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  1. Seeking information for another forum inquiry.......any one have line on a FDE pistol grip for the M4 ? I don't remember seeing one.
  2. Typically the MOA "dot size" is similar in presentation size thru the optic lens to the operator in most optics. What is different between devices is what that dot size represents at various distances. For a shotgun a 2.5 MOA represents 0.625" @ 25 yards impact variation; an 8 MOA dot represents 2" impact variation. A 12 gauge slug is ~0..72" so a 2.5 MOA most closely represents the slug size impact at 25 yards. Double those MOA numbers for 50 yards, 1.25" v. 4" impact variation; 4X those numbers @ 100 yards. Finally, most red dot optics project the "red light" from behind the lens at an ang
  3. Custom build WC 6.8 SPC2 S&B newest badboy 1-8X dual MDR-T6 reticle CC...the great silver heron was never in harms way in these photos.
  4. I was thinking that "Black Guns" was generic for any Armalite Rifle (AR) pattern clone .......independent of cerakote check box. Dilly-dilly.
  5. Primary Weapons System 9.7" Mk109 .300 BO S&B 1.1x4 Short Dot I fear some day my wife will try to sell some of these for what I told her I paid for them.
  6. .........more stuff 5.56 / 6.8 SPC II / 7.62/ masterkey setup .....yadah yadah.
  7. I'll keep it short with a few examples. Almost all AR platforms I used the Law Tactical folding stock adapter which facilitates small pack fittings.
  8. benelliwerkes

    Some R&D

    Modify your firearm in good faith. Screw the fine print on 922R as I have yet to see a real incident report of a common citizen being legally cited for an infraction of said regulation.....standing by to review of any legally prosecuted instant cases. IF however you live under a rock and are found to be in possession of cocaine in weight exceeding your shot shell magazine capacity and a firearm that has had its serial number defaced with a hard piece of crack, some zealous prosecutor will use said infraction to pursue such scumbags for a 3-strikes-and-they're-out case over the top and put them
  9. benelliwerkes

    Some R&D

    I agree with SD; years ago I fabricated a hand tool that would compress the spring while securing the piston with protecting vise jaw inserts. A simple 3/8" diameter Delrin rod relieved to fit about the retaining pin compressed in a vise allows the retaining pin to be simply removed with a punch tool as all the spring tension has been withdrawn from the pin.
  10. Do you have photos of the uncontrolled explosion results ?
  11. The Remington 870 staking punch should work just fine.
  12. I'm late to the party on this thread but I like to use Wiha German brand small snap ring pliers, external / internal variants. I have also fashioned a variety of tips to fit in the snap ring pliers that have a set screw to change the tips; the more you tinker with firearms the more often the occasion to have just the right pair of tips to make the expletives trend to zero; that's a happy space. Buy USA whenever possible but not always a good offering available.
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