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  1. Just get their black trigger shoe to cover it up. I will say the short LOP version is F'n amazing.
  2. I think the shell guide is kinda gimmicky. This coming from a quad loader. I do like the metal vs polymer which gives me a bit more confidence (perceived or otherwise) in allowing me to run it hard without durability concerns banging it around.
  3. I had it for a spell... Solid guard. Tight tolerance. I liked that it wrapped over the barrel so you don't burn you hands when flipping to load.
  4. This was also originally posted about the old version. They came out with an updated version back in Q4 CY20. I switched over to it then and seems to work great. I prefer TTI ergonomics, texture, and aesthetics.
  5. Would only consider with the Mesa stock where you can raise your cheekweld
  6. I actually played around with a few sights... Holosun 508T v2, Trijicon RMR06, and Aimpoint T2... The RMR was the best for me.
  7. If interested, I have a US Peacekeeper Scabbard in new condition. It's the widest mouth opening that allows optics, light, and charging handle. Was planning on using it for range trips and potential quick pull access in home defense situations, but ended up going full pelican hardcase route.
  8. FFT only has one trigger option. Briley allows you to choose your preferred LOP. Short LOP is amazing.
  9. Welcome and Grats. Doesn't the CC Tube already come with wolff spring and titanium follower?
  10. If you're looking to mount light to mlok, go Arisaka.
  11. Really the only two must you have left are sling and light. Maybe a better oversized safety and a larger bolt release, but those and everything else is just nice to have.
  12. wolff spring is wolff spring....CC provided wolff spring is probably just precut for the length of their mag tube. If you bought a fresh spring, it's meant to be cut. Spring should be should be about 12-18" past the magazine. Cut the excess. I'd start out on the higher end (18") of that and trial and error cut till you can get the number of rounds in your magazine properly. If you cut too low, you won't get the spring strength and run into feed issue.
  13. A&S guard: https://www.briley.com/p-61125-as-enhanced-trigger-guard-benelli-breda-franchi.aspx As I understand it, Briley basically bought out their entire inventory. Additionally, if you buy their trigger, they'll assembled everything for you free if charge.
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