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Found 8 results

  1. I have a brand new Super Nova 12 Gauge that I just cleaned for the second time after shooting 50 rounds of trap. After brushing and swabbing the barrel with the action open, I went to cycle the action but the pump/slide got firmly stuck in the open bolt position. I was able to release it only by removing the trigger assembly. Has anyone else experienced this problem? It is possible I hit the bolt face with my cleaning rod and somehow caused it to jam open? I'd like to avoid it again for field cleaning, so I'm looking for insight on what may have caused it. Thanks.
  2. I got this turkey 17 minutes into Iowa second season. It was an unusual hunt with approximately 12 toms in the vacinity. We saw no hens. I got this 21 pounder with my 28" Max-4 Benelli Supernova and a Benelli turkey choke.
  3. Forum, I need to remove the black plugs from the top of my Super Nova with Turkey Barrel. PLease advise on how to do that. I cannot find it in the manual. I am concerned that this is SO easy that this is a dumb question. Thank you in advance for your assistance. Barnman73
  4. Used had it for about less then year.....Im a college student who lives downtown. I loved it when I used to go out and shoot with it, but I got M1 super 90 on layaway at the Gunstore. I would like to do a local trade, im in the heart of downtown lexington, but I can do shipping also, only to FFL dealer. Email me at my work account, its my name at aol, I have a gun show in a week that I might take it to so the sooner the better. It has the pistol grip and the ghost ring sights, thanks alot viewers! Im selling it for $400, I also have a Romanian AK-47 thats going for $400, but if you want them both I'll do $750 - not including shipping. It would make a great christmas present! thanks yall
  5. I recently bought a Supernova Tactical. Being the tactical fanatic I am, the first thing I did was start buying accessories. Of course the first is the mag extension. I bought the Nordic Components because of all of the great reviews I've read. I love it! Only one question though. I installed the extension and clipped the spring as stated on the instructions (10-16" longer than the entire tube + extension). After finishing the install I realized that I could fit seven 2 3/4 shells into the tube. There is only about an additional half inch of movement after putting in the seventh. Will this cause too much stress on the spring? I'm sure it could after a while, but being that I use this as my patrol shotgun...the more rounds the merrier! Opinions please!
  6. Hey Everyone, New member here and I just got my sexy Super Nova. I already got the collapsible stock, but looking for other official parts like extension magazine, etc. Please PM me if you have anything... Thanks! J
  7. The super nova has what appears to be a QD sling mount that wraps from the barrel to and around the mag tube (is actually what holds the mag tube in place). On the bottom of that is what I'm talking about. Is this in fact a QD sling mount? And if so, does anyone know what size it is so that I can purchase the appropriate sized part?
  8. Hello to all! Proud new SuperNova owner here. If I am right handed, should I only use Stock Locking Plate (DX)? From what I have read this plate gives curviture to the stock, receiver with butt towards shoulder instead of (SX) which gives stock curviture from reciever with butt towards chest.... It seems if i use the (DX) plate I have to readjust my cheek more so over the stock which is very uncomfortable and inaccurate. If i use (SX) plate the curviture allows for a more flush mount of cheek to the stock and aligns my eye better to the sights. SO IF I AM RIGHT HANDED CAN I USE PLATE (SX) = LEFT HAND? Any help or knowledge would be appreciated! Thanks
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