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  2. Mine ran everything I put in it from day one including cheap Walmart stuff.
  3. Actually a couple of weeks ago I asked San Diego Guns where I purchased super black eagle three and it would be a heavy surcharge to do so so I guess I have to wait. I do appreciate all your effort thank you very much.
  4. Yesterday
  5. The M4 is specifically designed to be insensitive to hold, unlike the M1, which certainly is. And thus the M4 was born. I can/have fired my M4s un-shouldered with just about everything, including low FPS, without issue. Only the shorty shells are a thing and that is because they are just too short. Now, about those military manuals. I'd be interested in a link/upload
  6. Now had 3 fore ends all split. The last one shed the entire left side while shooting!
  7. Well, it's 9 years after the previous thread. I am expecting my new M4 to arrive in few days. I think I know what I will be using to break it in. Unfortunately I strained my shoulder last week installing a ceiling fan but I am far too excited about the new shotgun to let that delay me. Good thing I have some Tylenol 3s on hand for afterwards LOL
  8. Wtf lol. Wow that's overkill on the scales. I agree if all you want is grip from the AA, just get OEM stippled. That to me kills any reason to have AA be not adding functionality with the mlok.
  9. HERE is a link to my original build thread. Rasyad
  10. That is a Cerakoted Carrier Comp tube with a 1.006" OD so I am pretty sure it is a 1" ring. Here are some additional images. I am open to offers Thanks, Rasyad
  11. I'm not that big on matching my purse and shoes - ordered your new piece as is. 👍
  12. I have never been a fan of the "torx" head for anything! Just another gimmick to force people to purchase a set of wrenches for screw heads the "Allen" head already had covered. As for the surefire M80, I like it, two thumbs up. My 2cents.........................
  13. Agree with IWC light mount being the best option. I have a Briley hand guard on one of my Benelli’s. It is really simple to remove and install (slide it over mag tube, then slide barrel through top of hand guard, attach barrel nut - no tools needed to install or remove). It is also tight and does not rotate. It really is a great design. The only things mounted on mine are a stage saver, QD sling mount, and offset light. The hand guard is wide and accessories don’t interfere with the ARGO system. It might be the best forend on the market for the M4. Problem is - it weighs almost 10 oz without a
  14. What size Haley Strategic ring mount did you use for that?
  15. Thanks for the review. I have one of the AA handguards and I'm quite pleased with with it. The filling of all the slots with Railscales imo seems over-the-top and not an aestheically pleasing option for me. I have utilized the top rail for a TRex light bar extension to put my modlite further forward to minimize light shadow with the barrel and muzzle, mounted on the right side for top of shoulder placement for cqb situations. I will install a few railscales and a Carve handstop/index. I'm currently looking for solution to the loss of the QD option after losing the IWC
  16. Well it looks nice and feels pretty good in the hand but I think I might to agree that a nice set of stippled oem handguards or the strike rail without the screws is the way to go.
  17. No thanks,wouldn't want that mess hanging on my m4.reminds me of that tom hanks movie big,where he's messing with the new toys,saying i don't get it.does it turn into something else. it;s no fun..
  18. OK, you forced me to google the meaning of Trypophobia.... 😄 Thanks for the review. Cross it off the list and keep relying on the tried and true OEM.
  19. I finally got my hands on one of these Agency Arms rails to take a look at in person. One of the benefits of bringing in a lot of peoples builds is I get to check out all the new accessories without having to pay the price of admission. I've used a lot of Agency Arms components in other firearms, so I was hopeful for this rail to be one that was actually a win for a change. The rail itself is well made, it does have some significant set backs that aren't entirely Agency's fault, but more along the lines of working around the Benelli M4's ARGO system without making the rail too big. I
  20. Yep, kind of like when you're trying to install the castle nut on the receiver extension of an AR15 and trying not to pinch the buffer detent. What I usually do is I flip the receiver upside down and clamp on the flat area beneath the rear sight. This is the thickest, strongest portion of the receiver. You want it to be angled to offer up the receiver extension for you to easy put a wrench on the jam nut. You won't need any crazy retard strength to get the nut off. Mostly you're going to let the heat break down the thread locker. I simply lean on the 27mm wrench, and it'll back of
  21. System includes.... 8" Briley 3Gun M-LOK Handguard with custom direct mount Cloud Defense LCS Surefire UEo7 tailcap and pressure pad Modlite PLHv2 - 18650, will include single battery. Haley Strategic light ring / IWC light bar assembly I had fun building this system as I have a Bridgeport mill and know how to use it. However, I found that the Briley Handguard is a little to big for my hands and I am going back to the OEM handguards. The system parts came to $780 not including shipping or tax. Probably only about 50 rounds and has been sitting in the safe. All c
  22. I've had to work with similar challenges tightening castle nuts on my AR builds so it sounds like the vise and two wrenches will help. The takedown pin on the receiver being where it is makes it hard to find a good place to clamp it in the vise so far but maybe I'll make some kind of jig for it; leather padded wooden jaws with a hole drilled out for the head of that pin to go into. Thanks for the suggestion.
  23. Please reach out with a PM, I can get you the SBE 3 that you would like.
  24. I was worked up and worried over nothing. It really was easy and, like yours, mine went on without needing any modification. This really is a nice modification. The sling and light really make this a tier-one home defense weapon.
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