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  1. remarkable

    Choke tubes

    Retailers will get a price break on special model offerings. These often include guns with one choke tube. This is one method a retailer can get a lower cost which lowers the retail and still fall withing Benelli MAP pricing. Serial numbers are recorded on models that were sold with one choke tube. Please PM me if you would like additional details.
  2. The SBE 3 does not shoot high, there were some very early build gun from 2017 that shot high however they shoot a great 60/40 pattern. I have patterns from Rob Roberts SBE 3 Performance shop guns that verify great patterns 60/40. The very same guns I laser sighted, they shot exactly where they are pointed. I can not say with 100% accuracy what fitting components where changed in the design assemble of the SBE 3.
  3. I was at a shoot with the Benelli and Beretta rep this week, I am a Shotgun Manager for a large retailer in the twin cities. General guidelines as described by Benelli are 1 1/8 oz for 3.5 guns, 1 oz for 3" guns. The new Super Black Eagle will shoot 1 oz under most conditions. I often shoot 1 oz steel in my SBE 2 early in the year hunting without a issue. When looking at a Recoil Spring from a SBE 3 vs a M2 you will see a difference in the spring rate that is used. The OEM part number is different.
  4. Benelli recommends 1 1/8 oz minimums in the 3.5" guns. Shot 1 1/8 oz loads at a shooting event this week, the SBE 3 shot over a case of shells perfectly by many different operators. The gun will shoot 1 oz under the right conditions.
  5. Franchi Affinity 3 or a Beretta A300, both 699 in black
  6. This gun is in the Benelli Catalog.
  7. SBE 3's are great guns, I am the Shotgun Manager for a large Benelli Retailer. The guns that were made in early 2017 did have a few problems shooting high, this was corrected. I have several patterns from SBE 3's Performance shop with Rob Roberts chocks that shot a perfect 60/40 pattern. These same guns we laser sighted and they point and align perfectly. Please let me know if I can help, we have great Benelli inventory maybe the best in the county. Mark
  8. I will have 2 Black M4's available July 11th, 1799.99 plus tax & FFL if needed. I have a FFL in Texas that we could ship to without a FFL fee. Please PM me for details. We have a full selection of M2's in most configurations. No M3's however. Please PM me if you have a model you would like me to check into.
  9. I will have 2 Black M4's available July 11th, 1799.99 plus tax & FFL if needed. I have a FFL in Texas that we could ship to without a FFL fee. Please PM me for details.
  10. The Ethos with B.E.S.T will be out this year sometime, probably a very late Quarter 2 or Early Quarter 3 release. Black Anodized is only a 12 gauge offering.
  11. I will have 2 Black M 4's available mid July, these will be brand new, priced at 1799.00. Please PM me for interest or details.
  12. When ordering a new Comfortech you will need to pay close attention to the length of the pad. Very late into the SBE 2 life cycle there was a change in the length of the stock. Thus you will need to insure that the 1 & 3/8” pad is the factory NEW pad that came with the older model Comfortech stocks. The 1” pad is the factory NEW pad that comes with the newer model Comfortech stocks for a 14 & 3/8” LOP or length of pull.
  13. I would be very cautious about putting a scope on a inertia recoil gun. It will need to be very light in weight if you go this route. There is a formula for maximum weight to be added to a Benelli shotgun. Your inertia recoil system may be effected if the weight is exceeded, this could be magnified if your recoil spring is dirty or worn.
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