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  1. Also, does anyone know if the M2 and SBEII uses the same disconnector? I found a 922r US made disconnector listed for the M2 and it looks almost identical to the SBEII disconnector listed on MidwayUSA http://freedomfightertactical.com/products-page/922r-compliant-trigger-parts-m2/the-freedom-fighter-tactical-922r-compliant-disconnector-for-benelli-m2/
  2. So now I'm seeing this...I found another thread where a few people are saying the guns are only allowed one "evil feature." So that would mean collapsible stock, mag extension, pistol grip. Seeing as my gun has no pistol grip and just a standard stock it would lead me to believe it was ok to put the extension on. Thread in question: http://www.thehighroad.org/archive/index.php/t-456707.html
  3. I also assumed it scored a 12, although I initially was curious since that link specifically states stock with pistol grip (which mine isn't; does it matter?)...the follower would knock me down to 11, but from my understanding since the Nordic is just an extension and not a full length tube it does not count. So I assume I would still have to replace another item from the list. What do most other people replace? Why do I feel I never see this many people talking about having to replace all these other items when buying extensions?
  4. So I've got an SBEII that is my hunting gun. However, I shoot A LOT of clays (with buddies, not skeet/sporting clays) in the offseason and there's a big gap between the end of duck season and the start of dove season. I've also dabbled with the idea of getting into some 3-gun and figure the shotgun is easier for the woman to handle than my Glock and 4 shells for HD seems like so few. Extensions are cheap so why not. I was doing some research about what length I should get and then came across posts about 922r compliance. My gun is just a straight from the factory 26" Max-4 SBEII...no
  5. Yeah...ended up calling them to ask what it was so I could research it some more...turns out it's something they do themselves. They send off the barrel/upper receiver and the lower receiver to get cerakoted in whatever that color was and then put it back together with the comfortech and fore end. I had already bought a regular max-4 SBEII there the weekend before, but it caught my eye and was curious about it.
  6. Was at Mack's Prairie Wings last weekend and saw on the used gun rack an SBEII that had some name that I hadn't seen before...something hunter I believe. The gun has all the metal pieces (receivers/barrel) in what looked like a powdercoat or cerakote that was a shiny tan/FDE color...almost goldish, but with more brown. The stock and fore end were in Max-4 or some camo. It was actually a pretty good looking gun, but they wanted more than a brand new SBEII for it. Anyone have any idea what it is and what it offers over the standard SBEII?
  7. That sliding stock is a new offering from ATI that was also demo'd at Shot Show...should be out in the near future
  8. Don't know if you saw, but it seems a full length tube was announced or at least displayed at Shot Show
  9. Yep...looks like you need the ones I linked. The ones that usually go by Benelli/Beretta/Mobil, they also fit the SBEI, Nova, Supernova
  10. So you're trying to get chokes for your Cordoba (Edit: wow completely missed you saying that in the first post)? Could you post a picture of your current factory choke so we can see where the threads are? As far as I know the SBEI (and other guns like the Nova's at least) use chokes that have the threads right at the top of the muzzle. SBEII's that use the Crio Plus I guess have threads about an inch back from the muzzle. If yours thread from directly at the muzzle then you should be able to use the SBEI/Beretta/Mobil whatever they call them chokes like here: http://www.kicks-in
  11. Is the Crio System the ones like on the SBEI's and the Crio Plus is on the SBEII's? If so, Kick's High Flyer chokes come in full and extra full and you can shoot steel through them.
  12. Also...do they not ship the spare chokes in plastic tubes anymore? Mine came loose in the case in the individual compartments
  13. I have a Supernova that is about 3-4 years old and I just picked up an SBEII yesterday. I noticed that the front red fiber on the SBEII is much smaller than that on my Supernova...did they change sizes or is this different because of the model? I'm not really complaining, but just used to the size of my Supernova so when I really had some time behind the new gun today I noticed it looked different.
  14. Thanks for the response...I was talking with a friend about it for a bit last night and I think he made me realize at heart I really just want a reliable, soft-shooting autoloader that can eat any size shell I want to feed it. The SV is new and I've heard multiple places the recoil is noticeably heavier. As you mentioned, buttons can be learned and favoriting one over the other that has every other check mark is foolish. The SBEII is back in the lead, but I still want to go give them both a good look over again to make sure I wasn't ignoring every aspect of their feel when I mounted them to
  15. Ahhh...the Super Vinci has a redesigned trigger guard as well to help the problem some people had with the Vinci being a knuckle bruiser and the safety is larger IMO if you aren't planning on doing a lot of goose hunting (or maybe turkey? don't know since I don't do any) there is not as much purpose to getting the one of the "Super's" with the magnum chamber. I don't do either of those yet, but plan on it in the future so I'm shopping for a gun that will take 3.5s
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