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  1. There were very few SBE 3's in the first production cycle that truly had mechanical cause and effect issues shooting high, if your gun is new, newer you MAY have fitting issues. I would suggest looking at a few shotgun fitting video's to gather the concepts and apply them to fitting your gun to you. I have had 5 SBE 3's from the Performance Shop that were patterned by Rob Roberts, all 5 shot a near perfect 60/40 pattern, verified pattern. I then inserted a 12 gauge laser into each of these guns, the point of aim was perfect on every gun. Another way to work it, all 5 guns shot a pattern exactly where they were pointed. I would acquaint myself with fitting your shotgun and understanding the role of the adjustment package from Benelli. Your SBE 3 with the center bead should assist you in alignment of fitting.
  2. The difference being I have worked on more than 800 Benelli's. When multiple shells are released from the magazine when cycling, this is a sure sign of a carrier latch that is bent out of tolerance. I have replaced some carrier latches that are just work out from hundreds are shells being loaded into the magazine tube.
  3. George, your expectations of Benelli repairing you barrel was a bit lofty. Please keep in mind Benelli has the best warranty in the business, 10 years, this is unheard of the the gun business. Secondly their turn around time is near the top. Frankly you should thank your dealer for sending it in, especially if they covered shipping. You have no idea the time that was put into: Acquiring your firearm Calling in the RMA Disposing your firearm to the repair center Acquiring your firearm, from Benelli Disposing your firearm to the gun owner Nowhere in the warranty does Benelli acknowledge they warranty abuse. I hope you reconsider your path forward. These are fantastic shotguns, that are reliable and have exceptional build quality which shows through many years down the road.
  4. Your observation in wise, " 1/8”-1/4” and releasing the stack of shells back onto the shell stop seems to put quite a bit of pressure on it. " I replace several carrier latches on Benelli's every year, most of which have extended magazine tubes. You will note the SBE II and the Etho's has the newest design, carrier latches which are two piece. You have not thought about the pressure that the next shell in your magazine slams against the carrier latch after the first is released. With that being said I have seen new Benelli & Franchi's with carrier latches bent that are sent back for "Adjustments".
  5. remarkable

    Sbe2 click

    I replace most with OEM Benelli springs, depends on the application. The Wolff OEM and 25% increase are great springs as well. Midwest Gun Parts has great service, fast. good prices, however they are currently out of stock on the hammer spring. With that I would go OEM Wolff and purchase them directly from Wolff Spring Co.
  6. remarkable

    Choke tubes

    Most Montefeltro's come with three choke tubes. Some synthetic black guns came with one as part of a "buy down" sales gun.
  7. Great topic and good question. If you look at the part number for the M2 recoil spring it is different from the SBE series guns. This spring is much longer and softer that the OEM SBE series springs. Check out Wolff Springs, there is no change in springs other than OEM Power, 25% Increase, 25% decrease. I personally replace all customers M2 spring with OEM Wolff. From your note the factory tried to change your spring rate, the OEM M2 spring. It sounds as though they went to far and your rotating bolt is now not locking into battery. I believe if you ordered a wolff OEM power spring, checked your shells for tolerance, (see recent Kent Shell post), your gun will cycle perfectly. Keep your recoil spring tube clean, keep your spring fresh, field strip your bolt, check shells tolerance, shoulder gun properly, every Benelli will cycle shells 100% like new. I have worked on more than 800 Benelli's, every one leaves cycling shells like new.
  8. Hi Paul, Here is a test for your shells, remove the barrel from your gun, point the muzzle down, every shells should fall into the chamber without obstruction, Benelli bores there guns fairly tight, to capture inertia, if your shells do not fall into the chamber freely, stop using them or hit them with a belt sander. This issue is very prevalent with BB's, all manufacturers, the tolerance is just not tight enough, yet you will not hear a peep about this topic from anyone. I have very successfully repaired over 800, this is a topic I demonstrate to all of my customers.
  9. remarkable

    Sbe2 click

    Shooting 3” 2s and 3s. Recoil tube/spring is clean. Almost seems like hammer doesn’t have enough power to hit firing pin? Maybe I’ll replace pin and spring and go from there. Great, replace your hammer spring, you can go with OEM Benelli, or Wolff has two spring rates available as well. If you have removed your recoil so spring I would just replace this as well, your SBE 2 is certainly old enough, I recommend every 5-8 years. This is a inexpensive part as well, you will be surprised how this well freshen up the cycling effectiveness on your gun. Let me know if I can help.
  10. remarkable

    Sbe2 click

    Three issues may need to be addressed, without see the gun these could be focus issues: Firing Pin Spring, tolerance, are you releasing the firing pin when the gun is stored. Recoil spring, cleanup or spring, is the bolt truly rotating into battery? Shells , are you shooting BB's, if so are all of your shells falling freely into the chamber when the barrel is removed from the gun, choke pointing down? If not you are altering the dynamic energy the rotating bolt, cycling. Please let me know if I can can further assist. PM Me if so desired.
  11. My advise, remove the magazine tube extension, here is why. At some point you will damage your carrier latch. The carrier latch hold and shells into the magazine tube. Your carrier latch is not designed to withstand the pressure of the additional loading and cycling of shells with this extension. I replace several carrier latches in Benelli every year. The majority of these are from guns with magazine tube extensions. If you do install the magazine tube extension, I would use it as little as possible at full capacity. The SBEIII and the ethos use the new style two piece carrier latches.
  12. There are several nice videos out there about this topic, make sure you have the correct tools and be carefully when reinstalling the Safety plunger, spring and pin. You can damage these pars very easily.
  13. Please PM me, I replace carrier latches and associates parts quite frequently. However lets get some clarity around the parts your are actually describing. Mark
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