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  2. What RPC says. I got my gun earlier this year and the mag tube came right off too, within a minute or two of heating it with a DeWalt gun. Whatever factory locktite there was, it came off with the old mag tube threads and not even any residual remained on the receiver threads. Couldn't have been easier
  3. Today
  4. Includes an Airtech Limbsaver with Noveski adapter that had to be modified to work so this will save you the time and hassle of trying to install the Limbsaver because it doesn't work with this stock without modifying the adapter. It will fit on the stock but won't allow you to collapse it so it has to be modified to let the collapsing tube through. $425 shipped.
  5. If you still haven't received a convincing answer about the modified choke and using slugs, I think a good place to call would be Royal Arms. One of their specialties is selling slugs to LEO for breaching setups and I believe they are also the OEM contract manufacturer for Benelli USA for the choke and the ported Breacher tip for the M4 so they are literally the people who made the part in question.
  6. I need one as well. I have the sbe3 but would like to get my 1 up and running. Would love some good info to where I can get a barrel and have my gun up and running but not for the price of what I’m seeing.
  7. All of Larry's parts were bought up by the Cardinal Shooting Center in Ohio. Contact them and you can buy the parts that you need. Henderson (Hendo) two-time National Champion is running their pistol side of the house. Look Cardinal up on Google.
  8. Benelli M4 LE 11715 - 18.5 Barrel, Night Sights and Benelli M4 LE 11721 - 18.5 Barrel, No NS. Both come with 7 round mag Tube / Sliding stock. Both are same gun, one with Night Sights and one without Night Sights.
  9. I made a offer on Gunbroker.com for Benelli M4 LE 11721 and got it. Should get it on Tuesday at my FFL.
  10. I want to use it for Target practice. Slugs & 00 Buckshot.
  11. Is the FPS higher than 1300 on your shells? I had a similar problem, my shells had FPS under 1200 so there wasnt enough recoil to fully cycle the rounds. Once i started using above like 1280 i think, it hasnt jammed since. but previously jammed every other shell. i think you can use lighter shells once the gun is broken in.
  12. Yesterday
  13. I used a blow torch by inserting it in the area that would normally be occupied by the lifter and heating up the inside of the magazine tube where it is threaded into the receiver. It took a bit to position everything. I heated it up in "pulses" to not over heat one area but once it started smoking, like Sukhoi said whisps, I was able to unscrew the tube. No discoloration or damage to the receiver in my case.
  14. If this was a gun with an extended magazine tube I would tell you the magazine spring it too short/too weak – the last round coming out of the tube does not get pushed all the way back into the action....but since its a factory length tube something else may be the problem....but I would try a new magazine tube spring first, and make sure the plug is installed properly and not binding up the spring. When reassembling the magazine parts: Follower > spring > plug (with big end toward the muzzle) > spring cap
  15. do you think that my rifle has been tested at 1370 bars ?
  16. Sorry i also typod this. This is an M2 not an M4. The plug is installed and no other modifications. The 3rd shell always gets hung up. If i pull back the bolt and release it will chamber the round. I have completely disassembled and lubricated everything. It's always the 3rd round. Thanks!
  17. Magazine limiter plug installed??
  18. YMMV, but a couple of months ago I changed the original mag tube on my six-month old M4. It needed maybe 30 seconds of medium heat from a new DeWalt heat gun. Could have “needed” even less than that, potentially even none(?). My point: If your M4 is within a year old, your experience might be like mine and need nearly no heat to break the original mag tube free. Best of luck.
  19. More details please. You mean you cannot insert 3 shells into the magazine tube? Or from a full magazine tube, the third shell fails to feed into the firearm? What kind of ammunition are you using? Any aftermarket items added to this M4?
  20. Focus the heat on the magazine tube you're removing. Very little of the heat will wick into the receiver. The old tube isn't worth anything anyway. A heatgun isn't going to discolor much.
  21. Last week
  22. You know you've hit the right temperature when it starts "smoking like a chimney." j/k If you keep steady on both the heat and your twisting pressure (torque) on the magazine tube to get the magazine tube to break out it will break out long before you damage the finish. Wisps of smoke from the thread locker is a good indication you are approaching break out so when you reach that point you begin to take more care on the heat (but don't back off the heat yet) and apply more torque to the mag tube. Once you get it to break out then cut the heat and concentrate on unscrewing the mag tube.
  23. Is it 922r compliant? Sorry, I just couldn't help myself. Gary, your post actually made me smile. 😀 Great looking wheels. I didn't realize they had gone back to making motorcycles. I just looked at their website. Back in the day I had one of the first 4 cylinder Honda 750's. I don't remember the 6-hole Benelli from those days.
  24. I am having problems with my M4. It always seems to be the 3rd round doesn't fully load. It gets caught in the process. Would this be a problem with the spring or should i look at something else?
  25. OK, worried about the heat gun damaging the finish on the receiver. My gun doesn't have a temp setting. Any tips or tricks to help guys? Thanks!
  26. How much are you looking to get for your barrel?
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