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  1. StrangerDanger

    SBS vs. 18.5" and Velocity Lost?

    Good info. I watched it. The only way the values would be better is if you had an 18.5” M4’s barrel to run in comparison to the 14”. That way they were taken from the same platforms. I expected more velocity, or a bigger penalty from the short 14” than presented.
  2. StrangerDanger

    supersport trigger group installation problem

    Is the stock preventing it from seating properly?
  3. StrangerDanger

    Carriercomp Tube

    Same question I asked! We can hope.
  4. StrangerDanger

    Carriercomp Tube

    I spoke with carriercomp last night and they stated that currently they are looking at only 4-5 week order time frames. I don’t think it has ever been that short.
  5. StrangerDanger

    Bolt handle coming out TOO easily on m4

    Benelliwerks - you’re not concerned about removing the surface hardness by removing material from the pocket of the charging handle? I thought there was a maximum distance travelled by the detent since it is retained inside its hole?
  6. StrangerDanger

    Bolt handle coming out TOO easily on m4

    No problem. You can also rotate the bolt handle and engage it by one of the other two bevels. My guess is the issue is with the detent though and you’ll have poor retention in all three index points. The pin is easy to get out, but it’s a huge pain to get back in since it’s so short. You have to get the pin started, then compress the spring and detent with a small punch while you drive the pin in. Once the pin is partially in, you can keep the spring under it while you drive the pin the rest of the way in. Having a vice will help. Having a second person would help even more.
  7. StrangerDanger

    Bolt handle coming out TOO easily on m4

    You're lucky you found that thing! Have you looked at the tip of the carriercomp handle to see if it is worn at all? What you could try is to replace the bolt detent and spring. You could use a spacer inside the spring channel to increase the spring tension. One fast way to test if it is the carriercomp handle or not is by sticking the OEM handle in and see if the tension is the same. https://www.brownells.com/schematics/benelli-u-s-a-/m4-sid916.aspx#s50320sid916 https://www.brownells.com/schematics/benelli-u-s-a-/m4-sid916.aspx#s50296sid916
  8. StrangerDanger

    Black Rifle Balm

    Wow, that’s impressive!
  9. StrangerDanger

    Black Rifle Balm

    I’d agree, the Benelli oil is nothing special. It’s free and it works fine for me, so I grab it frequently. Running the NP3 finish will give you a leg up. They cycle and operate like my well broken in 15000 round M4. You could probably get away with no lube at all with it, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Have you tried that crappy Walmart valuepack stuff? The Winchester brand chokes mine occasionally. I found if someone isn’t solid behind the weapon or they’re of weaker stature, their chances for low recoil rounds failing is increased. Any cautions about operating in low temps changing the viscosity?
  10. StrangerDanger

    Black Rifle Balm

    Yes, I use oil on the rails. Most greases will slow an action down if you apply it to the moving parts and likely induce failures on lower recoil rounds. Same would apply inside the receiver extension on the spring/plunger. I have a bunch of those bottles of Benelli oil, so I usually run the bolt carrier wet with it. Same with the rail inside the receiver that the bolt carrier rides in. The rest of the inner receiver is just wiped with a surface layer of oil/protection. Maybe noticeably wet if it’s a moving part like the trigger housing pin. I drizzle a little oil down inside the pivot point on the trigger pack. Then grease the sear contact points. I oil the plunger at the back of the receiver and work the action to move some of the oil inside and on to the spring. This is an area that tends to collect grime and should be disassembled after a few thousand rounds or if it has been submerged. I oil the bolt rails heavily as well as well as the bolt head and the recess it rides. Oil the bolt retaining cam pin and firing pin heavily. I leave the ARGO pistons oil free. It tends to just smoke if you oil them and create carbon build up. They’re stainless so they aren’t going to rust easily. Keep oil oil away from inside the magazine tube. It’ll just cause grit to collect and you’ll start experiencing feeding issues, particularly on the last round fed from the tube. i wipe the exterior of the receiver and barrel with a patch with oil and remove all wetness with a cloth.
  11. StrangerDanger

    Black Rifle Balm

    When it comes grease, a little goes a long way. I’m still on my same tube of Brian Enos’ Slide glide. I’ve lubed up my firearms dozens of times since I got it and done well over 50 clients guns on the same tube from like 2012. I have no idea how much is left in there, I’d guess half? I use regular gun oil in most areas, then grease on sear contact points.
  12. StrangerDanger

    Carriercomp Tube

    PM went with my email.
  13. StrangerDanger

    Carriercomp Tube

    Yes, last one I have. Brand new in the wrapper. Brand new spring and follower. PM me and we can make arrangements if interested.
  14. StrangerDanger

    Benelli M4 -- Complete Trigger Group Assembly Guide

    For those of you buying the new A&S Engineering trigger guards, the new production units have safety assemblies that are much easier to manipulate. The supplied spring also offers a much nicer safety tension. The frame also has a indent for the trigger spring to sit in to keep it centered.
  15. StrangerDanger

    Benelli M4 -- Trigger, Disconnector and Hammer Disassembly

    Brownells and Numrich carry them. Sometimes they might be out of stock. I usually place an order with Brownells and let them backorder the missing items. They usually ship within a month or two. https://www.brownells.com/schematics/benelli-u-s-a-/m4-sid916.aspx