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  1. I'm with you Craig. I've read the manual so many times it's almost commited to memory. One example of confusion is that some people think the SX or DX refer to right-handed or left-handed shooters. My interpretation is that SX and DX refer to the direction of cant that the shim gives the stock and has nothing to do with which shoulder you use. They are big on pictures though....
  2. Let me know if adjusting the shims changes your point of impact vs your point of aim. I read my manual about 100 times and I get the impression that the shims change the drop of the stock thereby changing your view down the rib/barrel. I've used every shim combination and it didn't change my point of impact. It DID make a nice difference in my sight picture. Get used to the recoil. Again, in my humble experience, changing shims didn't change the felt recoil.
  3. I guess my earlier reply was not written well since someone took exception to it. Let me explain in a little more detail. I own 2 inertia-ejection 12ga sotguns. One Benelli and one Remington. I also own a Weatherby Orion O/U 12 ga. My other shot gun is a Remington 1100 12 ga gas-operated ejection. I would place the felt recoil of the two inertia-ejection semi-autos in the same ballpark with the O/U. I wouls say that the felt recoil of the Remington 1100 is NOTICEABLY less. My personal opinion--if recoil is a big consideration, go with a gas-oprated ejection. They require more care a
  4. I called Sportsmans. Sportsmans ONLY advice was to let them send it back to the factory. They did not offer 1 single tip or course of action that might help. I asked them if I could bring it in so they could look at it and they said "no, there's nothing we can do with it". If I "let them do what they could" for me, I'd be sending the gun back to Italy. If that's what you call customer service, you are very easy to please. I don't know what CS is so I can't comment on that wonderful piece of advice. You are quite astute to notice that I don't care for the recoil either. I shoot a variety of lar
  5. My 12ga M2 Benelli kicks like a mule. Don't believe that recoil reduction crud they advertise.
  6. Right about now, I'm thinking my new Benelli M2 was the worst mistake I've ever made with regards to a firearm. I have tried every combination of every stock shim and althought I now have a good sight picture down the rib, I cannot force the pattern to hit anywhere near Point Of Aim. I've shot 1 box each of 3 different brand game loads and all shoot the same; 85-90% of the pattern about POI with a modified choke at 25 yds. Using the full choke and Winchester Supreme 3" shells, I have to aim 8" low and 4" to the right to hit even hit the head of the turkey target. I have tried 2 different after
  7. Hi. I'm new to this forum so hopefully, I've posted this in the right spot. I bought my M2 a couple of days ago and have been cycling a box of shells through it each evening when I get home to break it in and get used to it. It seems to be generally shooting higher than where I'm aiming. With the turkey loads, it was hitting a full 10" higher than the point of aim. Will the drop shims correct that? If so, How do I determine the proper stock fit? Thanks!
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