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  1. Does anyone use the Carlson Deadcoyote Choke tube for hevishot or the new Deadcoyote T shot in their M2 or SBE 11? I have one for my Browning BPS and it works outstanding.. Since the choke tubes for Benelli are frozen instead of heat treated could I wreck my SBE 11 barrel using non Benelli chokes?
  2. Black and even Advantage camo color is the worst colors to use for night time hunting during a full moon...God has given predators a gift to see right through your red light when you wear black or regular colored camos at night time during a FULL MOON. Now if the moon is not full then you can use the black and regular camo patterns...Best color for hunting at night during the full moon is Predator Grey....Light camo even white would be better then black or Mossy Oak..... Good post for sure here...I am learning things from all the outstanding input...Um I would be better off with advantage camo instead of pure black when hunting at night during a full moon... I just might have to invest in a camo gun instead of the pure black gun...Also I will have to compare the two camo patterns in the SBE 2 to see which is lighter in color then the other...
  3. Um wow all you people want to camo up your black guns..Are any of you sorry that you did that? I hunt predators at night time and a black gun would be more logical...Come the snow and I wrap all of my shotguns with that Vet horse tape...You know make them white instead of black...I do hunt predators in the day time, I do hunt geese now and then...Um I was going to buy a black SBE 2 instead of the camo...I already have Stalker BPS in black and never thought even of camoing it up.... You people are making me start to think. Um maybe I should buy a SBE 2 in the camo already instead of the black since why come along later and have to take the time and spend the money to have it camod again????? Good site here this is the kind of post that can make a person make a deceison before hand instead of having to go and do it down the road like camoing up a black shotgun.
  4. Are they avail, LH barrel in 24, 26 or 28 inch for the SBE 2? See RH barrels in the catalog but don't see if they also sale the LH barrels? Um wonder what a LH barrel for an SBE 2 sould set me back$$$$$?
  5. Subject kind of tells it all. What choke do you feel will shot # 4 buckshot the best? Also What chokes shoot Hevishot and what choke shots Deadcoyote T shot the best? I am a predator hunter and my SBE 2 will be used a lot for fox and coyotes...Anyone use the Carlson Deadcoyote choke in their Benelli SBE 2?
  6. thank you for the response. I appreciate it.
  7. I have been hearing a few stories of lion 's being seen but no one ever produces the carcass or pictures. PGC advised that you never see any lion's dead along the roads as proof that there are none in Pa. I purchased a Surefire red lens light today for when I get my Benelli. It's only a matter of time before I order one so the purchase of the light to affix to the shotgun was a good purchase.
  8. Wow talk about a high. Using a predator call to call in a coyote. They are smart too. It quite a challenge. People tell me that it's easier to call in a turkey then a fox and or coyote? If any of you would watch a video entitled: "Howling Bucks" you would start to hunt coyotes. The video was filmed in Tenn. It shows how the coyotes know when the whitetail doe drop their fawns. The hunters use fawn decoyos and fawn distress to call in the coyotes. This is the time of the year to hunt coyotes now when the fawns are dropped. coyotes are killing the fawns, and turkey too for the protein for their pups. The video only cost about $5.95 and is sold by Woodwise Call company. WW240 - “Howlin’ Bucks” with Jerry Peterson • Non-stop coyote and deer hunting action with decoys? Expand your hunting to include summer coyote control to ensure you’ll have more bucks to hunt this fall. See does Rush directly to a fawn decoy and watch hungry coyotes attempt to eat Your future buck crop! Biologist Gary Cook will show you the link between better deer hunting and coyote population control. Then see whitetails called to the same decoys during the fall. • (85 min. VHS) Price: $5.99
  9. Ah yes I would buy a Nova if it was a 10 gauge. turkey hunters and waterfowl hunters have been using 10 gauge for years. However predator hunting has really increased accross the United States. I have a single shot 10 gauge I use at twilight conditions at night time over snow. Nice to pick off a red fox coming in to the field mouse sound with a 10 gauge. A Nova pump would give you two more quick shots if you miss him with the first shot. Also coyotes in the east are increasing each year. The coyote hunters would buy a 10 gauge pump or a semi.
  10. http://ppha.us/docs/small_Expo_Flyer.pdf
  11. Ah yes that would be what I want to buy? Now I have learned something when you people refer to the SBE2. I got the Mark mixed up with the 11 designator. thank you for being kind to explain now I will be able to follow all the comments on the SBE2. http://www.benelliusa.com/firearms/lefthand.tpl
  12. Gee maybe I should be buying a Rem G3 LH? Wow what a welcome Tuck? I am just finding out what type of semi's Benelli sales. I am a left hander and I want the black synthetic Mark 2 with the Comfort-Tech that shoots the 2 3/4, 3, and the 3 1/2 inch shells. I never owned a Benelli before. I have shouldered a few in Gander Mtn and like how they feel. They even feel better then the Rem G3.
  13. Here in Pa the phone rings this time of the year. The Eastern coyotes need protein for their pups. Pups are no longer on mothers milk but need protein. The sheep start getting killed one after another. same hold true for your deer herd. Coyotes know the good protein that fawns make for the coyote pups. If you want to help some of your deer herd now is the time to hunt those fawn and turkey eating coyotes. Nothing better to a coyote pups then a butterball or tender veal like venison to make those coyotes pups have a smile on their face.
  14. Nope not a troll or a spammer but a true woodsman.
  15. Wow better yet I hope you have it in left hand someday too!
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