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  1. Greetings we have spoken a few times on this site; I cancelled my SBE III Model 10370 order yesterday October 14th and was given a refund. In your opinion what dealer would be the best to buy or backorder this shotgun from?

    1. remarkable


      I would not backorder a gun from anyone in the current market.  Benelli SBE 3 order time 1 year. If you live in CA you will have a very difficult time with a Dealer transferring a gun into your state.


      Please let me know if you have any questions.




  2. Could you look up the part number - Midwest Gun Parts - Schematic 828U - Benelli,
  3. Hi Larry, I can comment on this tonight, if you could post your photo, that would be great.
  4. Please PM me if you have not removed the barrel from the gun, new guns are very tight, however I would have a method I use frequently.
  5. Please send me a PM, I have a solution for this issue. I have seen this in several guns that I have worked on in the past 20 guns. The effect has not shown in the same way you mentioned but the root cause would be the same. No worries your Benelli will cycle "Like New".
  6. Derek, Truckcop is correct about identifying your gun. If it were my gun, having worked on over 935 Benelli's I would freshen up the gun by removing the recoil spring, replace it, once the locktit is broken you will have the opportunity to clean the recoil spring tube annually. Spring rates very from spring to spring, even if they come from the same lot. I have replaced simo serial number M1's after 1 year and SBE original H&K with pinned recoil spring tube nut/screw after 25 plus years. A great test for any Benelli is shooting directly overhead shots on cold day, your rotating bolt will then have face the force of gravity as it returns into battery. Shouldering, out of tolerance BB's shot shells are other factors that challenge Benelli shotguns, there are other factors as well. Feel free to reach out with any questions.
  7. Please reach out if you may need insights on how to replace your recoil spring.
  8. Very cool story, the only thing you may encounter is cycling issues with your gun because of the age of the recoil spring. Regardless if the gun has every been shot or not, your recoil spring is close to 30 years old. Gun Springs not only have a cycle life per say but also are sometimes more effected by the age of the metal. I would advise shooting the gun with 1 1/8 oz minimums as the gun was designed and see how it goes. Please reach out if you may need additional assistance.
  9. You will need to clarify "ADJUST THE BUTT PLATE". Are you referring to Progressive Comfort, "recoil limiter" I have worked on many 828U's as well as did custom fitting.
  10. The Cartridge Drop Lever works along side of the Carrier Latch, without seeing the gun it would be tough to assess. I am currently working the a Franchi Affinity 3 20 gauge with similar issues. If you would like to PM me I could try to assist as I am completing the Franchi. Thanks Your SBE 2 sound like a bent Carrier Latch, do you have a magazine extension on your gun?
  11. Franchi Affinity 3 used PVC plugs in the receiver which is taped as you mentioned. You can remove the trigger group from you gun and use a good quality punch in the proper size and drive them from the inside of the receiver - out.
  12. I see you live in Minneapolis and I thought that was bad Hell I live in San Diego, California. Anyway we have had several communications over the the last several months regarding Benelli's slow delivery of shotguns', I am still waiting for my SBE III left handed model I ordered last April 20th. Normally I wouldn't complain about waiting 4 to 6 months for any quality of anything I wanted but just to let you know I have had written correspondence by email with customer service and have not been offered and explanation for the delay. I wish I would have gone through the Gun Broker website. If I canceled my order I would pay a heavy price according to the gun store I bought it from. 

    1. remarkable


      The Left Handed SBE 3 Max 5 status is as follows:  199 Backordered, 138 in transit,  I think you will see your Benelli very soon.  

      All Benelli as most shotgun MFG are all in very poor shape, some Beretta shotguns will not even be available until 2023.  Benelli is currently a 6 - 9 month company to it's very best dealers like ours.  Small dealer like you chose are 9 - 12 months out on most Benelli models.  This condition is more than likely to continue well into 2023.  

      Our SBE 3 left handers should be in August if you may have a interest.



    2. eelballs


      Thank you for the reply.

  13. remarkable

    SBE 3 Shim

    Your SBE 3 more than is setup from the factory with the B Drop Lock Plate. If your model is a right handed version you will note that the Drop Lock Plate will be noted B DX. The DX represents a right handed cast. You can change the orientation of your cast by using the side of the Drop plate labeled SX. You will then have a gun casted left handed. I would suggest moving your Drop Locking plate to the D locking plate if you want to lower your POA. Please remember your Benelli is designed to shoot a 60/40 pattern high. Benelli tolerance is 1" to 5" at 21 yards. Most guns will be on the lower side of this delta. Please reach out if you may need additional help.
  14. Benelli is moving away from the M2 chassis in SOME segments, the Cordoba, Super Sport have already moved into the Ethos chassis platform which affords the opportunity to utilize the Easy Bolt and the updated two piece carrier latch. The SBE 3" and 20 gauge SBE reflect additional line movement into the updated chassis which speaks to a segmented market. Market segmentation is the process by which firms identify the different portions of the market according to how they respond to different products and features. This is a vital part of markets because the marketing concept requires companies to both understand and satisfy their customers’ needs better than the competition. As such, by segmenting a market, it is possible to identify those groups of customers with similar needs, and specifically target them with products that fulfill said needs. Successful marketing usually occurs when you speak precisely to your target audience. Market segmentation helps you achieve that precision. IMC programs that include segmentation assist in developing marketing messages that speak to your target segments, activities that are geared towards these segments, and clarity around your business that attracts clients like a magnet.
  15. The 3" version and the 20 gauge version are lighter than the 3.5, both are fine additions to the Benelli lineup, some if not all models will and have moved to the SBE and Ethos platform. Would like to hear more about your observation "hybrid of the Ethos and SBE". Both the 20 and the 12 3" are selling well, many educated shooter are just not interested in shooting 3.5" shells, for many reasons.
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