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  1. my wife wants to make a pink camo one now...
  2. trying their new pro-version of the camo dip kit... will keep you posted...
  3. The DIY Dip Kits have been holding up very well. i think you could scrub it pretty hard without any issue...
  4. The carbon fiber kits are pretty sweet too....
  5. just recently saw this new camo dipping kit that you can do at home www.camodipkit.com - that may be the way to go
  6. I see that they added several new camo designs to the patterns that are available for the dip kit. I think that the digital military patterns will be a big hit with many people.
  7. for those who are interested - the camo dip kits are on sale for $99
  8. Just did my first dipping - turned out really nice. Looks like a pro job. Did a gun stock. Will try to do a camo dipping on a deer skull next
  9. I thought some of you might be interested in this www.camodipkit.com - I think one kit will do 2-3 full guns, or 5-6 stocks.
  10. I have seen some awesome spraypaint jobs using stencils that look like the actual realtree and mossy oak camo. I just wanted to option to remove it if I wanted to
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