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  1. Claydavison


    Anyone willing to sell about a one or two dozen decoys. Ill take em used but i need them in good shape. Looking for some mallard, teal, pintail, wood duck, widgeon. Please let me know!
  2. Claydavison

    Best mallard hen call by duck commander

    I went with the camo max call. And it was fantastic with a little help from my benelli vinci.
  3. Claydavison


    Does anybody happen to have duck decoys for sale? Preferably mallard or pintail?
  4. I'm looking for a new mallard hen call and my personal preference is dc. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with different mallard hen calls and if so what was your favorite. I'm considering the camo Max and also the triple threat??
  5. Claydavison

    Duck Calling

    I'm lookin for a good new call r u still available?
  6. Claydavison

    What is big game hunting?

    When you hunt bigger game such as deer, elk, or bear etc.
  7. Claydavison

    Benelli bak order

    I anyone else experiencing the back order from benelli. I went in to order my vinci three months ago an the shop still has not received the shipment. Is anyone else experiencing this problem.
  8. Claydavison

    What is you favorite CHOKE for duck hunting?

    Hands down the new wad wizard.
  9. Claydavison

    Best place to hunt??

    What's the best place to duck hunt I'm from California and its pretty good, but I'm planning on going On a trip soon. Where should I go? I ward Louisiana is good and also the Dakota's as well.
  10. Claydavison

    Super vinci

    Thank you!! Do I have to make a account before I can bid?
  11. Claydavison

    Super vinci

    Is anyone selling a 12 gauge super vinci with 28" barrel realtree max 4 finish ?
  12. Claydavison

    Super Vinci - big thumbs up!!

    What club is that? I've been hunting three times a week at rahougies in prado and haven't seen that many ducks in one day.
  13. Claydavison

    Super Vinci vs. sbe II

    i was planning on realtree Max-4 no matter what gun I choose .
  14. Claydavison

    Super Vinci vs. sbe II

    No I know the sbe and the super vinci are the same price. I'm taking about the super vinci compared to the vinci
  15. Claydavison

    Supernova vs. m2 field

    I've just have heard prior sbe owners say as soon as they shot a super vinci they switched guns. I know that that is not the case wih everyone thought. Do u shoot the sbe or the super vinci?