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  3. Sigma05

    M4 Final Setup

    They took it down from their web page. Most likely they got tired of being asked when it was coming out.
  4. DC DOG

    M4 Final Setup

    I keep searching for the Bailey rail without success. Any information? THANKS!
  5. DC DOG

    M4 Final Setup

    I keep searching for the Bailey rail without success. Any information? THANKS!
  6. Gen 2 since Gen 1 have flicker problems and you have to buy an aftermarket sealing plate to remedy that. My personal preference would be a 6.5 MOA dot on a shotgun, a larger dot makes for faster acquisition on a shotgun. 6.5 MOA = 3.25" at 50 yards. And I actually prefer a Aimpoint Micro in 4 MOA since the RMR distorts the moment a droplet of water gets on it and is therefore not an all weather device, imo.
  7. Gen 2 is designed to handle recoil better, so I’d go with it. I like the 1moa dot size. So the RM09. I don’t find the small size hard to find when you’re using a firearm with a cheekweld. Smaller the dot will cover less of the target giving you better accuracy.
  8. Hey folks Im shopping for my Trijicon Rmr for my Benelli M4 witch one do you recommend? Dot or triangle? Gen 1 or 2 ? Moa how manny cheers Don
  9. Yesterday
  10. https://www.midwestgunworks.com/page/mgwi/prod/81041 I haven't seen a whole lot of "want" for this item in a while. In fact, I was the last one to ask if anyone had one for sale and I was able to pick one up from a member of this forum. I was on a wait list for this stock and MW just sent me an email saying they were back in-stock. $130 at MWGW if you're interested... . While I like the pistol grip stock, it's easier to load 2 or 4 with the support hand with the standard stock. Good Hunting.
  11. Last week
  12. I have found Benelli Customer Service to be very helpful. They helped me with a problem that I had on a 10-year old forestock and I was very happy with the experience. You can use lots of solvents/oils/waxes to clean your gun, but some shotgun cleaning solvents are designed to dissolve plastic wads from the barrel. I would be very careful with those around the furniture, whether it is wood or synthetic. I don't think you can buy methylene chloride based cleaners any more, but those would eat through pretty much any plastic or varnish and make them tacky. If you have any sticky residue that doesn't come off with isopropyl alcohol, then there is something that either you or Benelli messed up.
  13. Interested in purchasing an R1, but because I'm left-handed I'd like to make sure that the safety is reversible. Thanks in advance!
  14. Possibly a defective run of the synthetic material. My 20 ga. M2 had the same issue with the butt stock. The forearm was just fine. It was almost like the material was slowly melting. No amount of cleaning it would help. Another manufacturer had a similar issue and it ended up being an improperly cured batch of parts. Benelli sent me a replacement stock for the M2. You might contact Benelli customer service. For mine they were quite helpful.
  15. Factory screws are M4-0.7-18mm. You would need to get ones that add as much as the spacer you may need. The factory ones are quite long and would be enough if you are doing a slight washer stack.
  16. Looks like that would work... but I'd seek out longer screws to make up for the amount of spacers used.
  17. Or just go SBS and both the AVA and IWC mounts put the light right up close to the end of the barrel 😉
  18. I’m away from the shop. After you remove screws (113) you would make some spacers that go in the screws, between cheek pad (111) and stock (124). You could also stack washers if you want a cheap solution.
  19. I'm having a very hard time finding any photos of the collapsible stock disassembled. I'm only finding this exploded view schematic. Would you mind taking it apart and post some pics so that those that do not own one can see what might be involved with creating a spacer? That would be greatly appreciated. It's driving me crazy that I cannot find pics and more so that I do not own one.
  20. I intended to use the lowest ADM mount with a Vortex SPARC, I figured cheek weld might be an issue so I wen with the ATI Raven Stock because the cheek piece is easily adjustable. It definitely works, but I think I'd prefer the M4 collapsible stock. I'm interested in a potential modification.
  21. I’ve been racking my mind to figure out a way to raise the cheek pad on the M4 collapsible stock. The Hensoldt red dot I run is high and I don’t get a good cheek weld. I have to “hunt” for the dot every time since I don’t have a consistent cheek weld. I did a search and the only thing I have found is people adding adhesive pads on top of the stock. I dissembled mine and noticed that you could make some risers. I also noticed that the third screw had a concave recess, so that spacer would have to have a male/female extension made. Should be a simple non-permanent mod. Anyone done something similar? Any other feedback on different solutions. Would like to see what others have done before venturing into this.
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  23. After working on more than 600 Benelli's in the past 10 years here is how I would approach it, if you knew the age of the gun, serial number, and how much it has been shot, overall condition, recoil spring condition, the SBE II could be a attractive purchase. Do not overlook the Franchi Affinity line however, great gun very good value. A black 3" could be purchased new for 700.00. Let me know if I can help you in any way. Mark
  24. Hello Shooters I have a new 2019 Vinci shotgun. It's brand new, I didn't notice it when I purchased two weeks ago, but now I see that the stock is disgustingly sticky. Any solution to clean the stock and make it less sticky and smooth? I have the brown synthetic furniture on my Vinci.
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