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  2. Two on Gun Broker $1399 and $1499. So in today's crazy market that looks like the price. Trying to find one for $789 would be a miracle. In less than 10-days based on how the election goes you could pay less or maybe double.
  3. Today
  4. Did you find a good Choke to shoot 3 1/2 inch 00 buckshot
  5. Did you find a good choke to shoot 3 1/2 00 buckshots
  6. electric7

    Benelli M2

    I think it will loosen. Its not like you can own a gun without ever breaking it down.
  7. Evolution


    Nice deal!
  8. With the new revisions and by the looks this is not a twist and pull to remove. Just push to the side and pull out for removal? Just received my silver version today. It seems nice and is a pretty close match to NP3.
  9. No. 6


    We received a Benelli 11794 M4 H2O into the shop today. Offering it here since I know a few people are looking for one. We are willing to ship it CONUS for what ever the charges are. Selling it for $1999+shipping. It is for sale in the store, so may or may not be available.
  10. Yesterday
  11. Hell yeah Joe, that's awesome! Welcome to the forum, I'm sure you'll find this to be a good home!
  12. I'm sure this post will be in vain, but I'm looking for a Henry H012MX, the .357 blacked out lever action. I went to almost every link through page fifteen on Google today and I called more than forty Henry resellers but only one had this gun and they were asking $1,399 on a standard price of $789. My old boss will have his rep try to find one, but in the meantime I'm guessing my best bet will be a smaller local gun shop that could just have one in stock. Does anybody know of one of these guns at their local shops? Thanks in advance!
  13. OK, guys. The SRO battery tools will be here Wednesday. For those that wanted them, if you could PM me with your address I will start getting things prepaired for shipping. And like in the previous post the cost will be $25 shipped. I can take PayPal, Facebook Pay, Zelle or CashApp.
  14. MartinH

    Benelli M2

    I have just bought a brand new Comfortech Benelli M2 the first assembly of the gun was extremely difficult as the forearm and barrel was so tight it would not close tight to the receiver. I asked the gun store owner to see if he could get it. But it wasn't going in. We eventually got it to assemble tight and I fired 50 shells through it. It seems very tight to try to strip. I don't want to take it apart incase it won't go back together again. Has anyone else had this? Will this loosen up over time, once it beds in? This is not what I expected from a €1750 gun made by Benelli. I am in Ireland j
  15. Any thoughts on a suppressor on it?
  16. Ran into development hiccups, it was jamming up my gun like 50% of the time. So it is in redesign right now.
  17. Absolutely. The 10403 fits the field stock exactly the same as the solid pistol grip stock. And you use the screws that are from the OEM butt pad. Iv'e installed the 10403 on the field stock I have. So I know it works.
  18. Last week
  19. OMG what an ammo eater. This thing spit shells fast. I ran a few different ammo types through it fairly fast. 5 different targets, fast trigger pulls 5 for 5. I was singing. You're as smooth as Tennessee whiskey You're as sweet as strawberry wine... Bottom line, worth every penny. I paid GB pricing buy it now, still worth it.
  20. JT111

    Vortex Venom 3 MOA

    I'll have to try some of those stick-ons. BTW, and back to the Vortex red dot, I really like it. It's holding zero and it doesn't get in the way of anything. I wish it was motion activated, however.
  21. Midwayusa had a couple other day. I got an e-mail from them that it was back in stock.
  22. my brother in law is using a pair of crutches ,, I told him i was going to steal the rubber pad off one and put it on my m4 for a butt pad . lol.
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