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  1. Depending on the year of the gun it probably time to replace your Carrier Latch if it has heavy wear, out of tolerance or bent. I have sent new guns back to Benelli with the same issue, when the gun returns it is noted (Adjusted Carrier Latch) which really means they bent it. Please let me know if you would like a part number or instructions on how to replace the part or need assistance. Another consistent issue with bent carrier latches is gun owners who put extended magazines and do not recalibrate the magazine spring. Having worked on over 875 Benelli's this is the most common reason fo
  2. Do you have photo's of your magazine cap and all of the parts you do have? Truckcop most certainly has you pointed in the right direction, it would be nice to see the parts you do have for your magazine cap already. Depending on the model the spring clip is installed on the front side of the magazine cap, perhaps you have all of the parts already.
  3. If you are describing a Franchi Affinity 3 Elite, check your Ejector Assembly which is pinned/riveted to the barrel. If this part is loose the assembly will not function properly. It will need to be sent back to Benelli USA to correct. I have seen the on one Affinity 3 Elite before, and check every one that is serviced.
  4. April 2021, back ordered
  5. There is a adjustment screw which applies pressure to this fitting, not easy to find but it there and can be adjusted, no worries.
  6. No need to press the bolt release however you can take some pressure off the Carrier Latch by reaching into the receiver and applying outside for to the Carrier Latch itself, the Carrier Latch spring would put slight pressure inwards. Please PM me if needed, I replace several of these in Benelli & Franchi every year, most of which are bent by owners installing magazine tube extensions, some just wear out over time.
  7. The Carrier Latch Pin should be driven out with a pin punch from top to bottom, then reseated from bottom to top with a roll pin punch, taking great care to align the mounting hole in the Carrier Latch not to crush it. Care will need to be taken not to reinsert the pin to far to interfere with the bolt and it's travel. Please PM me if you would like more detail.
  8. Please PM me if you need assistance.
  9. Using the cartridge drop lever will release one shell from the magazine, using the carrier latch button, no shells should be released, if so your Carrier Latch is out of spec or bent. Let mew know how I can assist.
  10. Your Carrier Latch is out of spec and is allowing multiple shells to be released from the magazine. If Benelli is sending you a new one just PM me, I will walk you through the needed steps to replace this part. Not difficult, you will need a few tools and the knowledge to reset your new one correctly and seat the carrier latch pin correctly. I have seen this on one Affinity previously.
  11. Willie, please PM me, I have every Ethos models - in stock.
  12. wtrfwl801 You have several issues that are effecting your Benelli performance, please PM me I can assist you with your issues, one of which noted above, your Carrier Latch is bent, out of spec.
  13. You are correct, the SBE 1 was noted for reference, the M1 Super 90 would sell pre owned for less, I have worked on both of these models extensively, some of which I wanted to purchase to put in our glass showcases to show customers Benelli, quality, build, longevity. Best in class retailers have not taken price increases on shotguns.
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