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Found 17 results

  1. Need a 1 inch ring for the AVA Tactical M4 light mount. If you have one to sell, please contact.
  2. Hello all, Promag Tactical Forend for Benelli M4 Promag item #PM253 ***MADE IN USA, AND COUNTS AS ONE 922R COMPLIANT ITEM*** The package came with a collapsible stock and this tactical forend, I only needed the collapsible stock... I opened the package, removed the stock and resealed the package, leaving the tactical forend brand new and uninstalled. It has a rail on the 3, 6, and 9 O' clock positions. See attached pics! email me at [email protected] if interested
  3. Note: I understand this is primarily a shotgun forum, but these really cool moves can be used with any weapon, even a catapult. Disclaimer: Firing randomly at imaginary targets in the air can result in damages to neighboring property, livestock, and people. But if you showed your neighbors this awesome video, they'd likely forgive you... them or their heirs. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ihnh7G1hoWo
  4. I have always wanted a benelli tactical model and I just happend to stumble onto a really nice M3 convertible on the used rack at one of my local gun stores this past week. I took her home, did some research, and it turns out its really a find. HK import marks, one piece 7 shell mag tube, pistol grip stock, and ghost ring sights. So I really like it but the stock just is aggrivatingly long compared to my 1100's and the bolt release is really hard to find in a hurry. Theres just not much info out there on the M3 and im really wanting to know if i can fit the m4/m1014 collapsible stock and if i do get an oversize bolt release which one will not interfere with the action in pump mode. Ive been looking at the arredondo, GG&G, and DMW release lever. I saw an oversize circular button but i do not want to permanently mod this gun and some of this stuff required drilling and tapping. My buddy just said practice the "benelli speed load" and bypass the bolt release altogether. Do the M1 or M2 barrels fit or would the way the pump locks into the barrel ring on semi not allow switch barrel capability, I'd love to make it my new dove gun by a cyl bore 19" barrel maybe alittle loose for that. Primarily i bought it to compete in some local 3 gun matches. Has anyone tried that green hull, phospate steel base winchester military surplus buck loads? I found some real cheap and I'd like to have afew cases of "00" around the house. I shoot alot of steel case ammo thru my pistols and rifles. Never had any issues, but i keep hearing wolf shotshells have issues and have blown up guns especially slug loads. Should I avoid the wolf shells? The low price is very enticing. What kind of patterns can I expect for say #7.5, 1 1/8oz shot payload out of the 19.75" cyl choke barrel? Thanks yall. The M3 has always intrigued me but theres so little out there on it.
  5. Hi. I just bought a used supernova tactical the other day and would like to put a collapsible stock on it. Anyone know where I can find one? Thanks
  6. I'm a new member and just purchased my first Benelli (Supernova Tactical). I took it apart and put it back together but now there is a rattling noise coming from the trigger assembly AFTER the trigger has been pulled and before the action is racked. Once I rack the action the rattling stops. After I dry fire it, the rattling returns in the trigger assembly. Did I put this thing back together correctly? Should I be concerened about the rattling?
  7. I have a Benelli m2 tactical for sale. 18.5'' barrel, 3'' chamber, ghost ring sights, and pistol grip. Comes with booklet, chokes tool, magazine limitor, and original box. This is a great shotgun with not a scratch on it. Its only about 3 months old. Only 30 or so shells fired through it. Im asking $900. Live in Indiana. Reply if interested. Can email pictures
  8. WTS: Benelli Supernova Tactical Collapsible stocks $295 Shipped New in factory sealed boxes 5 Available Paypal & email info below [email protected] click on link below to view http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.aspx?Item=249930695
  9. I have two 6 round Mesa Tactical Sureshell Shotshell Carriers for the M4/M1014. Both are new in original package. Price is $75 apiece. Send a PM if you are interested.
  10. Used had it for about less then year.....Im a college student who lives downtown. I loved it when I used to go out and shoot with it, but I got M1 super 90 on layaway at the Gunstore. I would like to do a local trade, im in the heart of downtown lexington, but I can do shipping also, only to FFL dealer. Email me at my work account, its my name at aol, I have a gun show in a week that I might take it to so the sooner the better. It has the pistol grip and the ghost ring sights, thanks alot viewers! Im selling it for $400, I also have a Romanian AK-47 thats going for $400, but if you want them both I'll do $750 - not including shipping. It would make a great christmas present! thanks yall
  11. Anyone have this mounted to their tactical pistol grip stock? http://www.tacticalshotgunner.com/mesa-shot-stock-mount-shell-carrier-for-benelli-shotguns-p-209.html Looks pretty nice but not sure if it's worth it.
  12. inyo82

    MR1 talk

    Does anybody recommend which mags to use? I have tried some standard metal 10rd and they caused jams also p mags don't work... What CA legal "10RD" mags work well? It seems that it is common for the bolt to not lock back after the last round even after I tore it down and cleaned it any ideas?. My gun is still new less then 500 rounds. Thanks
  13. I am extremely happy with my supernova, no regrets. It is my first Benelli and definitely not my last!!!! Check out my videos of some amazing feats accomplished by an 18" home defense guns, and please share yours, of any benelli shotgun. Look me up on YouTube, lordbaronpzda, or just put /lordbaronpzda after the site URL.
  14. I love my shotgun so much, I had to join this forum to express myself. Just picked up my Supernova Tactical today @ Turner's Outdoorsman, and the main thing that sold me on the gun was of course the Ghost Ring Sight. This is my first Benelli, and definitely NOT my last. This is also my first shotgun! I got myself a Mesa Tactical picatinny rail and now have a holographic sight sitting on the shotgun already. Here's my overall impression of the gun, rated categorically: Looks: 10/10 Definitely one of the coolest looking pumps. Weight: 9/10 Extremely light, but a little front heavy. Performance: 9/10 It's not as smooth on recoil as Benelli claims. Versatility: 10/10 Ghost ring, weight, length....Nuff said. Disassembly: 3/10 Buttstock too hard to remove, a must to get the trigger housing out. Assembly: 3/10 Again, buttstock. Need special tools. Cleaning: 10/10 Ridiculously easy. Capacity: 9/10 Just add the extension and it'll be a ten. Compatibility: 6/10 Not many buttstocks, not many add-ons available. OVERALL RATING: 9.7/10 (7.7 average + 2.0 for still being amazing, besides some flaws)
  15. OK, I just bought the Benelli Nova with rifle sites, now what? Well, I think the first thing I'm going to add is a mag tube extension. Anyone heard of or any experience with the Choate Machine and Tool products? Particularly, the Choate Mag Extensions?
  16. Im finally gonna step to the plate! I will be adding a few things to it after I get it... I would like to know what type of rails, mag extensions, light/laser combos + mounts you guys suggest. I have seen a few Holo/Red dot scopes... but do you really need one of those for HD? I will NOT be hunting or using the gun for anything else except maybe going to the shooting range to blow the carbon (buckshot) out every once in awhile. Pictures and links to the places where I can get the stuff you guys suggest would be appreciated too! Thanks to you all, looking forward to having some back-up to my Sigma 9mm. "just in case"
  17. Hey, I was just wondering if anybody could tell me what the bore diameter of the SuperNova Tactical 18.5" barrel is? I'm guessing that it is around .730" but I haven't been able to find any information about it. I guess I could just measure it with some calipers, but I was wondering if there was an official spec from Benelli, that I don't know about. Thanks
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