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  1. StrangerDanger

    Benelli C stock- Some concerns

    I’d agree. Looks OEM based on the screw markings for the cheek rest. Looks like it has a Limbsaver buttpad and a IWC QD sling mount also.
  2. StrangerDanger

    New Mesa Tactical M-Lok forend for M4

    Not a fan of the MLOK mount placements. You don’t want the mounted item right where your hand will be. The Hayl rail had better positioning, but its set screw interface was worse than cancer.
  3. StrangerDanger

    Mesa Tactical pistol grip push button sling attachment

    Nice work. I did a similar one years ago and made it ambidextrous with the flush mounted QD cups. I think I used a cup from Magpul that was threaded on the inside. So one fastener went through one end and into the threaded unit. It worked reasonably well, but I found I preferred the IWC mount attached to the tailstock on the ejection port side. This looped the sling around the outside of my arm and kept it from bunching up between the buttpad and the pocket of my shoulder. Plus it was a lot easier to install!
  4. StrangerDanger

    Someone stole my M4 trigger assembly

    Sorry to hear this happened to you. What I would do is I would purchase the parts you need from Brownells. Then install them in to a new A&S housing with your selected aftermarket parts. I’ll gladly assemble the trigger pack for you free of charge if it isn’t something you want to handle.
  5. Glad I could help. I know when I came across this problem back around 2010, there were zero options available to get this fixed. Benelli would tell you that you’d destroy the receiver attempting to change these extensions out.
  6. StrangerDanger

    Benelli SBE2 problem

    On the round that was chambered, any sign of a light firing pin strike on the primer? Does this problem occur every time or just sometimes? How many rounds have been fired through this firearm? Has the receiver extension ever been disassembled and flushed of debris? Are these failures temperature related? Ie, more prone in cold weather? Has the trigger pack been modified at all?
  7. StrangerDanger

    Enhanced Bolt Release options for M1014

    The GG&G bolt release comes right to the edge of the flag. [/img]
  8. StrangerDanger

    Announcement: AVA Mod1 for the Benneli M4

    Last I heard Joel was having some kind of personal problems. I don’t know what that is specifically. Hopefully things get resolved for him and this show gets back on the road. For the mean time I have been pushing the IWC mount. They’re good units and a simpler design. I like the attachment system better than the Ava Tactical Mount. The Ava Tactical Mount just looks better and rides closer to the barrel. Which creates its own problems such as light tailcap shroud contact and increased barrel shadowing.
  9. StrangerDanger

    Freedom Fighter Extended Carrier worth it?

    They’re a nice piece. They seem identical to the TTI model.
  10. StrangerDanger

    Handguard Correctly attached

    It looks ok. The part to pay attention to is where the barrel seats against the receiver. You want that ring to make contact. If the hand guards aren’t right, it’ll usually have a small gap.
  11. Thanks for the recommendation. Using a heat gun takes forever and sometimes doesn’t work. A MAPP torch will break down the thread locker in a few minutes. It has a nice controllable flame to keep the heat off the receiver and in the old receiver extension mainly.
  12. StrangerDanger

    SBS vs. 18.5" and Velocity Lost?

    Good info. I watched it. The only way the values would be better is if you had an 18.5” M4’s barrel to run in comparison to the 14”. That way they were taken from the same platforms. I expected more velocity, or a bigger penalty from the short 14” than presented.
  13. StrangerDanger

    supersport trigger group installation problem

    Is the stock preventing it from seating properly?
  14. StrangerDanger

    Carriercomp Tube

    Same question I asked! We can hope.
  15. StrangerDanger

    Carriercomp Tube

    I spoke with carriercomp last night and they stated that currently they are looking at only 4-5 week order time frames. I don’t think it has ever been that short.