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  2. The Mesa Tactical Truckee forend looks like the best option to me. I prefer longer forends for attaching a light. It also saves from having to buy a separate mount like the IWC mount or the AVA mount.
  3. I was stating my experience between two after market fore ends. I find it interesting that you are so concerned on dirt getting into a piston system that is self cleaning. I certainly don't expect to be wallowing around in a mud hole with my Benelli M-4 any time soon. I have cycled well over two thousand rapid fire rounds without a miss fire with the B&T. Could not cycle 4 rounds rapid fire without a miss fire with Sure Fire M-80 once damage accord. I believe that I am saying a whole lot about something. By the way, how many B&T fore ends have you had mounted on a Benelli M-4??
  4. Where sort of use do you foresee where an amount of dirt sufficient enough to inhibit the dual piston setup of the Benelli M4 is going to be an issue? You are aware that the Benelli M4 will function with only one piston operating*, right? (*yes, it will still function but slower) I submit that if one foresees one's self being in such an environment with the need for an extremely reliable long arm then one needs to be packing a for real EBR, e.g. a Steyr AUG.
  5. Yesterday
  6. You talked a lot but said nothing, that fore-end is junk, allows dirt to get into the piston system. Its "it looks tacticool" piece of pure absolute JUNK period.
  7. I have a 28 " Benelli M1 S90 barrel for sale. I'm trying to determine a fair price. It has a Vent rib and comes with 3 chokes, IC ,MOD, and Full. I know that these older barrels are hard to find but I'm not looking to gouge anyone,just wanting a fair price.
  8. Benelli has as far as i can tell their own multi rail fore grip. http://www.benellidefence.it/products/m4-185 I have sent an email to benelli Italy regarding where i can buy it but for 2 weeks NO response from them.And i cant find it anywhere.(in the webpage they also have the M4 with enlarged charging handle and bolt release,also seems like they are benelli made,and the buttstock seems like one from the Nova with 5 different lenght adjustments) Sorry for OT
  9. I have had my B&T Benelli fore grip installed for several years and find the quad rail to be very effective, functional, and comfortable. It is an all aluminum construction, far superior to the Sure Fire M-80. You can install rubber rail inserts along all un-used open areas of the rail making it very comfortable. There are not many options for fore grips for the Benelli M-4. I have found this to be far superior in design in comparison to the Sure Fire M-80 which has rubber along the barrel and the Argo system pistons. I have a previous article on the malfunction that Sure Fire took responsibility for on their poor design regarding my Sure Fire M-80. The extreme heat from the barrel would disfigure the rubber along the Argo System causing the pistons to come in contact with the deformed rubber. The weapon would malfunction under rapid fire using Sabo slugs. When I contacted Sure Fire I was told to send M-80 to their research dept. where they took full responsibility for the defective product. They sent me a new M-80 from remaining new old stock. I'm assuming that's one reason among several why Sure Fire stopped production of the M-80. I have cycled up to 250 Sabo slugs in any given day, rapid fire with the B&T, without 1 malfunction.
  10. Austenrut


    I’ve owned Benelli’s before but never spent this amount on a shotgun. I was about 6 hrs from home and was in a sporting goods and noticed they had this gun that I been looking into for a while now. I purchased the SBE3, I get home and re assemble it and try and load a couple shells in and quickly realize my first issue. The shell catch in front of the feeding tube was stiff as can be and you can barely get a shell into the tube. So I had to call Benelli to have a brand new gun already worked on. on top of it’s the real tree max 5 camo is just chipping off in A huge section. The internals looked like someone shot a few boxes of ammo with it. I noticed this when looking at it as it was the floor model but it wasn’t a deal breaker for me. Until I got home and realized everything else. This gun only was with me for about 10 hrs. Before I had to ship it out to them. Has anyone experienced Benelli just sending back a brand new gun ? or am I going to be waiting months for this thing to be re dipped and fixed! Im not looking to pay for anything less than new gun quality. My Benelli nova pump seemed better made and was a fraction of the price.....
  11. It was the GG&G one but since then I put a Noveske one in the rear of the stock on the opposite side.
  12. Would Italy approve of my custom M4 collapsible stock paint job? likely Nooooooo
  13. Last week
  14. older price???? it was literally 5 days ago ROFL ROFL!!! they DO SUCK when it comes to calling them on the phone !!!!
  15. What QD are you running in the stock?
  16. I also run the Magpul MS1. I pretty much run it on all my firearms.
  17. LOL. From Bud's: "Thank you for contacting us here at Budsgunshop.com! We greatly appreciate your patronage. Unfortunately, we would not be able to honor an older price." No worries, a used one will pop up sooner or later.
  18. I wrote a lengthy letter to TTI about the problems I was experiencing with there products, I included photos trying to be helpful as I possibly could. The answer I received from them was: "RETURN IT THEN!!!!!!!!"
  19. you want this baby. fast to adjust, tough as hell, inexpensive, SIMPLE
  20. Iv'e only tried 2 different slings on my M4. The Magpul MS1 and the Blue force gear Vickers sling. Both extend and retract and hold position equally well. I prefer the MS1 sling because the material is softer and it is just a wee bit wider that the BFG sling, maybe 1/32 to a 1/16 of an inch. Not a big issue if you buy the padded versions but mine are the unpadded versions.
  21. Pretty much just a standard sling, not a bunch of attachments thanks!
  22. FYI: Ebay had an older GG&G (new) for auction the other day.
  23. i literally bought another one 4 days ago for $1540......i know what their website says, ....but call them about a cash price
  24. Where did you find it? I looked at Bud's and they are $1800 for the black, $2000 for the H2O, same as all other places I looked.
  25. Thanks. Never shopped at Bud's, maybe now is the time to start.
  26. A Short History of a Shotgun Choke The first patent for a shotgun choke was granted in 1866, but it wasn't until 1969, more than a century later, that Winchester introduced the WinChoke on its Model 1200 and Model 1400 shotguns. The company's Versalite choke had appeared on its Model 59 autoloader eight years earlier, but the WinChoke was the first widely popular, interchangeable choke-tube system. In 1978, Mossberg introduced its new Accuchoke tube system on its Model 500, followed in 1982 by the Multichoke on Weatherby's Model 82. By the early 1980s, all shotgun manufacturers were working on and releasing their own versions of the successful screw-in choke tube we're all familiar with today. Also Read:: Hp Printer Troubleshooting Although decades passed before the choke-tube idea became universally accepted by hunters, the eventual adoption of this interchangeable system by shotgun manufacturers increased the scattergun's versatility by leaps and bounds and saved shotgunners lots of money as well. No longer is it necessary to buy extra barrels to have different choices in chokes. Many of today's shotguns come equipped with a variety of screw-in chokes that can be quickly changed with the twist of a wrench. And many specialist companies offer retrofitting of fixed-choked guns, as well as custom-design replacement choke tubes for factory-threaded barrels. Types of Choke Tubes A choke tube constricts a gun's shot charge to hold it together longer before the shot spreads, thus giving a denser shot pattern at longer range than an open choke or no choke at all. In some ways, it's comparable to the nozzle at the end of a garden hose, controlling the spread of shot like the nozzle controls the spray of water, making it narrower or wider as needed.
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