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  1. 🤠 Definitely have to throw as much money into the training side as the equipment side if you don't want to suck. Even then, someone might get lucky. They're fun builds to be involved with. The AR15 and AR10 had an insane amount of work done to them to make everything work right. I'm expecting the accuracy of that AR10 to be as good as it looks with that 24" Bartlein spiral fluted barrel.
  2. Some building has been going on these past few nights! That FDE/H2O has been a nightmare. Extensive taping was required to blast off the NP3 from the exterior for paint adhesion. Some pieces are going back since they weren't done exactly right. I recently expanded my work bench to 15' x 5', and the entire work surface was covered in parts waiting for fitting and assembly. The OD Green/NP3 M4. This one started out as a Cerakoted H2O. Lots of work to get to here. With COVID and Biden donkey punching us, this project has been going on for a year. Weapon light is a Surefire M600DF lamp head on a Modlite 18650 body. I machined the tailcap to remove the shroud from the Surefire Z68. Even the hardware that holds the light to the IWC mount and the IWC mount screws were all NP3 plated, then the exterior visible head of the screws were painted. The handguard assemblies were stippled by Tango Industries, then painted FDE. Originally the FFT handguards were their tan version. Magazine tube is a carriercomp titanium tube. So much work went into this assembly. Only the visible portions of the bolt carrier were painted in FDE. The rest is all NP3. The stem of the bolt handle is still in NP3. The screws under the Sync rail were left in NP3, where as the two visible ones had their tops painted. The trigger pin was NP3 plated, then just the tips were painted FDE. The bolt isn't locked forward or rearward because the link isn't installed. The link is being partially painted in FDE so the visible portion thru the ejection port area won't be shiny silver. Rubber parts can't be properly painted, so they were left black. Note the shell release lever below the shotgun. Just the visible portion of the lever was painted in FDE. The rest was left in NP3. Other fun stuff being built. AR10 in 6.5 Creedmoor. It's a mix of NP3 and FDE Cerakote. By far the nicest AR15 I've ever built. Wish it was mine! Still waiting on a few items to finish it up. It's a blend of OD green and NP3. Lithium aluminum receiver set. Andros carbon fiber receiver extension. Proof Research 14.5" carbon fiber wrapped barrel. SLR Rifleworks titanium adjustable gas block. Modlite OKW in OD green cerakote. Railscales KOS panels with integrated sling mounts and hand stop. G10 panels were painted with OD green Cerakote. JP Enterprises LMOS bolt carrier group. JP Enterprises silent buffer. Geissele SD3G trigger. Trijicon RMR RM09 Type II on a Scalarworks mount. NP3 plated B.E. Meyers 249 flash suppressor pinned and welded in place to make barrel length. V Seven lightened parts thrown in wherever possible.
  3. When I was a kid, I had this Chinese one pump .177 caliber rifle. That thing fucks. I think it was only like 600 FPS, but that was pretty good back in the 90’s. It was so accurate with iron sights that I would cut those rubber super balls in half and lay them on the ground out at 50-70 yards, and chase them away out of sight. Same with 12 gauge hulls. It was a sad day when that thing broke and couldn’t be repaired.
  4. I have one of those Gamo Bone Collector 22 caliber single pump air rifles with an integrated suppressor. Man that thing thumps. It beats the hell out of my old 22 caliber Sheridan that took 10 pumps.
  5. Still cleaner than most women’s cars!
  6. Just be aware of the difference between the Cerakote and NP3 plated H2O models. Nothing wrong with the Cerakote models, but sometimes people try to sell them at a price point of the NP3 ones.
  7. StrangerDanger

    Some R&D

    Just look at what FFT sells them for.
  8. Finally got the bulk of my parts back from paint, a few minor mistakes to correct, but overall got me enough stuff to keep me busy for a few days. Finalized a H2O that has been taking forever due to Covid and Biden times. Just need to test and sight it in before it makes its way home. A second standard H2O should be finalized this week and taken for testing. The OD green M4 should get finalized soon for testing. The FDE/NP3 H2O has a few minor paint issues to correct, but I can assemble most of it in the mean time. The AR15 is absolutely beautiful. Wish it was mine! The AR10 parts pile in 6.5 Creedmoor should start taking shape too. I assembled a lot of weapon lights last night. I’ve begun having the lock ring that holds the rubber button in place Np3 plated. I thought they were plastic for the longest time. Turns out they’re aluminum.
  9. StrangerDanger

    Some R&D

    You’d probably sell every one of them within four months at a profit. Good to see you back on. Really loving that ARGO disassembly tool you sent me. What used to be a pain in the ass is now a simple task.
  10. StrangerDanger


    If you mean one of these muzzle brake type choke assemblies like shown below, the unit weights 7.8 ounces with the choke adapter. Obviously the oem choke will weigh a small amount, maybe the 0.7 ounces.
  11. Agreed. Threadlocker isn’t really necessary on the Benelli M4’s magazine tube.
  12. Nice! That’s one hell of a warehouse!
  13. A couple install notes since I’ve been putting a bunch of these together lately. Don’t use thread locker on the receiver when using a carbon fiber magazine tube. If you ever need to remove the tube, you’ll need heat and the heat will break the bond between the stainless threaded end near the receiver and the carbon fiber wrapped central tube portion. Revisions have been made to the Briley follower. I had a unit made around March that did not seem to be chamfered at all. So the leading edge of the follower was like a 90 degree angle. This would easily hang up on the transition point inside the magazine tube where the stainless threaded end and the carbon fiber tube meet. This small lip was enough to cause malfunction that took me a while to isolate to the follower being the problem. The failure was the last round did not eject onto the carrier with enough authority. The round would hang up at the front of the carrier on the receiver and would not be able to lift it up to load. This kind of failure is akin to a weak spring or one that has a lot of debris inside the magazine tube. When you get your carbon fiber magazine tube, make sure it is the correct length. I stumbled across one that was about two inches too short. I didn’t notice until I went to seat the barrel.
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