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  1. I have one. New and in the box. How much are you willing to spend?
  2. You always have something of quality to share, this time a nice diversion into the finer points of the Beretta pistols. Anytime you want to expand on M1 Garands, Smith and Wesson revolvers or Custom 1911s, along with SIG/ Sauer, HK, and Glock Pistols, please feel free. Thanks SD!
  3. How about posting some build dates, maybe how long this went on could be narrowed down. Here's mine
  4. Not a special edition at all, the consensus here seems to be bad quality control with unintended circumstances, I along with at least a few others seem to like the happy accident. The reason I posed the question was that there is a long history of this kind of thing in firearms manufacturing where a mistake in a limited number of guns turned out to be a feature that collectors later sought out, especially because it's only found on a limited number of guns before the problem is corrected.
  5. Blue M4s, some people hate them and some love them, but a question that keeps coming up is how many were made and during what time frame.
  6. I agree, I have mostly Vickers slings and believe that one can't do better than that. I picked up the Benelli sling thinking that they might have possibly come up with something new or innovative. I'm pretty sure that didn't happen.
  7. Thanks Shooter, I appreciate the input, a couple of observations. First, the front loop with the snaps will not pass thru the front attachment point, I found that odd. I feel like it's weird that the forward and rear end attachments are not the same. Second, there is a loop of webbing next to the front HK clip, not sure what that's designed for. Thanks again for commenting, and all your contributions to this forum.
  8. I've attempted to restart a similar thread on this sling, with little result. I purchased one and am confounded by it, and I've had no luck finding information on any of it's features. Mine sits on my work bench in the original package.
  9. Anyone figure this sling out yet? I purchased it because it was an oem Benelli part the is very well made. Just can't figure it out, any help would be appreciated!
  10. My Favorites. https://www.halffaceblades.com Andy is the real deal, started out just making tools for his fellow Frogs just a few short years ago.
  11. Put my name in on a back order, expected a ninety day wait, received it in three weeks.
  12. Benelliparts has been 100% professional, shipped parts the same or next day with parts that are in stock, and on pre-order items, they arrived many weeks before the estimate. Antoine answers the phone if you call, and has been very courteous. That's my experience.
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