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  1. I got this turkey 17 minutes into Iowa second season. It was an unusual hunt with approximately 12 toms in the vacinity. We saw no hens. I got this 21 pounder with my 28" Max-4 Benelli Supernova and a Benelli turkey choke.
  2. Hello. I am a very proud new owner of a Benelli Supernova 12 gauge in Realtree Max-4. I plan to use this beauty for Ducks, Turkey and Deer. My main question is deer hunting. Where I hunt most shots will be around 50-75 yards max. How is shooting slugs through the stock 28" field barrel? I am debating on buying a rifled slug barrel but they are $500+. I would like to use the stock barrel if you all think it would work. If so what choke should I use? Any input on ammunition for slugs through the stock field barrel? Thanks in advance. Don
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