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  2. I used their supplied spring. I don't know if it is a different weight. Like maybe they calculated the weight of the pad into the spring rate? I'd guess either would work fine once set correctly.
  3. This is a great deal. There's no way you can build one yourself for this kind of cash. Good luck with the sale.
  4. Thanks.Like I said I have extra a&s housings ,tango grips and stocks and 7 shot tubes.So figured misewell use them on something.It seems decent.For the money
  5. Thanks for the good information. #StrangerDanger - is that the GG&G-provided spring, or the OEM spring in your picture?
  6. This happened to me as well, though it got so bad that the spring was completely deformed. A buddy gunsmith of mine theorized that the spring that came with the GG&G bolt was a different tension then the factory spring and that's what led to the spring coming undone. We put the stock spring in and I've had zero issues since.
  7. I had bought and assembled this unit with plans to put it into another Benelli M4. I chose to go a different path. This is an LNIB set of giblets from a donor trigger group that came from another gun of mine. Aside from being function tested, it is new/un-used. The trigger group (A&S) is the black, no logo variant, and was also new at the time I installed these smallparts. I used a black TTI safety, and the A&S reduced power safety spring. After assembly, as noted, I function tested this trigger group to ensure that it was safe, and fully functional. It is. All parts not described are
  8. There is a good thread about the clones over at arfcom. Most of them seem pretty solid.
  9. Chances are you didn’t get the spring seated properly in its little notch. The latch pivots on the pin so it isn’t a straight in and out sweep when the latch is moving around. This picture might help you see where the spring should be set:
  10. I have been looking. I only see the M4 stocks. The last one I saw sold for ONLY $250ish (forget if it was eBay or gunbroker). Am I being cheap at $400?
  11. Yesterday
  12. Dkay67

    WTB Unicorn

    Gunbroker might be your best chance. Have you seen what benelli collapsing stocks run on with the current market demand?
  13. Yesterday, after installing several updates, I took the M4 out for a session of spirited shooting with its' brothers. Everything went well, with a few TBD items cropping up (mostly Loctite-related), but one issue has me perplexed so, before I screw something up, I figured I'd ask your opinion here. The issue is around my recently-installed GG&G Tactical Bolt Release. After about 50 shots when I switched from bird shot to slugs (limited availability of 12 Ga. here), I began to notice that the bolt release pad was getting progressively more difficult to depress. After shooting all 5 slug
  14. I.am.bryon

    WTB Unicorn

    I would like to buy a Collapsible Stock that will fit on a Supernova. Benelli Part#: 61171 or 61028 $400 for new. Less for used- depending on condition.
  15. I ve drilled and tapped mine. I still have the stuff so i ll do it for u if u send it to me.
  16. great deal man, you ll enjoy it for sure
  17. There are numerous reasons really. Some of the ComforTech stocks kind of break down after a while. I don't need/want it anyway. I don't really hunt geese anymore. When I used to travel to Canada and we would shoot boxes and boxes of 3.5" shells at high angles, it might have been nice. The amount of 3.5" I shoot now, I can handle it. I believe SBE1 is slightly lighter than later models (feels like it to me anyway). Contrary to popular opinion, I prefer the "low rib" of the original HK imports, plus those can do ghost loading if you are into such things. I also like the older bolt handle and rou
  18. 5/40 tap and a #38 drill bit. I put one on once, wasn’t a fan of it. It sticks out pretty far off the receiver.
  19. Anyone know what size bit and tap is needed to install Any place do it I could send and pay .I can takeout and install
  20. I ordered the A&S trigger guard and the TTC carrier yesterday. 😬 I just got lucky is all. The owners son is currently a TAC-P for the Air Force and that sparked conversations once I had started providing documents for the background check. I’m not a TAC-P - just want to clarify that and that’s not an insult either. Those dudes are badass! But we talked for a while and I told him I was retiring this year and that I wanted to get back into shooting. I got the last one in stock and without telling me he knocked a few bucks off. Pretty cool right!?!
  21. I think they both are bearing parts. Once you let off the button, the post engages one of the notches on the extension.
  22. I believe it to be the pin on the side that actually bares most of the brunt of recoil, not the bottom you depress. Is this not correct?
  23. The adjustment button on the collapsible stock is one of the most hardened pieces of steel I have ever encountered. It wasn’t done like that on accident.
  24. The pin in the stock is replaceable. Tap it out tap a new one in (or rotate it a bit and put it back in if you cannot source a new one, all the same). The recoil tube...not so much. She heat treated for reasons.
  25. Bringing up an older thread, but figured after installing my 1-piece tube it was a good time to throw this out there. Hoping to get an Entry within the next couple of months, and an Aimpoint CompM5. Will probably be adding an adhesive velcro side saddle on the Entry as well. In the meantime, this will do
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