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  1. Sorry for the late reply been traveling for work, no did not contact those two but sounds like you found an option ,did you try them? And did they work?
  2. Good news I was contacted by MIDWESTGUNWORKS.COM who was previously out of stock and now apparently has some , I was able to order the set. Not sure if they have several or just the one. For anyone who has wanted a set I would sure jump on this it's been a bearcat to find them anywhere. thanks
  3. Thanks for the idea sent several of them E mails and all were very nice but said no they don't make one for the R 1 , I may have to try and find a good barrel gun smith who has done some custom sight work. Does anyone have a recomendation ? I have found a couple company's that appear to have that level of expertise
  4. Folks I'm new to the forum so hope this message is posted correctly if not my apologies.I recently purchased R 1 in 30.06 saw a lot of comments over the past that it was really difficult to find 10 rd. mags and the open sights.I had called Benelli a couple of times and was assured both were available and if not they would soon be. I have found the mags which seem to be forever on back order but at a high price ( $ 110. Ea.) After much searching I can not locate the Benelli sights anywhere the few sources are all out of stock. every time I have contacted customer service over the past several weeks I do not get much encouragement that I will ever be able to get them.I was told November then December and most recently maybe not until Febuary. I guess they are a hot item even at $ 225.00 . Does anyone know of how to find one ( as stated my Internet search has been zero) is there someone who makes a non Benelli sight that I can install and would work just as well (using the existing thread mounting holes) Any thoughts would be much appreciated. I own 4 Benelli shotguns got the first one over 20 years ago and love -em. This is my first less than positive experience. Thanks
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