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  2. Check with Phillips for a possible release trigger http://www.phillipsgunsmithing.com/home.html
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  4. Not entirely sure if this will help but Briley does trigger work for Benellis. Worth giving them a call to see if they can meet your needs. No idea about a release trigger https://www.briley.com/p-58223-benelli-all-automatic-shotgun-models-match-triggers.aspx C Rums is another gunsmith I've seen on forums http://www.c-rums.com/Shotgun.html Forums post discussing similar issues http://www.shotgunworld.com/bbs/viewtopic.php?f=61&t=367195
  5. I have a Benelli Supersport I’ve been shooting trap over the last 4 years. Love the gun and I’m shooting pretty good with it. However as I get more familiar with it, I’ve swapped out shims to get it fitting me (the pattern board) is perfect and now I’m down to consistent 23’s and 24’s & somewhat frequently shooting perfect rounds. What I’ve learned that is the last thing I want to address is trigger pull. I had the trigger pull measured and it’s about a 5lbs, 6ounce pull. I wanna see if Benelli offers either a release trigger, or a trigger that the pull can be reduced to 3lbs, 5ounces? Since the triggers are sold as a complete unit, I’m not finding any aftermarket, or gun smithing services, that can change the current factory trigger to a release trigger, or reduce the trigger pull pounds to be easier. I just feel that the current trigger is heavy & the pull ends up moving the gun. I wanna smooth it out & Ocasionally i find the pull the trigger ends up like a “yank” especially on hard right or left handlers & I end up shooting off to the sides. If anyone’s knows either factory solutions or gunsmiths that are successful at modifying the trigger for a smoother pull.
  6. Does Benelli or any aftermarket company sell a 70mm drop shim for the SBE 3? Looking for more drop beyond the 65mm "C" shim. Thanks - DT
  7. Just recently picked up this Benelli M3. It's a '92 model, with the HK import marks. I came across it at my local Cabelas. Someone had it transferred to this location, but never bought it, so it was sitting in the case. From what I understand, some of Tom's collection went to RIA to be sold off to the public back in late '13 / early '14. I have paperwork showing this shotgun being sold through here, with matching serial numbers. I've been a huge Benelli fan for years, and have always lusted for an M3. Between its history, and the cool-ness of the shotgun itself, I had to have it. Unfortunately, I never got a chance to meet / see Tom perform in person 😪 Anyways, heres the shotgun. Thought you guys would appreciate seeing this.
  8. Why are you selling? Do you not like this setup? I only ask because I was thinking about getting this same set up for my M4.
  9. Looks cool at least! I’d like to see what they weigh compared to titanium.
  10. Mine never free spun. Sure you can rotate them when in the socket, just like every other handle. I’ve never seen a picture of a snapped off one. Biggest complaint I hear is the handle can be over inserted which can scratch parts up while it cycles. I never had an issue with it.
  11. Really? Not suggesting you're wrong, but that's something I've been thinking about -- get rid of that shit!
  12. The rear sight on the M4 is a royal PITA to take off. The bolts are staked after assembly.....just sayin..
  13. Totally agree, Im a field stock guy myself.👍
  14. Carbon fiber mag tube....lol, reminds me of when I tried this...
  15. Thanks Jolly Roger. I may end up going this route, though I'd buy a factory replacement stock to do it to in case I mess up. Also, I'd like to keep all the stock parts separate so I can put it back to the way I got it. I was also looking at the Urbino stock from Mesa Tactical, but I'd rather try to stick with the straight, field style stock than the pistol grip.
  16. Its not terribly hard to modify/shorten LOP on your OEM stock. Plus you get a sense of accomplishment by doing it yourself. A Dremel tool is your best friend in doing mods like this. Here are a couple pics of my M3 before and after I chopped her down. Green tape and a exacto blade made a nice straight line to follow, after that I decided to just reuse the oem but pad so I had to Dremel a step/recess for it to fit. (picture was taken before final sanding was done) You could also use a limbsaver pad with an adapter plate as well. Here is a link to that M3 project if youre interested....it was a fun build. https://forums.benelliusa.com/topic/21328-some-m3-love/?tab=comments#comment-143712
  17. Isn't the TTI one a "spinner"? 🤣 I heard that people have had them snap off in competitions. Not sure if that's fact or fiction. Perhaps a run with poor heat treat?
  18. That’s one of the reasons I like the TTI stainless handle. I wish the left left hand side charging handle mod was possible on the M4.
  19. At that price point, you’re better off buying a m1014 and taking the collapsible stock from it then selling that shotgun back off with the regular pistol grip stock on it. I haven’t seen any stock’s lately. It’s been a dry spell for most of this year. I usually buy mine straight from Benelliparts. I wasn’t real thrilled with Benelli switching the H2O to Cerakote. While Cerakote is a nice finish, it’s a big disingenuous to call it an H2O. They should have gave it a different naming scheme. I had a few clients have me remove the finish and send it to Robar for the real thing. It takes forever and isn’t cheap though.
  20. Last week
  21. Ok, cool. Can you load up some pics? And, do you have a price in mind?
  22. Thanks for the reply truckcop. I was hoping that since the supernova Colapsible stock fit the M3, that the supernova comfortech stock would work too. Wishful thinking I guess on my part.
  23. While the comfortech stock with short recoil pad option would pretty much accomplish what you're going for, the comfortech stocks will not fit the older generation guns. There have been folks over the years do a modification of the original stock but that's even more complicated than the wood stock cut-down you already mentioned. Without some serious modifications, you're pretty much stuck with what you've got.
  24. No, the color is fine. Just a small spot I noticed. Idk maybe something with the mold? Most people probably wouldn’t even notice it.
  25. Just recently picked up an M3 used, HK marked with the 7-shot mag tube and rifle sights. The standard stock is long for my taste (I'm not a big guy), so I'm trying to figure out my options. Obviously one route is the Supernova Colapsible stock, but that's a rather pricey conversion. I've read you can get a pretty short LOP with a comfortech stock and a small / short recoil pad. Can I get a comfortech stock for my M3? Another option would be to find a used, wood M1 stock, cut it down and mount my own pad. However, I dont really have the tools / experience to do this kind of mod. Any help would be much appreciated.
  26. What do you mean by a "slight factory blend"? Is that a variation in color? Yeah, I would like to see some pics if you've got the time to upload 'em.
  27. I have a new take off field stock. It looks like it has a slight factory blend but otherwise new. I can send you some pics if your interested.
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