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  1. Maybe came off a bit strong in hindsight... Was just feeling ornery I guess lol. Dave was the first to come up with that design, made in US, quality work, and quality component... At over half off the RxArms variant. The overpriced comment was referring to the product you brought up, not the rest of their lineup.
  2. Overpriced rip off of Dave's Metal Works Speedbar design..... http://www.davesmetalworks.com/m4.html
  3. Weight Any mlok mount will work. I'm partial to quality of Arisaka mounts though. Didn't try SRO, but did play around with an RMR and T2, both on Scalar mounts. I preferred the RMR, bit that's personal. Both were fine and quality. Sling. Trigger. CF tube if you're chasing weight savings. Follower honestly doesn't matter much. It holds the spring and pushes the round. Not rocket science. Just get one made in the US as they're all pretty much the same. If you buy their trigger, only they can install the trigger. They won't send it to you to install.
  4. Got any sketch diagram of design? Edit: nevermind, saw it on your site.
  5. Yeah, maybe they improved it, but the one I had (and I know StrangerDanger had the same problem) was too wide for the OEM spring restrictor. If Briley didn't make an update and you bought from an ebay retailer.... might question their authenticity. I'd hope not, but coming from aftermarket automotive world... CF parts are the easiest and most prolific counterfeits out there. Especially with the length problem... that seems fairly obvious and knowing Briley, I can't see how that would have escaped their QC.
  6. Either a defect or they sent you the wrong one. Either way, contact them. Also, you were able to fit the spring restrictor in the tube? One I had was too wide to use that so spring was held down by the cap.
  7. Yes, I get that... However as far as I know, there's no simple bolt on option for such. The Briley guard us the closest thing to what he's looking for as a bolt on. It allows for flipping and grabbing over the barrel (or laying on his shoulder) to load. The guard wraps mostly over the barrel.
  8. Briley handguard wraps around the barrel to serve as heat shield.
  9. I have a Modlite Modbutton Lite. That was just an older picture I found to showcase clearance to answer a question.
  10. No, it would still hit from my testing. The height provided by the pic rail on the IWC mount and the pic connector on the light are greater than the lip of the cap and remaining gap.
  11. I was able to luckily score an Agency handguard which fit my hand better.
  12. Not nubile virgin tight, but not main street corner girl loose either lol It's honestly not bad.
  13. You have to use the pic mount for the tail to clear the guard.
  14. Yes, the 8" handguard will work fine with the iwc mount and an m600. That was my exact setup at one point. You can check out on the Benelli M4 picture thread.
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