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Found 12 results

  1. Patterning question - waterfowl choke and shell shoots great out of SBE2 with 60 above / 40 below point of aim. Changing to different shell/choke for turkey messes up the point of impact (shot several inches below point of aim). So do you… 1. Keep testing different shells and chokes until it works well for turkey, 2. OR change the shim/cast to match pattern to point of aim? (This would mean using different shim/casts for different hunts— what a pain in the a**) Appreciate it!!
  2. Hello everyone, new to the forum here. Over the last couple of years I have began to be plagued by cycling issues regarding my SBE2, in specifics 2 3/4 inch shells. Now I would like to start by saying this is a gun that I have owned for going on 11 years and have put close to 20,000 rounds through it during that time. I noticed the problem dove hunting a couple years ago when it wouldn’t fully cycle Remington Gun clubs. Since then it absolutely will not cycle any target load, and will not cycle most 2 3/4 magnum rounds. It will either stove pipe the empty hull or eject it but the next round will get caught under the bolt carrier (bolt won’t cycle all the way back). This problem has lead me to purchasing another shotgun. Now that that is addressed I would like to add this. I have tried several different kinds of cleaners including CLP, Lucas gun oil, frog lube, hoppes, and clenzoil. I’ve tried powdered graphite along the slide rail, I’ve tried well oiled, light oiled, and bone dry. I’ve cleaned every nook and cranny in this gun you can imagine. I have also replaced the recoil spring with a Wolff XP and have tried a RP spring, as well as a factory replacement. I’ve replaced magazine caps followers, inertia springs, and locking pin retainer. (I’m sure I’m leaving something out). I love the gun, I shoot it very well but I can’t trust the reliability issues. Any advice or comments would be appreciated as I would love to get the gun back shooting again so I don’t have to keep shooting a dang beretta
  3. I've been shooting my SBE2 set up with deviation plate at SX, Locking plate at B-SX and drop shim at B. I'm a left-handed shooter and drop seems spot-on, but I've been noticing that I consistently shoot slightly to the right. I was wondering if I can change one of the cast shims to make an adjustment and am looking for advice as to what to make the change to. It is slightly to the right of bullseye at 30 yards no matter what choke tube is used. THX!
  4. Hello, I have been having a problem with my Super Black Eagle 2. The problem is that while I am hunting I pull the trigger and a shell gets put onto the carrier, but the shell in the chamber hasn't gone off which leaves me not being able to shoot and just clicks. Any help on what the problem might be would be appreciated.
  5. I'm still shooting my 14 year old SBE2 and haven't kept up with too much of the newer stuff other than keep hoping for a Camo Ethos for a new duck gun, but does anyone know if any of the newer recoil pads from the Vinci or SBE3 will fit on the SBE2? If so, which and if both, which is better? Thanks
  6. Hey guys, new to the forum but not new to Benelli's. Just purchased my 2nd one, a SBE3 to replace my stolen SBE2... bought it in anticipation for this upcoming waterfowl season, but unfortunately life changes and I'll be moving overseas and can't take it with. I have fired one session of sporting clays (100 rounds) through it and it cycled flawlessly out of the box on 2 3/4 fiocci target loads. It's a black synthetic with 28" barrel. I wrapped the stock and forend in mossy oak 3M vinyl wrap, but but it can easily be removed back to the stock configuration if desired. I will include all factory paperwork and accessories. Looking to get $1500. My loss is your gain. I can ship if need be, but I am located in northwest Louisiana. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. You can PM or contact me directly at 815-508-2696. Thanks!
  7. Cody H


    is the sbe2 worth the money? Im looking at getting that or the super vinci. which one should i get?
  8. whats the better gun of thse two and why? Just looking for some opinions.
  9. im having a hard time deciding on a sbe2 or a sv. I will use the gun turkey hunting, hard core water fowling and pretty much anything that flys and is legal in America i will be hunting. My gun will be in freezing temperatures sometimes and also around water alot. Im leaning more towards the sbe2 but please help me decide on the sbe2 or sv.
  10. Im looking at selling my Benelli Super Black Eagle 2, max4 camo, 28" barrel, all stock parts(chokes and case as well as books), plus additional choke and camo carry strap. I still have the original receipt for the gun. Gun was used 3 times for duck hunting this year(was broken in properly at the range). was always fully cleaned after each use. Will also come with a soft camo floating case for it. Price is $1500 firm. Email me for pictures or any questions [email protected] [ATTACH=CONFIG]1381[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]1382[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]1383[/ATTACH]
  11. What's everybody's take on best ammo for the SBE2? I've had mine for years and can't seem to find the best shot pattern. I have a Carlson's long range choke tube, but it doesn't pattern well at all even with black cloud shells. In fact, I haven't had a black cloud shell that has patterned well at all. Shooter error? I'd hope not.... Standing still at multiple distances right on target and was still disappointed. The only pattern that looked like a kill shot was at 30 yards. Keep using the aftermarket choke? Switch away from Black Cloud shells? Any suggestions? -------------------------------------------- "If it flies it dies!"
  12. Hi ! I don't know which chose ! I do a lot of trick shooting Thanks !
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