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  1. More details please. You mean you cannot insert 3 shells into the magazine tube? Or from a full magazine tube, the third shell fails to feed into the firearm? What kind of ammunition are you using? Any aftermarket items added to this M4?
  2. Focus the heat on the magazine tube you're removing. Very little of the heat will wick into the receiver. The old tube isn't worth anything anyway. A heatgun isn't going to discolor much.
  3. Yep, that's how it should work. The plugs are just temporary capacity reduction.
  4. 4+1 should be fine for clays. They sell the M4's with 5+1 capacity, so you're good to go. The limiter is meant for hunting restrictions.
  5. This might help locate where it goes. 106 sounds about right? Probably a plug for the magazine tube.
  6. You have the stock group in 108? If so, it removes the same way as the pistol grip stock. Remove the trigger pack and unscrew it. It can be tight. You shouldn’t have to remove the buttpad.
  7. Congratulations! Plastic pistol grip stock? Remove the trigger pack, then unscrew the stock from the receiver. Collapsible stock? There is an installation notch that you'll have to find that is between the middle and fully extended position. As you're pressing the unlock button, the stock will rotate about 45 degrees right, then slide up and down the receiver extension. There are witness lines engraved on the receiver extension to give you a general idea of where the notches are. Once you find the installation groove, the stock will then rotate about 90 degrees left, then allow you to pull it off of the receiver extension. This will remove the sliding stock portion. To remove the pistol grip, remove your trigger pack then unscrew the pistol grip from the receiver. For your bolt carrier, there is a cam pin (part 33) that goes in the top of the bolt that retains the bolt in the bolt carrier. Once the firing pin/spring have been removed, you should be able to tip the bolt carrier upside down and get it to drop out. Then the bolt will just pull out the front. Generally you won't be removing part 43 since its pin (part 40) is staked in position.
  8. If I recall, the shell elevators are not a compliance part.
  9. The fit and finish of the FFT handguards isn’t as good as the OEM ones. Usually they don’t seat evenly together. They function fine but there is a weird 1/16” offset usually. Dimensionally they are the same profile as the OEM and they feel the same. You will not have any issues with the light mount if you have none with the OEM handguards. The only other handguards I put in the maybe pile is the Strike Industries Hayle mlok rail. Then it is only worth considering if you replace the set screws with RTV.
  10. I’d guess not very well, but I haven’t handled an Acro. I know my T1 on a Larue low mount made the iron sights completely unusable on a carriercomp rail. I’d consider 86’ing the rear sight housing. You really don’t need backup sights on a shotgun. Having a less cluttered sight picture would be an improvement. This thread has some good photos of the T2 on that MI rail. Apparently it cowitnesses? I’m not sure how the Acro attaches.
  11. Carriercomp has one and FFT had a copy of it. Both are pretty hard to find anymore. The trend has been to use rails dedicated to specific optics lately. Scalarworks and MI come to mind. I don’t recall any others that aren’t part or some monstrous system like Sidearmor/Asgard or Mesa Tactical.
  12. Glad I could help! I’m surprised there aren’t more tutorial based threads on forums. The ones I do find skip over the pain in the ass parts and leave you to assume how to get from point B to C to D. I end up looking at my own posts to remember how I did certain things in the past. I never liked the YouTube based tutorials since I found them to be too fast and hard to navigate. Plus I’d had to sit there and talk thru the video. If we can keep the photo hosting up, there should be no real issues in keeping these active for years to come.
  13. There are a few I haven't fully populated yet! One is dedicated to reloading tools and equipment. Another has my sockets and wrenches. Drawers for Dremel tools. Another is filled with my electrical diagnostic equipment. One has a bunch of lathe tooling. Bench blocks and vice fixtures. It's rarely ever that clean though!
  14. That bandolier does look nice. The cheapie blackhawks I have are just stuffed under my bed. To be honest, the Benelli is only on my menu if I have a bear issue. Two legged predators get the AR15 or Glock 19.
  15. I have six Milwaukee work benches in my shop currently. Each one has a thick rubberized mat on them. I bolted my new Wilton vise to the wood top to one of them. The main work area gives me a work bench that is 10' x 4' wide. All soft close drawers on these benches. An ultrasonic cleaner is over on one of the back wall benches full of Hoppes #9. I'll be bringing in a blast cabinet in soon. My lathe is out of view in these shots.
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