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  1. $70!! I'd like to know more before I drop that much on yet another handle. If somehow CC made a special run for them, I'll whip out the card... Otherwise, zero provenance makes me wary. Edit: that said... I'll probably hit them up as they're local to me to "take a look".
  2. For sale. Black Briley Charging Handle. Little to no salt. One of the four charging handles I ordered just to see which I'd like best. Quality piece and won't tear up your hand at all. https://www.briley.com/p-56884-briley-bolt-operating-handles-12-gauge-fits-m4.aspx $25 shipped.
  3. Second piece is the cap. Don't believe they sell just the one piece by itself without the cap... So yeah, you might be covering up the silver with a silver cap *shrug*
  4. Yeah, I've currently got a Briley on it... Wanted to try something with a bit of knurled as the Briley gets a little slick with sweat shooting in the desert. I'll be selling one or the other pending comparison. End of the day.. I'm sure both are quality and I'm chasing a .000001% improvement... But whatevs... I'm OCD like that.
  5. If anyone is on the fence about this (like I was), there's a 20% off labor day sale now with code "LDS20". That pushed me to give the new version a shot.
  6. I use Wiha. Not the most expensive, but still good german quality tools.
  7. aznwhip

    Carbon fiber M4

    That's not a wrap... That's a CF cover on the stock and probably a full replacement on the handguard. You can tell by the edges. Wraps also aren't that glossy. I've had CF parts fabricated before on automotive... It's expensive if you're making a mold, but if they just laid the CF over the stock OEM part, not too bad.
  8. I mean... It is a dark day for us Californians since Becerra issued the en banc review request, so he's probably drinking... Heavily.... That said, yeah no excuse. He's not a real "store" in any traditional sense though so probably wasn't ever schooled in the finer points of customer service... More a guy who knows a guy in Italy and has a website and a garage.
  9. Sorry to be that guy.... Buuuut.... trigger discipline.....
  10. Nice... I don't dislike my Briley handle, but admit I always liked the look of the TTI the best and would have gone that direction if it wasn't for all the negative reviews. I might pick one up just to play with.
  11. You have a sku for the new version? Or are all new orders going to be the fixed version?
  12. There's no wiggle on mine at all.
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