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  1. I’ve never had any issues with this snap ring when using the correct tips on the Channellock pair. If you don’t like this ring, stay away from the one that retains the trigger pin to the side of the receiver. That one can be a nightmare to get in or out.
  2. That might be better in your case if you’re going to attempt to stake the parts yourself. Material hasn’t been moved or deformed.
  3. Hmm, that does suck. If you put the oem hammer into the A&S frame, does it pass function check?
  4. Looks good! With that muzzle device, I’d probably add that Briley one round extension cap.
  5. Glad it worked out! You probably didn’t need to go to a full inch diameter for the hole. 7/8” works well as long as you locate it well. You can kind of hog out one way or another with a Forester bit if needed. That rubber plug only tends to bump into the receiver extension in the fully collapsed position that most don’t use when firing the shotgun. So generally I leave them in there.
  6. Correct. No Loctite is needed there. The snap ring is meant to keep the stock retaining screw from backing out. Now if you were using an Urbino, I’d probably use blue Loctite to keep the stock retaining screw from backing out.
  7. Awesome. Order placed. In theory I can see how it works, in practice will probably have a learning curve. Sitting the barrel in a vice so that the barrel hanger At the front is resting on top of the jaws preventing the barrel from shifting downward seems to be the best holding position.
  8. I’m not sure about the new production numbers. Considering they didn’t give a Serial range, it seems it will be an ongoing production run.
  9. Your recoil spring didn’t kink up or look funny after using the MAPP torch? They can get hot fast and damage springs.
  10. The first 60 11711 that came with a collapsible stock was an attempt to consider the M4 a US production shotgun since the ATF classified refinishing as firearm manufacturing. The ATF shut that down quick. However that first 60 made it out with evil features and is generally left alone by the ATF. I don’t know of anyone who gets harassed for their shotguns in free states outside of some spectrum dwelling Range Nazi Fudd.
  11. Benelli is usually 4-6 weeks in my experience. Without whatever fixture they have to swage the detent, it doesn’t seem to be something the end user can fix.
  12. I always wanted the 0666 M1014. Never saw it rear its head though. I fixed probably 2% or the original run with correct receiver extensions. The M1014’s only real value is it comes with a collapsible stock. That way you aren’t paying gouger pricing for one. You’re stuck replacing the receiver extension however.
  13. It shouldn’t have any, but it is possible someone messed with it. I would try heating them area with a heat gun to try to break down whatever thread locker may be present. What kind of screw driver are you trying to use to unscrew it?
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