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  1. Your carrier latch is out of adjustment or bent. You have the updated carrier latch. Thus it is releasing multiple shells from the magazine. I would insure your magazine tube, spring and follower are very clean as well.
  2. Brian, If you would like to PM me I would be glad to walk you through this.
  3. The New SBE 3 20 gauge actually weighs the exact same as the M2 20 Gauge comparing 26" barrel's. There is some key differences: ComforTech 3 vs ComforTech Combtech cheeks pad on SBE 3 Easy Locking Bolt System SBE 3 New Carrier Latch Design on SBE 3, ease of loading, durability Different Triger Guard Different Safety size IMO - key segment into the SBE & Etho's platforms.
  4. Please let me know if you still need a Super Nova Tactical, pistol grip, 18.5 Ghost 499.99
  5. Quite often these are just plastic covers which may have been covered with the camo wrap material. A good Gun Smith Punch or similar is what I use. The cover will need to driven from the inside out which will require removing the barrel from the gun.
  6. This sound like your carrier spring and plunger are not in the correct position in your trigger assembly. Did you disassemble the trigger group at anytime recently. Are you saying that when you remove your barrel from the receiver every shell is falling into the chamber without obstruction?
  7. MDOG, all PM's returned : StangerDanger always has spot on insights as well as great knowledge - cause and effect which can only learned by experience in handling and observing Benelli operating systems over many years. Great contributor to this forum!
  8. Your recoil spring is wore beyond tolerance, you could replace it with a OEM Benelli spring, however with a M2 I always prefer with exception of a 20 gauge like replacing these with a Wolff OEM Power spring which you should be able to purchase from Midway USA or from a reseller on EBAY. If you sense your magazine spring is getting softer replace this as well, typically this not needed. If you can not source parts or need any additional information please PM me, more than happy to help.
  9. Not meaning to disrespectful here, in review of more than 25 SBE Classics & SBE 3's in inventory, every Benelli has the same offset. I currently am working on 2 SBE II's 2 M1 Super 90's, 2 SBE 3's, 2 Franchi Affinity 3's, they all have the same offset. I am including a photo of a un fired SBE 3. SBE 3.
  10. My recommendations: Discontinue Ghost loading Replace Carrier Latch Remove 5 shot extension, reinstall OEM magazine tube and OEM Spring Why: Some/most extension builders are not revising the Magazine Springs to meet requirements to not only function with the product line but this in consideration with the Gun Manufacturers Carrier Latch Design and strength. Most Carrier Latches I replace, many per year have one thing in common, extended magazine tubes. I build M4 with magazine extensions as well using the correct parts and calibrated magazine springs. Stranger Dan
  11. This is normal, most SBE II classics as well as SABE 3's will have the same offset.
  12. Received some very fresh 11707's, these were the original black color. I have seen several deviations in parts selections for different Benelli/Franchi firearms, it would be safe to say sourcing parts is challenging.
  13. This has been very common all of the M4's coming to retail stores as of late, model 11707
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