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  1. You want 8.5 full rotation from the point the threads grab. Then time it so that the collapsible stock is indexed correctly. I collapse the stock onto the receiver extension and use the pointy part of the cheek rest to point at the center of the rear sight. I then tighten the jam nut with the open end of the 27mm wrench. Then remove the stock, slip the close end of the 27mm wrench over the end and firmly tighten it while putting counter pressure on the extension with a 19mm wrench on the flats of the extension. Verify that the extension didn’t move with the stock again after tightening.
  2. Correct on the 3 position extension. The stock will function perfectly once replaced.
  3. Smaller the dot, smaller the smudge from the astigmatism. Running the dot at lower power helps too. I was sighting in an AR15 build yesterday with a Holosun knock off of an Aimpoint T1, and noted the smear. So I turned it down to the point where I could just barely see the dot. The lower powered dot will obstruct your target less so you can make precise aiming. I wouldn’t leave the optic in this low powered state once deployed for self defense or duty use. Just to sight in the firearm in so that you know of any aiming errors occur, they’re on you and not the sights.
  4. That’s an Elite Iron bipod. Built like a tank and as a unique pivot mount. https://www.eliteiron.com/product/revolution-bipod/
  5. At first glance I thought that heron was a planet!
  6. No, that’s not normal for removal. Can you post pictures of the receiver extensions? Check beneath the cheek rest for any screws. Some of the California models have these present that prevent the stock adjustment button from functioning. Have you reassembled the stock? Now that it is reassembled, will it install onto the 3 position extension?
  7. I believe your issue is you don’t have much leverage on the tube itself since I assume the 3 position extension isn’t attached to the firearm or anything. Try pressing the unlock button and holding it in while you attempt to rotate the stock 90 degrees to the right. Once it rotates, continue pressing the unlock button and slide the stock up and down the receiver extension. You’ll note that the stock will move fully forward to the closed position. The stock will still be canted 45 degrees to the right. Now try to rotate the stock 45 degrees to the left so the stock would be correctly orientated
  8. Damn Benelliwerks! You looking to adopt any kids?! I like that Schmidt and Bender optic. I have a similar one on a 6.5 Creedmoor AR10 build.
  9. I build H2O's for clients a few times per year. We contract thru Wright Armory for the actual plating services. I handle all the tear down and reassembly since Wright has difficulties putting them back together properly.
  10. Nice! We’re outfitting a DJI Mavic Air 2 drone for long range target hit identification. It broadcasts the video back to the phone for quick identification. We land it right in front of the target to save power. A couple big rocks protect it from errant shots that land short.
  11. For farther away problems. Nightforce 7-35x56. Radian lower, V Seven 2055 upper. Elite Iron bipod. 20” Proof Research carbon Fiber wrapped barrel.
  12. I'd go with the IWC. The Ava Tactical setups are nice, but aren't compatible with the newer 18650 battery bodies that the Surefire M600DF models have or the aftermarket bodies like the Modlite. It has a simpler design too.
  13. For when things go bump in the night. It’s due for a major update though.
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