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  1. Get a Powerball ticket! I’d take it out and test it some more to see if it vanishes on you again before doing anything more drastic. You could have had it installed where it wasn’t retaining it well. It’s not the best design to be honest. It’s one of those Italian engineer things like how the rear sling mount is installed in the Standard stocks.
  2. Birddog - Since there is three indents on the bottom of the charging handle that index with the detent in the bolt carrier, one of these notches may be damaged, so the other two still retain the bolt knob for now. You might be able to visually see which one is boogered up and avoid using that notch. Or maybe reach out to FFT and see if they'll warranty it.
  3. CTL seems really promising. They're the ones who were actually doing Robar's plating. So if you like it, you'll like their product. I'm setting up under my FFL to be a processor/dealer for them. I don't think they intend to accept firearms from the general public, but their dealers will be able to act as a middleman. It doesn't seem like they'll have any gunsmithing services for complex disassembly. If this all shakes out, I'll gladly accept shipments as I've done for years and be that middle man who can tear it down and reassemble it properly.
  4. Yep. Lot of tolerance issues. Think spinning pistons in a drill chuck while holding fine sand paper on the high spots to make them fit in the barrel. Lots of hand fitting on the trigger pack to make everything function smoothly. WMD was easy to work with though. I never sent them anything they had to disassemble and reassemble though.
  5. I reached out to CTL and never got any kind of response. Sucks that Suarez wasn't willing to just plate parts with zero need for reassembly.
  6. Maybe ask if you have everything disassembled fully if they'll take it on? And what kind of price point they're asking for all the small parts and the larger ones.
  7. They're probably talking about the receiver extension and under the impression that it cannot be disassembled. When Robar did barrels, they didn't do the part that goes into the receiver. It was left whatever matte chrome it was originally finished in. I assume to avoid plating the area with the riveted on ejector. I'm surprised they are able to do that in house. I thought Suarez was a pretty small time operation.
  8. Yes it does, assuming it hasn't had the receiver extension changed out for the neutered one. (Highly unlikely.)
  9. I usually use a stainless TTI one. I don’t care for knurling on the knob since it can cut up my hand when I’m going fast. Some have issues with the TTI knob over inserting. I’ve never experienced this on several M4’s and dozen of clients’ shotguns. I had a carriercomp knob, and it was a masterpiece of engineering. It was knurled though and would chew up my fingers when running it hard. They’re practically vaporware these days. When found they go for an insane premium price of like 450 dollars. Lighter than the stock handle by a few grams too. The titanium FFT bolt handle gets chewed up over time by the detent in the bolt carrier. Steel wins over titanium in durability. So the notches the detent fits into get chewed up and eventually the bolt handle will just fall out.
  10. It should be replaced. The nylock is meant for only one use. However some blue Loctite on it will keep it from coming off.
  11. https://www.brownells.com/shotgun-parts/sights/sight-parts/front-sight-parts/front-sight-retaining-nut-sku301000502-23654-50339.aspx
  12. The only place I’ve heard anything about 922 is from Fudd range masters. I do like a bigger trigger for slugs. Could I hit them without the better trigger? Sure. But if I’m shooting, I’m always after more inherent accuracy. Since you have a H2O, I’d get a FFT trigger pack since they come NP3 plated. I’ve never handled that set that Benelliparts sells, so I can’t comment on them. In the 50+ trigger packs that I’ve done, the biggest issues come from the OEM aluminum trigger frames. Their spec is very loose and can cause issues with the fire control components. Never an issue with the polymer or A&S frames.
  13. Absolutely. The Scalarworks Sync rail is awesome. The RMR or the Aimpoint is a great addition. I like the smaller profile of the RMR. I think there is a larger SRO that has the same foot print now that some might also like.
  14. Tooltech will install Trijicon lamps into your OEM front and rear aperture. But the last time I looked, they wanted an insane amount of money. Like 250 bucks.
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