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  1. Doge

    M4 Picture Thread

    Same mount, but quick release. I do want that screw version as well.
  2. Doge

    M4 Picture Thread

    Wait scratch that on the handguards. I was mistaken. Carrier tip isn't squared off anymore. It is like the Ethos now. Circlip on the recoil tube is a different shape now. Bolt head is lasered differently.
  3. Doge

    M4 Picture Thread

    My new ones. No issues with QC or anything. Noticed subtle hardware updates on the new 2021 made ones. The handguards are now reinforced. Going to cut my own magazine tubes next month and waiting on my 5-position recoil tube to come in. Not sure when my Aimpint ACRO P-2 is coming in but already have the mount.
  4. yup. all the way in (for storage), middle and fully out.
  5. Don't these just bolt right on? I've seen a bunch of members use these and can't recall anybody needing to modify them.
  6. Because people will pay for it simple as that. Look, I don't like the market price either, but I will happily wait it out and point out to people where they can get it cheaper. There's really no alternatives; Pro-mag and ATI both failed. People have sold their M1014 they got on sale just to get the metal stock.
  7. Doge

    M4 Pistol Grip

  8. 99% sure you wont have to dremel anything
  9. OE part. You will need to use a standard follow like from a M2. https://www.midwestgunworks.com/page/mgwi/prod/60488
  10. I have a two piece latch from Benelli on my M3 and M4. It loads very smoothly. It can't take a larger button at all but doesn't matter to me as most oversized bolt releases interfere with my M3 pump forend. Doubt the spring would wear out. Even if it did you could replace it on the J Kenny unlike the Benelli version.
  11. I prefer the plastic stock over the metal M1014 stock. Feels more comfortable to me and easier to adjust. I’m gonna make my stock with the M3/Supernova mechanism.
  12. The more I look at it the more I want to buy the kit.
  13. A subtle update to the long standing M3 finally makes it way over here. https://www.gunbroker.com/item/910433587 Basically the changes: detachable stock QD sling mount larger charging handle phosphate bolt carrier bottom rail Could this entail the coming of the M4-A1? 🤔
  14. have you tried FFT directly? send them an email about it?
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