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  1. I'm looking for recommendations for a good sling. I shoot left-handed and do not want to mount/install slings mounts/swivels. Any good ones? Also, how do you rotate the sling fore-end sling mount that is standard on the M4? I want to rotate it to the right of the gun to mount the sling for left-handed shooting. Thanks
  2. I have been reading forum threads and Google searches for 922r compliance for a 21" M2 Field. I added a Nordic Components 5 round extension tube and a NC follower for 3-Gun. Do I still need to add one more USA part? I like the comfort tech stock and do not want to replace it. I also like the forearm/fore end. What else can I easily swap out without loosing the great Benelli engineering? Do I need another USA part?
  3. I could careless if someone was shooting a semi-auto by me. Unfortunately, we have to deal with cranky people that like to complain about everything. I try to prevent issues before they happen.
  4. I don't think Big Brother would specifically go after people for not being 922r compliant. The issue is when Mr. Bad Guy decides to commit a home invasion/robbery of me and he is met with 9 blasts of 00 Buck from my M2. When the police seize my gun for their investigation and find that it is not 922r compliant, they will come back and bring **** upon me and my family. I want to make sure I am 100% compliant with the law no matter how stupid and silly the law is.
  5. I'm using my Super Sport for trap and the ejected shells are bothering other trap shooters. Has anyone developed a solution to resolve this since there are no shell catches made for the Benelli? A few guys at my gun club suggested I place a rubber band at the front of the ejection port to stop the ejected hull from leaving the gun. I tried it and it is a pain to remove the hull manually. Thanks
  6. I just purchased an M2 and cannot unload the magazine using the cartridge retaining lever. I push up the carrier and try to press in the cartridge retaining lever. It is too stiff and cannot push it in to eject the shells from the magazine. I have to unload it by racking the bolt until all the shells are out (not the safest way to do it). Any suggestions how I can do this. Will this be easier after the gun is "broken in". Several people have tried and they cannot push in the cartridge retaining lever.
  7. I just purchased a right-handed Super Sport shotgun. I shoot left-handed. I adjusted the drop to fit me and changed the cast shim and lock plate from the DX (right-hand) to SX (left-hand). Was a correct changing the cast shim to an SX since I am shooting left-handed? I have not patterned the gun yet. Thanks
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