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  2. BenelliParts.net trigger is great, have two of them, no issues with either the polymer trigger group or the aluminum one.
  3. No just surprising but they did hurt. I sent some feedback to IWC so maybe if they produce a Gen2 it will be different. I don't know how prevalent an issue it is as IWC had never heard of anyone else having that problem. Its a common forend grip for a lot of clay and wing shooters though.
  4. I'm under the impression that all the newer models come with the 3 position except for the fixed c stocks? A. I'm wondering if I'm correct. B. When did they start including them 2015/2016 etc?
  5. Ouch, that sounds pretty painful. Were they bad jams? I have a IWC mount that I was looking to attach soon. I doubt that my hold would be that far forward though.
  6. I just got a 11707 and it had the 3-pos. stock tube. My firearm was either a late 2019 or early 2020 production, so I believe they are still being included.
  7. I really can't answer your questions but may add to the mystery more.....mine is a early-2014 made gun that Robar did as an H2O version and it was purchased in California with the fixed pistol grip stock, not a C-stock or fixed C-stock but it has the 3 position tube. I'm away from home at the moment so I can't look at the box end that I kept which has the model# on it.
  8. Do all models produced in the last few years come with the 3 position tube unless it's a fixed/pinned c stock model? I know way back this wasn't the case a couple models came with out. What was the cutoff year when they began to come with the 3 pos?
  9. SD, did you send in all the metal stock parts? I would imagine not the spring but pins, tiny washers etc? I recall you saying that you had to source different size screws for the but pad.
  10. After using the IWC mount this weekend I realized it was very easy for a shooter who points his index finger forward on the forearm while firing (like a lot of hunters and clay shooters do) to jam their finger against the sling cup. I have a pretty long reach so I don't know how common an issue it is but if I had my preference I would simply place a single QD cup on the bottom where the logo is. That way its still in an ambi position and its out of the way of either finger. I must have jammed my finger 4 or 5 times while moving fast. I hate to alter my technique just to accommodate one gun.
  11. I think that’s the buy it now price. Final bid appears to have been ‘only’ $4469.00. I wonder what one of my NP3 builds would go for on there or if the price is being exaggerated by the original limited release of these?
  12. Had this happen on a 20ga. M2. Yeah, I tried the alcohol wipe-down. No joy. You could take a fingernail and bite into the plastic. I figured an improper mix/cure process on the material. Called Benelli. They sent me a new stock.
  13. Yesterday
  14. Wipe the sticky areas down with some isopropyl alcohol. Some of the vulcanizing chemicals can leach out of a brand new handle and cause a sticky feel. It needs to see daylight, so take her out and shoot it.😁
  15. Would also be interested in the black in color older version. Thanks.
  16. geno0506

    Benelli Plant?

    The Benelli 11715 or 11721, as above!
  17. Appreciate the suggestion! I used to shoot trap with my 725 Citori so I'll probably avoid taking the M4 out there, but the SBE3 would do a good job. Plus give me some tracking practice for when I eventually go duck hunting with it. I'll probably use those loads for plinking around though. They generally destroy a soda bottle pretty well haha
  18. If one were to buy the Super Nova tactical version (like a #20160), where are you supposed to put a light which is probably the most common Home Defense accessory? The Mag tube is too short to put a mount there. You can put a Mesa Tactical rail on top but is the top a good place for light like a TLR-4 which has a laser too? Is there another way without putting on a mag-tube extender? Details: I already have a Super Nova field version #20115. Stock, its 28". I have a Carlsons 18.5" barrel, a Carlsons mag-tube extender, a Mesa Tactical tri-rail that goes on the mag-tube and the TLR-4 light. So I can go back and forth between a 28" outdoor setup and an 18.5" HD/tactical setup. The thing I don't like, is that once you start using the mag-tube extender, the spring comes out every time you want to change the barrel or remove for cleaning. So I am think about getting the Super Nova tactical as a dedicated HD setup so I don't have to go back and forth. Unless I am missing something, I would have the same problems with tactical version. I'd have to use the mag-tube extender to create a place to put the light and then I am back to the spring hassle thing. Another difference between the 20160 and the 20115, is the 20160 is not threaded for different chokes. I have this cool extended tactical choke for my 20115 but I wouldn't be able to use it on the 20160 unless I swap the stock barrel for the Carlson barrel. That would be OK since I already have that extra barrel but I have this sense that the action doesn't work as well with the aftermarket barrel. The pump jams up a little when you go to eject. 20115 is threaded for chokes but not for receiver-top rail 20160 is threaded for the rail but not for chokes Makes me want to pull my hair out. You'd think when Benelli creates a version called tactical, they'd supply it with a way to mount a light without having to add a mag-tube. Maybe top mounting a light is OK? Seems like it would get in the way of the sites. I know there's lots of other choices out there. Mossbergs have room in front of the fore-end to mount a light. Some versions of the M2 have an extended Mag tube with room for a mount. I'd rather stay with Benelli and I'd rather stay with a pump-tactical for HD for the simplicity.
  19. Target Rounds for trap or Sporting Clays. Federal Top Gun, Remington Gun Club, etc. Typically comes in 7.5,8, and 9 birdshot. $6-$10 per box of 25. Find a local Trap range and shoot there. More fun I think than shooting static targets. Even if you have a short barrel tactical style, you can still shoot trap. You won't hit as many maybe. I see guys with all manner of tactical versions showing up to function their guns.
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