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  1. quality tube and parts. A bit slow to get, but quality takes time, especially with the high demand.
  2. Briley Short LOP trigger group
  3. If you want to cowitness, RMR on scalar mount works great.
  4. why would you need to break glass in HD situation? That said, pretty sure you can also just swing the gun itself or the butt pad to break any glass.
  5. Wtf lol. Wow that's overkill on the scales. I agree if all you want is grip from the AA, just get OEM stippled. That to me kills any reason to have AA be not adding functionality with the mlok.
  6. So lights on shotguns are primarily for HD situations right? Last training course I got specifically addressed signature reduction with having lights on like that. Shouldn't leave it on for adversary to be able to see you or see you coming from a different room. The preferred method is operate with momentary on/off without grip compromise.
  7. I agree with this part. I ran hand stops for a bit and ended up hating it for the reason you mentioned. Switched it up for an indexer which I like much better as I can still easily slide up and down to reload by simply lifting a finger and faster back on target as I don't need to fumble with ideal grip location with the physical index point. Also when quad loading, it provides a beneficial physical stop to quickly get second load in if my hand overshoots. Real question though... For those with OEM guard... How do you handle light activation? I see lots of people just running a straight light with rear light activation button, but constant on isn't always ideal right? Even mounted on the left side, you'd have to compromise your grip to turn on and off. I guessed you could drill into the guard to mount a remote.
  8. https://www.libertysafe.com/products/ammo-can Or you can get those old office paper/binder metal storage cabinets.
  9. The only thing it prevents you from getting to is the pistons.... And when are you ever going to need to strip the pistons? Everything else is strippable. Additional mlok rail I'd say is a practical purpose. Allows for mounting light, buttons, indexer, hand stop, single shot reload, sling mount, etc.
  10. Maybe came off a bit strong in hindsight... Was just feeling ornery I guess lol. Dave was the first to come up with that design, made in US, quality work, and quality component... At over half off the RxArms variant. The overpriced comment was referring to the product you brought up, not the rest of their lineup.
  11. Overpriced rip off of Dave's Metal Works Speedbar design..... http://www.davesmetalworks.com/m4.html
  12. Weight Any mlok mount will work. I'm partial to quality of Arisaka mounts though. Didn't try SRO, but did play around with an RMR and T2, both on Scalar mounts. I preferred the RMR, bit that's personal. Both were fine and quality. Sling. Trigger. CF tube if you're chasing weight savings. Follower honestly doesn't matter much. It holds the spring and pushes the round. Not rocket science. Just get one made in the US as they're all pretty much the same. If you buy their trigger, only they can install the trigger. They won't send it to you to install. Install the tube and guard yourself... That's easy.
  13. Got any sketch diagram of design? Edit: nevermind, saw it on your site.
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