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Found 5 results

  1. Hey guys, So let my take the SBE3 hunting he tried being a nice guy and cleaning it for me. He ended up getting the trigger assembly stuck. I’m not quite sure how to get it out. Any advice would help! Here a couple pictures.
  2. Whats up guys, I'm looking to buy a new gun for waterfowl + turkey + upland bird hunting and was wondering what are the differences between the SBE3 and the Supervinci that explain the price difference between the two of them; which one would shoot better? Which feature of the gun do like the most? what would one give that the other cannot do? I already have a Supernova so i'm familiar with the brand, i just want to improve to an auto-loader and do not want anything else than a Benelli. Thanks
  3. My wife and I are thinking of getting and SBE3 for our son for a graduation present. We would like to engrave a simple inscription like "With love from Mom and Dad" on it but don't know if that would screw up the finish or even where to put it. Does anyone have experience with this?
  4. I'm still shooting my 14 year old SBE2 and haven't kept up with too much of the newer stuff other than keep hoping for a Camo Ethos for a new duck gun, but does anyone know if any of the newer recoil pads from the Vinci or SBE3 will fit on the SBE2? If so, which and if both, which is better? Thanks
  5. Hey guys, new to the forum but not new to Benelli's. Just purchased my 2nd one, a SBE3 to replace my stolen SBE2... bought it in anticipation for this upcoming waterfowl season, but unfortunately life changes and I'll be moving overseas and can't take it with. I have fired one session of sporting clays (100 rounds) through it and it cycled flawlessly out of the box on 2 3/4 fiocci target loads. It's a black synthetic with 28" barrel. I wrapped the stock and forend in mossy oak 3M vinyl wrap, but but it can easily be removed back to the stock configuration if desired. I will include all factory
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