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Found 4 results

  1. Patterning question - waterfowl choke and shell shoots great out of SBE2 with 60 above / 40 below point of aim. Changing to different shell/choke for turkey messes up the point of impact (shot several inches below point of aim). So do you… 1. Keep testing different shells and chokes until it works well for turkey, 2. OR change the shim/cast to match pattern to point of aim? (This would mean using different shim/casts for different hunts— what a pain in the a**) Appreciate it!!
  2. I got this turkey 17 minutes into Iowa second season. It was an unusual hunt with approximately 12 toms in the vacinity. We saw no hens. I got this 21 pounder with my 28" Max-4 Benelli Supernova and a Benelli turkey choke.
  3. I just recently bought a stoeger 2000.And i was wondering what is the best after factory turkey choke hat has a good pattern indian creek or a kicks?
  4. Hello: I would like to ask about how things are sized with turkey chokes. I bought my Benelli SBE II and the guys threw in a Mad Max II turkey choke (not ported). It states that the constriction is a .660 constriction. I would like to use the Federal Premium High Velocity turkey load that has the flite control wad. They state that the restriction should be .665 or larger. See below info: Revolutionary Flitecontrol™ wads stay with shot longer, providing more pellets on target, and 30% tighter patterns than traditional wad systems. Copper-plated buffered shot for dense, tight, uniform patterns. High velocity. 10 rounds per box. Per the manufacturer, optimal performance will be obtained when used with non-ported chokes having a constriction of .665 of an inch and larger. Ported chokes can be used, but may not pattern as well. Here are the questions: 1. Am I able to use this ammunition with the mad max choke that was given to me? 2. What do the numbers mean as they go up or down? Sorry for posting so many questions lately but I am a new owner and want to learn as much as possible. Regards Bill
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