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  1. Today
  2. Thanks, NoTycoon! Just ordered one.
  3. Anyone above run this handle with a high round count? Curious if it’s holding up. Any inertia weight issues, breakage? The pictures of the two shown of Botach and this vender are exactly the same image. TIA
  4. First off i'm sorry. I tried using the search function to find this information because i know it has been discussed before. Who are you guys sending parts to so they can be NP3 coated now since robar is gone. I have a couple BCG and intern parts that need coating. Thanks
  5. None of by business why, but you best have deep pockets.
  6. mickey d

    Benelli M1014

    What are your thoughts on buying the 11715 with the enhancements you describe?
  7. joegie

    Benelli M1014

    you can get the collapsible stock and add it, but the price varies from $2-400, if you want to add the full capacity mag tube, if you run the collapsible stock you'll beed to replace 4 parts for American made parts to be compliant with 922r, somebody correct me if i'm wrong.
  8. 2frogeyes

    Benelli M1014

    I’ve been searching this and I’m confused. I’m new to the M4 and M1014. I’m looking to purchase a M1014 limited but want to get the telescoping stock. Is this something that can be done? Sorry if this question is ignorant. Also, any issue changing out the mag tube for more capacity? Thx guys
  9. Yes it is unfortunately. On some builds I have had the exterior surfaces blasted off and then they are Cerakoted whatever color the user wants. This build got mailed back to the owner today.
  10. Nice work, it looks awesome!! Is the NP3/NP3+ only available in the mat silver?
  11. Yesterday
  12. I was looking at going with the Briley 13" rail today. The Briley rail ends almost where the current weapon light head ends on my M600 Intellibeam. Which we can say is roughly 5.5 inches long. On my setup, the light starts at 7.5". I can only estimate with the Briley rail, but I would estimate that it would start from the 12-13.5 inch range. That would get my light nearly flush with the muzzle which would eliminate barrel shadow. There is a variable in using the Impact Weapon Components MLOK light mount. There are three options available. The first isn't meant to overhang off the end of the rail. Two and three are beefier and designed to extend forward off of the rail. I think we can get buy with option 1 which is lighter and cleaner of an installation.
  13. I took this shotgun back out today for more testing at my range since what better way to spend a day sheltered in place than to go out shooting. I ran a couple hundred rounds of cheap value pack ammo from both Winchester and Federal thru it to see if it would fail. I held the shotgun off to my side with the stock fully collapsed so that I could simulate limp wrist firing with this weak ammunition. Each time it was fired I would allow the shotgun to jerk back in my hands which absorbs some of its inertia energy. This thing ate it all without any issues. I've encountered a lot of issues with this value pack stuff on stock guns in the past. The NP3 plating opens up your operational window more by having a lower friction coefficient on your action. This is the main reason I like the finish. Corrosion resistance and ease of cleaning are secondary features.
  14. It is plated. The older carriercomp followers allowed you to knock the plastic high visibility indicator out of the factory follower and install it into the carriercomp one.
  15. If you can increase the drop and add left cast by changing shims that will help bring the POI down and to the left. The butt of the stock is like a rear sight, you move the butt (or rear sight) the direction you want the POI to move.
  16. Last week
  17. JoeGie - Thanks for the info.
  18. Thanks, it never occurred to me to keep the lever depressed . . . learned something new😄
  19. Ok, just tried this. While holding the drop lever up, every manual cycle of the bolt ejects a round and chambers the next round. Repeating the process (lever up and manual bolt cycling) eventually cycles all the rounds out until empty. Thanks!
  20. SD, did you not have the follower plated?
  21. I'm looking for some information. I have a SBE II that's right handed but I shoot left handed. The gun's center pattern is about 14" up and 14" to the right of center. What would the experts on here say that I should do? Is this a Shim problem?
  22. Our local outdoor range only allows slugs using their target frames, so I'll break it in using the slugs, and pop off some #4 buck and magnum at the dirt (when the range opens again). I read somewhere they said 50 rounds for break in. I was surprised to find even 1 box of 00 buck anywhere, let alone Walmart. I'll just save those for the zombie hordes.
  23. I never had to "break in" my M4. Out of the box, it ate everything. The only issues I have had is in extreme cold conditions, even now, where it will sometimes FTE/stovepipe with low FPS loads. 00 Buck is a great home defense round. It's like putting a spread of nine 9mm's in a single shot.
  24. You are on the right track with your methods. You can also hold the drop lever up, cycle the bolt continuously (while continuing to hold the drop lever up) , no need to press the lever for each shell in the magazine.
  25. Indian Creek Choke HEVI 13 3" 2oz #6 Winchester XR 3" 1-3/4oz #6
  26. I have never needed anything more than 3".........my buddy shoots a Super Nova 20GA and his pattern is amazing
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