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Found 6 results

  1. Hi ! I need to know the barrel measurement of the SBE 2 (28'', 26'' or 24'')like this picture. Thanks ! [ATTACH=CONFIG]986[/ATTACH]
  2. Hi I need measurement of the M2 Field (28'', 26'' or 24'') Look the picture [ATTACH=CONFIG]987[/ATTACH] I don't know which barrel lenght for clay ! Thanks a lot !
  3. Hey Everyone, New member here and I just got my sexy Super Nova. I already got the collapsible stock, but looking for other official parts like extension magazine, etc. Please PM me if you have anything... Thanks! J
  4. Hi, I'm looking at buying a NC 7+ mag extension for my Benelli M2 28inch Comfortech. I was wondering if anyone has done the same? If so what is it like in regards to the length and what type of clamp did u buy? Thanks, Steve
  5. Hi, I want to buy a magazine extension for my benelli M2 28inch comfortech. Anyone selling any? Btw i'm living in the UK .... but if you live outside and will post i'm happy to buy. Give me a shout if anyone knows of any for sale! Ta, Steve
  6. Hi everyone, I recently bought a Benelli M2 Its 28inch barrel I want to know where in the UK i can buy a magazine extnesion for it? Or even where could i buy one that would post to the UK? Preferably to go to the end of the barrel! Can someone please help me as i have been looking for quite some time! Thanks Steven
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