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  1. Anyone figure this sling out yet? I purchased it because it was an oem Benelli part the is very well made. Just can't figure it out, any help would be appreciated!
  2. My Favorites. https://www.halffaceblades.com Andy is the real deal, started out just making tools for his fellow Frogs just a few short years ago.
  3. Put my name in on a back order, expected a ninety day wait, received it in three weeks.
  4. Benelliparts has been 100% professional, shipped parts the same or next day with parts that are in stock, and on pre-order items, they arrived many weeks before the estimate. Antoine answers the phone if you call, and has been very courteous. That's my experience.
  5. The entire sling is 1.25" so already it isn't going to slip through the rear sling loop on my fixed pistol grip stock. These two images are what I imagined as might be the forward end, it starts with a small sewn piece of webbing with a snap that is too thick to fit through either sling mounting points followed by a high quality HK clip (note: this sling is also supposed to work with the MR 1 rifle as well, so some of these features might only apply to that platform alone). Under the HK clip is a sewn loop (not sure what that does), followed by a Fastex buckle, then a Try-Glide sli
  6. Love HKParts, I definitely do not want to suggest anything negative at all regarding their sling. Just curious if any others are a little puzzled by the design.
  7. I second this. I received mine and cannot figure it out as far as how it is rigged to a stock M4, which end is which, the different features. It is very well made, and I'm sure a lot of thought went into the design, it's just not readily apparent. Just so no one accuses me of being an idiot, I'm in the firearms industry, specialize in military applications, and am familiar with just about every sling design since the 1800s. In addition, I've spoken to Antoine and he's not completely sure of all it's features. Thanks for any and all contributions.
  8. I suppose you're right, I mean I have 1911s that are not Colts, and ARs that are not ArmaLites, what do I care.
  9. I'm in Hawaii, I can do this all night!
  10. Just so we're clear, it was guy singular doing the name calling.
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