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  1. Greetings we have spoken a few times on this site; I cancelled my SBE III Model 10370 order yesterday October 14th and was given a refund. In your opinion what dealer would be the best to buy or backorder this shotgun from?

    1. remarkable


      I would not backorder a gun from anyone in the current market.  Benelli SBE 3 order time 1 year. If you live in CA you will have a very difficult time with a Dealer transferring a gun into your state.


      Please let me know if you have any questions.




  2. Will the Benelli Factory ever catch up with backorders? I have been waiting for 6 months and still can't get a ETA or even approximate fulfillment date from Benelli or the dealer I bought it from.
  3. I thought I would just pass this along to you for laughs. I have been waiting for months just to take delivery, I hope you can find those wood stocks. SBE III 12 Gauge Synthetic Left Handed Model 10370 Still on Backorder after 5 months
  4. I see you live in Minneapolis and I thought that was bad Hell I live in San Diego, California. Anyway we have had several communications over the the last several months regarding Benelli's slow delivery of shotguns', I am still waiting for my SBE III left handed model I ordered last April 20th. Normally I wouldn't complain about waiting 4 to 6 months for any quality of anything I wanted but just to let you know I have had written correspondence by email with customer service and have not been offered and explanation for the delay. I wish I would have gone through the Gun Broker website. If I canceled my order I would pay a heavy price according to the gun store I bought it from. 

    1. remarkable


      The Left Handed SBE 3 Max 5 status is as follows:  199 Backordered, 138 in transit,  I think you will see your Benelli very soon.  

      All Benelli as most shotgun MFG are all in very poor shape, some Beretta shotguns will not even be available until 2023.  Benelli is currently a 6 - 9 month company to it's very best dealers like ours.  Small dealer like you chose are 9 - 12 months out on most Benelli models.  This condition is more than likely to continue well into 2023.  

      Our SBE 3 left handers should be in August if you may have a interest.



    2. eelballs


      Thank you for the reply.

  5. Actually a couple of weeks ago I asked San Diego Guns where I purchased super black eagle three and it would be a heavy surcharge to do so so I guess I have to wait. I do appreciate all your effort thank you very much.
  6. FYI Yesterday I went back to San Diego Gun in San Diego where I bought the SBE III back on April 20. I showed the owner the email I received from Benelli " This model gun has a lead time of 4-6 months from order date." I'm not sure what lead time means but Benelli USA is still not able to come up with a ETA, I guess that's the way it is.
  7. Thank you Remarkable I ordered the SBE III April 20, 2021 from San Diego Gun on Mission Gorge San Diego, California. As far as I know they have ordered the SBE III left-handed model # 10370. I have done business in the past with them and I have confidence they did place the order with Benelli. My real concern is they where up front with me with and told me it would be 3 to 4 months because this model is on back-order and had no other information. So I reached out to Benelli in Italy and they told me to contact San Diego Gun from where I bought it from maybe that information is top secret I just don't know why Benelli would be so secretive? Thank you for your reply and interest. I guess I have to wait.
  8. 26 inch to shoot pheasant or upland birds or even for ducks it’s really up to you.
  9. I asked Benelli Customer Service how long it would take for my Super Black Eagle III left handed synthetic # 10370 to be delivered to the gun store from which I bought it from, their response: we don't have that information. OK I get it but isn't that their job to find out when? I emailed Benelli in Italy and I got the same answer but with a twist. I was told contact Benelli USA they don't have that information. Ummmm
  10. I have a Montefeltro I bought a couple years ago I only have about 50 rounds through it it’s a left-handed model 12 gauge and willing to let it go for $900 American.
  11. Does anyone know if Benelli is going to make a left handed Ethos in 12 Gauge?
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