings on them. We can see below, the unmistakable silhouette of the M1014 in different lengths and the first generation ghost ring sights & bayonet lug. The bridge sight is an indicator of very early import examples. Youtube Video Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9FJKoWgbU7E
  11. Don't remove the tube from the Supernova. Not only is the plastic in danger of being heat damaged, but the receiver is difficult to hold in a vice. What you want to achieve is basically the New Zealand M3 configuration: You would want: 70136 (or 61364), 70078, and 61171 (Supernova Plastic stock assembly). The plastic stock doesn't have a public part number, so you will even up with a extra pistol grip.
  12. My uneducated guess is that the 28" is just a hunting variant with a vent rib barrel. Makes sense as other anti-drone shotguns are usually that. I dug around on google and it is indeed the vent rib barrel.
  13. The most interesting thing for me was "...28" anti-drone."
  14. Not new. Everything is recycled from other models aside from the rail. Plastic stock is from the Supernova, recoil tube is from the MR1, latch with the drilled hole is from the practical M1/M2. The rail isn’t M-Lok spaced either. Need to use their rail
  15. No. You would have to stake it again (think AR15 gas key staking). There's literally too many variations of Turkish clones it would be difficult to predict if re-staking it would cause failure later down the line.
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