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  1. SPG1

    M4/M1014 USMC Manual?

    I can download and print yes, but I am looking for an ORIGINAL USMC manual...
  2. Where can I get the; "Operator's manual for shotgun, combat, 12 gauge,semi-automatic M1014" I have searched Ebay, Gunbroker and all over the web with no luck. I want a print copy, not just a pdf file. THANKS
  3. Any update on the black bolt handle? I have the mag tube and love how the finish matches on it, I cant wait for a matching bolt handle!
  4. Kipp, I have read all 8 pages, any update on the bolt handle? I have your TI tube and LOVE IT! Any chance on having the bolt handle finished to match the finish on the mag tube??
  5. SPG1

    M4 fiber optic sight?

    No, everything from low light to bright sunny days. I have fiber optic sights on other things that go bang...and in a room with the only ambient light coming from the TV the fiber optic still lights up pretty good. I have Tritium from Trijicon, Meprolight, and who ever makes the Scattergun Rem 870 sights and they are all nice...but nothing draws my eye to the front sight like a red fiber optic!
  6. Does anyone make a fiber optic front sight for the M4?
  7. SPG1

    M1 S90 Safety

    Hogwild, thanks that looks like the one!!
  8. SPG1

    M1 S90 Safety

    I have an M1 S90 that has a small round safety. I have seen a large safety that has a triangle shape. Does anyone know who makes it? Is it a Benelli safety off a later model?
  9. SPG1

    m4/m4 L.E./M1014???

    Can someone please explain the difference between these models? I want an M4 but don't know what to choose.
  10. If you start with a model 11707, or an m1014, with either a pistol grip stock are the lame pinned stock, can both be converted to the real collapsible stock. I am looking to buy an m4, but it has to have a collapsible stock on it.
  11. SPG1

    LPA sights?

    Could someone measure the mounting hole distance on an LPA marked sight? THANKS
  12. SPG1

    LPA sights?

    Hello, I am new to the world of Benelli. Will the current LPA ghost ring sights on the new models interchange with the old model ghost rings? THANKS
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