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  1. Kelbo

    M2 20GA

    Does anyone know when the M2 20ga will be available? I have not been able to find one yet. Northern MI duck season opened up last weekend. It was great to get the SBEII back in action.
  2. Kelbo

    New for 2006?

    Actually I am looking to upgrade my Grouse blaster from an AL390 this year and have been eyeing the LH Montefeltro. Tucker, "You don't know the power of the Dark Side!!"
  3. Kelbo

    New for 2006?

    Hi folks! Long time reader, first time writer. First off, I own a LH SBEII. Love it. No mis-feeds, no problems with the gun what-so-ever. Has anyone heard what Benelli will be updating on the Montefeltro for '06? My father in law swears they plan to come out with the Monte with a synthetic stock this year. I've checked with a few of the local dealers, but they have yet to hear anything from their Reps about what will be offered this year
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