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  1. Please PM me, I'm sure I could assist.
  2. SBE 3 testing with slugs: Slug Barrel - perfectly centered POA 28" Bird Barrel - POA - below center- POA shooting slugs, knowing your ammo, yardages, drops are more than likely going to be bigger factors than true POA on a this shotgun.
  3. Is this what your looking for; What are you doing with the gun to break this? I have worked on more than 800 Benelli's, never replaced one of these.
  4. More drop will lower your pattern. More cast will move your pattern right.Cast Off is for most right handed people. If the gun shoots low, then you need a thinner shim. If your high, use a thicker shim. What most shooters want is a 60/40 pattern. Where 60% of your pattern is high and 40% is lower. Be sure with the locking plate (the part thats heavy and goes in the stock) to use the corresponding plate that matches the shim that you use. Please remember these are very minor adjustment.
  5. The Super Black Eagle 3 (10379 ) is a black synthetic with a rifled barrel. When doing a pellet count on a SBE 3 you would see a very evenly distributed pellet count with 60% high and 40% lower of your Point Of Aim. Every SBE 3 from the performance shop comes with actual pellet count patterns. If you could give me a day or two I can set up a SBE 3 with Optics and laser sight, to confirm POA shooting slugs, knowing your ammo, yardages, drops are more than like going to be much bigger factors than true POA on a this shotgun. I have worked on several M2 slug guns 20 gauges that shoo
  6. Would you be shooting slugs from a Rifled Slug Barrel or from a Field Barrel?
  7. Please PM me, I could assist you with your issue. Additionally check your tolerance on your BB's. You could do this by removing your barrel point it strait down, when inserting a shell into the chamber they should fall freely, seating the brass into the battery position, if this does not occur you are effecting how inertia and inertia forces are cycling shells. Any shell that does not fall freely will need sanded until it does. No brand is any better than others,when it comes to BB's, BB's or larger which are difficult to seat in the shot shell cup. Benelli bores guns very tightly compared
  8. When installing a magazine extensions it will be critical on a M2 to choose the proper Magazine Spring that is associated with various magazine extensions. If not you will bend your Carrier Latch in very short order. I replace several Carrier Latches per year most of which are from guns with Magazine Extensions, some just worn out. You will know when you have a Carrier Latch that is out of spec when multiple shells are released from the Magazine tube during cycling of shells. With that said I have seen new Benelli guns with Carrier Latches out of spec as well. This is why I remove and spec
  9. Still waiting on my third delivery of M4's. I do believe these are coming. The H2O in the photo has a Carrier Comp NP3 plated by ROBAR. Thank you to Stranger Danger in getting me this. I did get several Super Noval Tacticals if anyone is interested in these. 499.99
  10. Here is a photo of the current version being shipped to dealers, this gun was delivered to a dealer at the end of July. Please note this gun has a 7 shot extension and is 922R compliant. Please let me know if you would like any other details.
  11. Please send PM a photo, be glad to help. Mark
  12. Thank you for all of the kind words. All PM's responded to, MAY have 1 more H2O for sale, if these guns come in, I believe they will. Thank you to StrangerDanger who helped me with a Multi M4 build for a customer.
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