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  1. I have a 26" bbl. that has a bent and lose rib----how do I get this fixed?
  2. I have an early 20 gauge M-2----the choke tubes are the old mobil---can I use the new optama plus tubes in this bbl?----
  3. I would try tru-glo produces by Lyman------also check other fiber optic sights -----was away hunting hope this helps
  4. I currently shoot a 7600 pump, need it to be reliable for cycling, my thoughts would be less recoil but do need the second shot in woods when needed
  5. I have been thinking of buying one of these rifles----however I do have some concerns and was wondering if anyone here could help with my decision? I would really like the 308, but suspect I must but the '06 rifle with the 308 as an extra---with that said how reliable is this rifle?
  6. UNCLEBUCK----I'm in southeast PA--- looking to do some preditor hunting this fall, my gun is M2 Have you heard of a lion being killed inHuntington co. below Lewistown? Seen an e-mail last evening at work with about a 200 lb lion at local home. should be interesting to see what PGC has to say about this one, someone's escaped pet!!!
  7. PH; I think you need to go to the range set up you pattern sheet @ 16 yards, make sure you take a rifle bench shooting position to ensure same mount each time you shoot your pattern, this is an old English methold proven many times. Correction of POI is 1/8" for every 2" off of center,ie: if pattern high you need to drop comb higth 1/8" for every 2" of [email protected] 16 yards. Make sure you have your gun mounted the same every time, also check out Lyman fiber optic sight made to correct eye cross-dominance. You should be able to correct this problem yourself, enjoy your gun. Acorn
  8. I have tried #4 buckshot in a M-2, best results were with factory full choke, because you are going to a bigger shot size I would start with factory IM choke! Go to shotguns and more shotguns web site or check out Dixie slugs, they make some awesome products and they do alot of research before leasing products to the public.
  9. acorn

    M-2 20 gauge

    Thanks I appreciate the reply
  10. acorn

    M-2 20 gauge

    I purchased a M-2 20 gauge with undrilled receiver top, Can the rail on regular receiver be driiled and tapped for weaver sight rail?
  11. acorn


    I have a M-2 I use for fur, did patterns with heavyshot with factory full choke gives best pattern for distance, 40 yards, also note I use 2 3/4 " loads and when using faster than 1250 fps or heavier than 1 1/2oz. of shot patterns start to blow. Hope this helps!
  12. acorn

    M2 20GA

    I ordered one in April, picked it up in August from dealer, gun is M-1 with M-2 stocks on it, my gun has the same stock as my M-2 12 gauge. Shoots really good, in July Hamburg, Pa. Cabela's store had one on the rack.
  13. I would go with a trulock ckoe tube try thier web page service is bar none and the product is one of the very best, good shooting
  14. I had one of these guns- I bought it to hunt with my gun would pattern60/40so you had to cover the target/game in order to hit it. with the syntheic stock really hard to adjust drop of comb, sold gun got my M-2 and never regretted the switch or extra cost. Shot clays yesterday with my gun in the 80% so I am very pleased with my desion- Best of luck to you on you purchase
  15. acorn

    20 gauge M-2

    Does anyone know when the 20 gauge M-2 is going to be out and available? Dealer called benelli they told him June but no guns yet!! Anyone see any yet?
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