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  1. Perhaps you could look at pinning the stock.
  2. It could also be the tube itself is made incorrectly per this useful thread:
  3. I prefer soft cases for general use.
  4. Doge

    Some R&D

    Huh, I was under the impression they removed the ring before plating. Today I learned...
  5. If can’t find one, I d suggestion getting a regular black tube and sending it out to be hydro dip.
  6. Doge

    Some R&D

  7. Doge

    Some R&D

    Testing this out: Much more easy to service. 1.5mm (or 1/16") punch to remove the capture ring. Before you ask; I have already ran numbers on making an integrated stop inside the hole. Much more expensive to cut and inspect, so still sticking with the steel ring as per original.
  8. Just take the buffer tube off and slap on onr from an M1/M2. Then put a M1 wood stock on with the correct shims. Bingo
  9. Pretty good prices to be honest.
  10. Well make that two. The pistol grip stocks can't even take the gel pads, cheek riser, or the comfortech chevrons.
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