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Found 12 results

  1. When lining up the sight on the stock to the channel on the barrel I find at a fully aligned position there is about a 1/16 and a half of play. When shooting rounds I find it shifts back and forth and makes me have to aim gangster style. I just bought the gun and am wondering if this is normal for the channel to be off a bit with the sight on the grip?
  2. I’d prefer a slightly longer barrel for my Ethos 12 gauge. Anybody interested in a trade please reach out or call me at (208) 697-1117. My 26” barrel is in excellent used condition.
  3. I've been shooting my SBE2 set up with deviation plate at SX, Locking plate at B-SX and drop shim at B. I'm a left-handed shooter and drop seems spot-on, but I've been noticing that I consistently shoot slightly to the right. I was wondering if I can change one of the cast shims to make an adjustment and am looking for advice as to what to make the change to. It is slightly to the right of bullseye at 30 yards no matter what choke tube is used. THX!
  4. I'm hoping to find out more about this benelli special 80 I inherited in box still wrapped from my grandfather who passed away. Most of the manuals are in Italian and I'd like to know as much as possible about it as it means much to me (history, rarity, specs, ect.) any help is appreciated
  5. Hi all, I bought my first shotgun last year, an M2 tactical, for home defense. I want to now go skeet shooting but I believe my gun is not ideal, especially because my barrel is too short. Question 1: Do you recommend I buy another shotgun - a Benelli, of course. Or, should I buy another barrel? Question 2: If I do get another barrel, which one do you recommend? Question 3: How hard is it to replace barrels on a Benelli? Thanks! Sam
  6. im having a hard time deciding on a sbe2 or a sv. I will use the gun turkey hunting, hard core water fowling and pretty much anything that flys and is legal in America i will be hunting. My gun will be in freezing temperatures sometimes and also around water alot. Im leaning more towards the sbe2 but please help me decide on the sbe2 or sv.
  7. Im looking at selling my Benelli Super Black Eagle 2, max4 camo, 28" barrel, all stock parts(chokes and case as well as books), plus additional choke and camo carry strap. I still have the original receipt for the gun. Gun was used 3 times for duck hunting this year(was broken in properly at the range). was always fully cleaned after each use. Will also come with a soft camo floating case for it. Price is $1500 firm. Email me for pictures or any questions [email protected] [ATTACH=CONFIG]1381[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]1382[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]1383[/ATTACH]
  8. I have a Benelli m2 tactical for sale. 18.5'' barrel, 3'' chamber, ghost ring sights, and pistol grip. Comes with booklet, chokes tool, magazine limitor, and original box. This is a great shotgun with not a scratch on it. Its only about 3 months old. Only 30 or so shells fired through it. Im asking $900. Live in Indiana. Reply if interested. Can email pictures
  9. I will add my weekly update in this post. Questions, comments welcome. 10/10 - 10/16 New domain name http://shotgunscore.com A counter of all the broken targets recorded on the site. Close to 75K. Added a smarter chart, which allows you to zoom in and out. Also now scores are broken down in pages of 15. Some of you have entered hundreds. The scores table is now separated in score, equipment, environment, competition and rewards. This way you can see all your data in one place. Now you can also sort a majority of columns. This concludes the data gathering and presentation. Next you'll get more tools to help you become a more efficient shooter
  10. I haven't seen many/any posts about shotgun ammunition. It'd be nice to see what kind of ammo everyone uses and where they get it from. I'm looking for more of a home defense/fun to shoot round. Found some 0000 buck that looks like it'd be nice to have on hand Particularly what websites you get it from because there are so many. My hope is that seeing how other people get their goods will make questions such as: "am I getting a good price? will I get the order within the next year? will I get high quality ammo?" go away. I've been lurking around sites such as ammunitiontogo.com, paraklesetechnologies.com, etc., just haven't ordered anything yet. Any posts will help!
  11. I have a Benelli shotgun that I got a while ago. I'm not sure exactly what model it is, but it looks exactly like the Nova Pump. It doesn't have any mounting holes on the top. I want to mount a holographic sight or a red dot sight on it. Does anybody know a way how I could do this?
  12. THE KRUGER CLASSIC October 16th, 17th & 18th 2009 FIRST TIME on the EAST COAST Targets Set By Jon Kruger & Joseph P. Scull, Sr. 200 Bird Main Event Paying 5 Places Each Class–(M-E) $400 1st, $300 2nd, $200 3rd, $150 4th, $100 5th 200 Bird Main Event 100 Target Friday Prelim 100 Target FITASC 50 Target 5 Stand Cedar Creek Sporting Clays 499 Ramah Road Millville, NJ 08332 609.517.4245 cedarcreeksportingclays.com Sign up and scores on claysportsonline.com
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