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  1. The plater states that paint won't adhere well to the NP3. My Cerakoter ends up roughing up the NP3 with a bead blaster to get it adhere.
  2. Is it possible the gunsmith put the snap ring inside the tube rather than on the outside of the plug?
  3. The worst one I’ve encountered just needed a whack with a small brass hammer to get the screw to pass thru the sling loop. There may be tighter ones out there?
  4. I know a Cerakote guy who’d be all for building that scheme. The hardest thing to take apart is the rear sight. The front pin the elevation deck pivots on is a bitch and a half to get out. It’s staked in place and extremely small, so you’ll likely break several punches in the process of drifting it out. My 12 year old daughter has a LMT MRP piston operated rifle that is done up in nightmare pink and black plastics. It’s loud!
  5. Sounds promising! Got a color scheme worked out? Your rubber parts are going to be black no matter what. We haven’t found anything that will adhere to it.
  6. Removing the latch and polishing the tip of the latch can help. That’s about as far as I would go with it. Removing metal can be dangerous and make the latch not function correctly. It can cause the shell to release at the wrong time and cause issues.
  7. Just curious, are you pushed past the detent in the bolt handle? You can over insert the handles since there isn’t a stop present that limits the depth. When you rotate the handle, you should feel it engage and disengage the three notches on the handle.
  8. Twist and pull works, but you can make it easier by cleaning and lubricating the tip and down on the detent inside the bolt carrier. It will break in with some use over time. Hard to remove is much better than loose and flying out like some aftermarket knobs have faced.
  9. Absolute worst case if the adhesive won't stick, you could have that area blasted and Cerakoted. I did this for the FDE H2O I built. I had no issues with the velcro adhesive sticking to Cerakote.
  10. Got it sent in today. Wright is pretty close to me, so even ground shipping is essentially overnight.
  11. Expect 1200-1600 depending on accessories. Example, if you have a titanium magazine tube, that can't be plated, so the cost is lower. I built a forum member a high end AR15 that was completely NP3 plated. He took it to a 3 Gun competition and let some of the guys try it out. They stated it shot better than their race guns and it wasn't set up to be a race gun. It had a B.E. Meyers 249 flash suppressor instead of a comp. You could clean it with a paper towel except the bore.
  12. Expect it to creep up into the 1200-1600 dollar range for a complete M4 with all accessories done. I think the velcro adhesive will stick alright to the NP3 finish. Just be sure to wipe the receiver down multiple times with alcohol to remove any surface contaminants.
  13. I got the email too. This really sucks. I had several builds planned out that won’t be happening now as a result.
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