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  1. I can shoot 40 rounds at the range and have a tired arm but friends with 300 bolt actions say 4 rounds and they are in pain...
  2. inyo82

    300 win mag R1

    Just got a 300 win mag R1 and was wondering how everyone is doing on long range shots with factory barrel? I was trying to get good groups at 300 yards and was having some difficulty... I had 10 or so shots down range so my barrel was hot and I had a slight cross wind with 150 grain bullets How much accuracy loss do you see with a hot barrel? What rounds does your gun like? Did you adjust factory 8 lb trigger?
  3. inyo82

    MR1 talk

    Does anybody recommend which mags to use? I have tried some standard metal 10rd and they caused jams also p mags don't work... What CA legal "10RD" mags work well? It seems that it is common for the bolt to not lock back after the last round even after I tore it down and cleaned it any ideas?. My gun is still new less then 500 rounds. Thanks
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