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  1. I’m a fan of the Trijicon RMR on a Scalarworks Sync rail. It seems to be the best height at the fully extended stock position. I think the Holosun 507 might fit it since it copied the RMR footprint.
  2. I haven’t seen any in a long time. They don’t seem to be currently in production.
  3. Awesome user name! Never seen anything like that. Closest you’ll find is replacement apertures that have fiber optic elements in them. Another option is to remove the sights and mount an optic to the top rail.
  4. I do work on Glocks a lot! My adventures in disassembling HK pistols has been interesting. 😱 I used to carry a 1911, a stainless Ed Brown Kobra Carry. No matter what I did, I couldn’t shoot it for shit.
  5. Agreed. I’ve worked on a lot of Beretta 9x pistols. Used to carry a 92G Elite II on duty. Lot of work with Ernest Langdon back at the beginning of LTT. The factory trigger springs were always crap and Wolff made a solid replacement that improved the trigger. The hammer springs were usually swapped out with the D model spring.
  6. The issue with light main springs is they might not have the energy to reliably chamber a round. The carrier can hang up with a round on the elevator and it might not have the energy to force the round into the chamber. As you get close to the edge of function, things like improper stance can cause it to fail. The user then usually has to slap the bolt handle forward to get it into battery.
  7. Benelli should sell them as a thin blue line law enforcement edition. People will pay a premium! A forum member sent me a blue M4 and a black M1014. The color is drastically different between the two. They used to release a bunch of M4’s that had an OD green hue. The blue ones still look better than the purple Barney preban Bushmaster AR-15’s.
  8. Thanks Joe. My best guess is Benelli isn’t using a Loctite product, so the green is some European type that animals can safely eat.
  9. I've done about 150 of these receivers. No issues with anodizing cracking in my experience. I generally keep the heat on the receiver extension. A torch will discolor the extension. However, if you are removing a neutered extension, it doesn't really matter, they're pretty much garbage. There is a thermal goop material that you can wrap around the extension if you're attempting to keep it pristine. It works alright. A heatgun generally does not discolor the finish. It can take 20 - 60 minutes for the loctite to break down. I've had a few receivers that wouldn't come apart after sev
  10. Sure thing. Fire a text off if you need any help.
  11. I was told last year the tank wasn’t large enough to do the Benelli M4 barrels in Armorlube. I’d probably just have the parts Cerakoted in carbon black. Avoid the threaded parts of the magazine tube and the interior. Avoid the chrome barrel extension, seat ring which seats against the face if the receiver, and gas piston channels.
  12. Dave - Glad to help. You do not need to remove the sights. You will want to remove the trigger pack, bolt carrier and disassemble the existing receiver extension by removing the snap ring from the end, and unscrewing the plug. Careful of the spring tension inside there. I put a punch thru one of the drain holes to retain the spring. Once apart you can dump the plunger out. For a solvent, spraying it out with break cleaner would be fine. You’ll likely see smoke, but I’ve never had flames from whatever lubricant the factory uses. Keep your flame on the jam nut and the neutered receiver exte
  13. That's weird. I would try a Surefire Z68 tailcap to see if it corrects the issue. Another option would be to contact Modlite and see what they say, perhaps the issue is with the head?
  14. They are nice. The surface hardness on them is the best I’ve seen. Even the oem hammers get dented up by slapping the bolt carrier over and over. The Geissele doesn’t show any wear marks. I wouldn’t pay the insane prices people sell them for though. If Geissele was producing more, I’d buy them for my builds.
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