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  1. Thanks for the link, spent some time reading up on them...definitely leaning toward the Specter.
  2. Amsdorf

    Surefire M80

    So, did you order the Surefire M80?
  3. I vote for a separate WTS/WTB section. (Then maybe some people will stop whining so much).
  4. Amsdorf

    Surefire M80

    Fire at will. Repeat. Fire at will.
  5. Whoops, you are right. My bad. (I'm just so happy he still cares!!!)
  6. And here I thought he was ignoring me.
  7. Same doc, no better quality, but a different location for it: http://www.homedefenseweapons.net/wp-content/uploads/Benelli-M4-USMC-M1014.pdf
  8. I just want a copy in much higher resolution so it's easier to read. If anyone knows of one, chime in!
  9. I wish I could find one that looks better, is higher resolution. Maybe somebody has a copy we can get scanned at high res? Or a link to a better quality scan? And if so, it should be a sticky on this forum.
  10. Here is a copy of the USMC's manual for the M1014 (the M4), in it you will find a verbal description of carrier loading: http://www.shellgunning.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/marine_tm_10698a-101-30_november_2000_benelli_m1014.pdf
  11. The video is obviously absurd. Everyone knows you can't be tactical wearing white shoes, they have to be black.
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