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  1. Kaiser

    Super Vinci

    What are are your thoughts on the Super Vinci? Say as compared to the SBE3 and/or M2.
  2. You can’t go wrong with Franchi
  3. All of my firearms went over board in a horrible boating accident. Unrecoverable.
  4. Kaiser

    M4 OEM Sling

    Does anyone utilize the M4 OEM Sling? If so, what is your opinion as compared to other options.
  5. Alright Benelli men and women. What are the differences between the M2 and the SBE3. Be as technical as you wish.
  6. The first outing with my new M4 : Fed it 25 Federal 00 Buck and 5 Remington Turkey loads. Second time out: 50 rounds of Remington target 9 shot. No issues at all. Ran the low brass like a champ. I do run my action well lubed.
  7. Kaiser

    My new M4

    bigdog02, Thanks for the info. I have been lurking on the forum and have noticed the different options for a tube. The 922(r) requirements I am not familiar with. Thank you for the info. This forum is a wealth of good information.
  8. Kaiser

    My new M4

    For now I’m just basking in the brilliance of my new favorite...😂😂 upgrades: maybe a 70052
  9. Kaiser

    My new M4

    So I purchased a 2021 build 11707. Why, in the name of all that is holy, was I never told how FANTASTIC this firearm is. Absolutely fantastic. New to the forum so HELLO ALL.
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