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  1. Rice, near Richvale, CA. Another good Super Vinci shoot this week:
  2. Really liking my new Super Vinci! Odd looking gun, but everything is working great so far! The C drop is a true C drop, and my POA matches my POI like my 22 year old SBE. Nice work Benelli!!
  3. Patrick shows us the timer, where is the timer in the Benelli video? Where is the 12 shot Benelli? I'd need to see a 12 shot Benelli, on a timer, with a verified time of 1.441, otherwise, I still think the Winchester is faster.... The only reason I doubt the claim is that many, many, shooters have tried to use their Benellis to set time records, and they cannot beat the SX3 system because of the lock-up times, length of bolt travel, and a variety of other reasons. Of course, many, such as myself, feel the Benelli is a far superior overall weapon, so the time issue is really pretty moot as it relates to sales, which I'm sure is somewhat important in the gun business.... mudhen
  4. Somewhat interesting post. The date could be 1992 - 2012. Benelli hunting guns are not known to handle all trap loads. Can you imagine a list in their manual of what brands of shells might work in their guns? The list could be long. Then they would have to add a list for reloaders, telling them what reloads might or might not work in their guns. To me, this is 99.99% an ammunition manufacturer's issue, with the other .01% being operator error. I've only been shooting for 40 years, but in that time I can recall dozens of issues with certain shells. Few of the problems are gun related, even though tweaking a gun might help accomodate a poorly made shell. Kent for example, uses soft brass in some of their ammo. For years, Kent Matrix stuck in all of my 12+- shotguns. Should I have called all the gun makers and asked them to ensure their guns worked with Kent shells? Instead, I contacted Kent, who knew about the problem, and they sent me new ammo at no charge. Sometimes it is the gun, but not necessarily a defect. The Browning BPS has a slightly overbored chamber, by design, to accomdate feeding. Of course, this can lead to sticking with cheap shells. The solution is to polish the chamber a bit, and most of the sticking problems cease. Hang around a gun shop or shooting range, and you will hear all of the stories. They all seem to sound the same after awhile.... Good luck with your SV, I have one coming next week. I'll report back after testing.... mudhen
  5. I shot XR's for many years with no problems. But, with H-13 and the right choke, my patterns are at least 40%+- more dense. I did like how hard the XR's seem to hit, but I just want a better pattern. But if you like XR's, they worked fine in my SBE II with the same .660 Jellyhead & .660 Rhino.... mudhen
  6. What Tucker said, something's wrong. I wouldn't shoot it until it's working properly... mudhen
  7. Jellyhead .660 & Rhino .660. Replied to your PM! mudhen
  8. 180-200 with 3" MB. mudhen
  9. I've thought of a double for turkeys for years, but just don't have the energy or $$$ to look around and find one where both barrels shoot to the same POI. A few Citori's have been close, but not close enough. Not sure there would be enough demand for a dedicated turkey double, and it would probably be a bit more expensive due to the extra work aligning the barrels...
  10. mudhen

    Hunting Iowa?

    Hunted SW Iowa for many years. Done ducks, spring snow goose, pheasant, turkey, and deer. Stopped for many reasons. Can't really turkey hunt because of morel hunters. Plus limit is one tom, kinda pricey for one bird. Deer tags are now $600, and are by drawing only. Main reason is that I stopped seeing deer during the late season ML hunts that I prefer. Other key reason is that several other states simply blow away Iowa when all things are taken into consideration, and I mean blow away.... I don't want to give away honey holes, but one state rhymes with Lebraska, and the other sounds like Cansas.... mudhen
  11. Just ordered a Super Vinci in Mossy Oak Bottomland, my favorite camo pattern for turkey hunting It will take several months to get, but I'm very happy Benelli is adding a few camo patterns to their line-ups. I'm tired of Max4, so a breath of fresh air is most welcome. One new waterfowl pattern is Opti-Marsh, which I presume is some sort of Optifade in a waterfowl pattern. This is smart of Benelli I think. Sometimes new features will make the difference in someone's buying decision. I know it did for me, and this will be my first new Benelli in 4 years (I used to buy a new Benelli every 1-2 years). Nice work Benelli!
  12. My SBE II works well with any .660/.665 and 3" H-13 Magnum Blend. It's the only combination for me where a 3" shell outpatterns a 3.5" shell, which is probably linked to the underbored Benelli....
  13. Congrats!! I'm closing in on tom #100, and they all have been very special to me! I hope it never gets old....
  14. Primos Jellyhead in .660 is what I have used for many years. That choke seems to like 3" Magnum Blend. The IC .665 patterns well too. Being underbored, I have found the SBE II to be great out to around 40 yards, then the pattern tapers off. That can be corrected with fancy shells like Nitro, or adding a sight, or just not shooting past 40 yards, which I rarely do. Good luck!
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