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  1. All signs point to no sadly. I offered to buy 500 at a time and they still declined.
  2. Color match of the carriercomp is better than even the OEM tubes. The paint on the FFT tubes is significantly different. Weight spec is about the same. FFT costs more and does not come with a US made follower or a Wolff spring. The threading on the carriercomp tubes is done better. FFT can be backordered deep as well. I like FFT products, but when it comes to magazine tubes, carriercomp tubes are the best by a wide margin. I’ve brought probably 40 of them personally over the years and never once had a problem.
  3. They're still active. Their wait time is pretty low lately. I'd place an order online and expect around 4-5 weeks for delivery.
  4. Todd definitely voices his opinion. Him and I have bumped heads in the past a few times. The trigger packs hold up well when they fit. One set of mine has about 10k rounds on it with no issues. There is no down side to the titanium. The color even matches better than OEM. At least carriercomps does. The machining is better too.
  5. If you went with a titanium full length tube, you’d cut 5.5 ounces of weight off the front end. Plus you’d get the extra compliance parts. The weight reduction was worth it alone to me.
  6. Tough to say without having them in hand and with another set to compare against. Benelli May have fit the trigger parts to that particular frame. Or it’s possible the dogs the disconnector rides against in the FFT trigger are not shaped right and it is allowing the disconnector to rock forward too far. I guess it could be the bottom of the disconnector also. You’ll like the A&S frame. It has a recess for the trigger spring to seat in. It’s also a lot more open on top so cleaning the trigger components is a lot easier.
  7. It’s fine. They’re tapered at the end to allow for the choke.
  8. Good tests. Interesting that the OEM trigger and the FFT disconnector works fine. Same as with the FFT trigger and the OEM disconnector. But pairing the FFT trigger and disconnector presents problems. Checking where the disconnector fits into the trigger, does it appear to be seating poorly or at an odd angle? Limits of movement compared to the OEM one? I’m hoping the trigger frame removes some tolerance issue and resolves the issue.
  9. None of the kits I’ve seen came with a disconnector plunger, so that should be fine. Them supplying a spring with the trigger is news to me.
  10. Maybe run a punch down the hole of the trigger to make sure there is no burs or weird seat depth for the spring. Double check the position of your trigger spring too. Are you using OEM springs or some aftermarket kit? The OEM and FFT disconnector will look slightly different. The OEM has softer edges which can make lining the parts up difficult. The best way to align them for comparison is to run a proper sized punch or drill bit through the bottom pin holes of both. That disconnector pin is a pain to get in due to how small it is. The recent FFT pins have very very tight. You’re right about OEM just pushing in with your finger. Check your trigger pins to make sure you have the shell release spring seated right on the front pin and the rear pin is installed correctly to permit the trigger to rock back and forth as intended. I’d put a small drop of grease on the sear contact points as well.
  11. Interesting. Most of the issues I’ve seen were on the old cast aluminum frames. If the issue is still present, I’d gladly take a look at it for you. I have enough new parts for the trigger pack to identify exactly where the out of spec part is. It is possible that the FFT part is out of spec. Either way you’ll be happy to have the A&S frame.
  12. I can confirm that often times it is the Benelli trigger frame that is out of spec. Either the trigger pins or the hammer bushing pin isn’t located perfectly where it needs to be. Giving more fore or aft positioning for the trigger/disconnector. What you could try is to buy the A&S trigger frame and drop these components into it. These are better made than the OEM and it would get you another US made part.
  13. Outstanding. I love those Proof Research barrels. They're my go to for high end builds. I'm really liking Elite Iron bipods over the traditional style.
  14. Definitely give it a try to see if you like it. It doesn't take much to flip the QD socket if you don't like it.
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