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  1. Mike, I am glad you are reaching out to Benelli, great customer service. The purpose of the forum is quite often a place where others can learn and grow in knowledge and understanding. Understanding POA (Point Of Aim) and POI (Point OF Impact) is very important to assist shooters with knowledge and insights that could make them a better shot. Most modern ribbed semi automatics are designed to shoot a pattern higher than the point of aim. Benelli tolerance is up to 5" high at 21 yards. Most guns will be on the lower side of this delta. This means the point of impact will be up to 5" h
  2. Mike, Your M2 was designed to shoot a 60/40 pattern high. If you needed to use the SX Drop Shim Plate to "Center Your Patter", your gun clearly is not a good fit for you. When you say "Center The Pattern" what you are saying is the gun fits you better casted Left Handed. Your benelli is shooting where you are pointing it. This is why having a gun that fits the shooter is vital and working with a dealer who not only understands shotgun fitting but also the entire Drop Shim Plate and the corresponding drop shims and cast shims that Benelli offers on most models. I wish I had the gun
  3. Mike, The SX would indicate that your gun is now cast Left Hand, your C drop lock plate is current the gun was setup originally with the B drop shim plate. You could move you drop locking plate to a D. If you are right handed you will then need to choose the D DX plate. IF your fitting is not correct, it will lead to the causing you to shoot high. Your explanation about the gun being level is not clear to the extent of the fitting of your gun. In MOST cases the operator is shooting the gun high because of improper fit. You COULD have a tube barrel stop ring out of adjustment as well.
  4. Mike, please tell me about what drop shim and corresponding shims you are using. Secondly is your rib flat when looking down the barrel? If not you are shooting the gun high.
  5. Thank you for posting this follow up. I often describe similar experiences adding optics to a Benelli and how this effects inertia and cycling in Benelli/Franchi. Secondly, these types of components added to the gun are very important when describing cycling issues, most of these are often left out and are critical to cause and effect conditions in cycling shells in Benelli/Franchi. Proper shouldering most often gets snickered at when introducing root causes od cycling issues as well. These are SOME examples of why "my Benelli does not cycle shells". My first reaction when I hear
  6. Chris, could you take a photo of the inside of the M2 stock and sent me a PM. Secondly what model of gun did you select when getting the wood stock? Thanks Mark
  7. I would not expect Benelli to offer the 3" SBE 3 or the 20 gauge in a left hand model without a proven track record for the right handed versions that are currently out. I do see a trend moving away from the M2 platform, platform growth is occurring in Ethos and SBE Chassis. IF the M2 is discontinued this could create left hand demand for the two offerings you are interested in.
  8. The biggest problem with many of these threads is the author of the thread never follows up on any details that were asked for nor do they make contact. I often wonder why some even post on the forum.
  9. Would be very interested to hear why you prefer the SBE 1.
  10. Great choice, be patient it will be a long wait. They are backordered. Could be 60 - 120 days.
  11. One model you left out is as SBE 3 - 3" new to the lineup this year. Over the M2 you would be getting Comfortech 3, combtech, Easy Bolt, new carrier latch design. At $1600 this would b e a very nice offering and is a once or two less weight than a SBE 3 - 3.5. Your concerns about POA, extract are not a concern, what is important is how the gun fits you and using the correct shells. The SBE 3 - 3" should require 1 oz. minimum loads. IMO - all new models are moving into the SBE & Ethos chassis and are moving out of the M2 chassis. Please PM me if you need details.
  12. No special break in on a Benelli 20 gauge, the shells you have will shoot perfect. I will say just insure your bolt and rails inside the receiver are clean. When reinstalling your bolt put 1 - 2 light drops of CLP on each side of the bolt where it is contacting the rail within the receiver. After servicing over 900 Benelli's now, I have never had a gun that does not "Cycle Like New". Please reach out at anytime if you have any questions - congratulations on the purchase of your Benelli.
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