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Found 22 results

  1. Hi all, I bought my first shotgun last year, an M2 tactical, for home defense. I want to now go skeet shooting but I believe my gun is not ideal, especially because my barrel is too short. Question 1: Do you recommend I buy another shotgun - a Benelli, of course. Or, should I buy another barrel? Question 2: If I do get another barrel, which one do you recommend? Question 3: How hard is it to replace barrels on a Benelli? Thanks! Sam
  2. I would like to have a Benelli Nova owner help me check out a barrel that I purchased from Gunbroker. I purchased this barrel for a gunsmithing project and I need to check the fit by installing it on a Nova action. Are there any Benelli Nova owners in the Rochester NY/ Ontario Co./ Wayne Co. area that could help me out? I could travel to meet at a gun club or local dealer, whichever would be more convenient. If you want to message off list my email is [email protected].. Thank you for any help I may get. midnightrider0996
  3. I am in Canada and have a Supernova with a 14" barrel. I've got it for sale somewhere on this forum.....but, I was wondering if it is worth selling the barrel alone and getting a longer one for myself. It's the one with the ghost ring sights. Is there a market in th US for 14" barrels and what would this be worth? I might be ble to get a few of them. Also, I'll see if I can get some collapsible stocks. People seem to want them. I had one but traded it for a Comfortech, which is much better for hunting. If selling my '14 incher' to an American is illegal, then please tell me. I don't know US laws. Thanks Karl
  4. Hi, my name is Sam. I just picked up a brand new Benelli Supernova tactical with rifle sights.I got it home, read the manual and before I even assembling the barrel I notice this on the breach side of the barrel. Is this normal or a defect? To me it looks like a chip. Would it still be safe to fire? I google for pics of benelli supernova barrels but didn't find one showing this angle. Thanks [ATTACH=CONFIG]1626[/ATTACH]
  5. Hey guys, I recently bought a MR1. Did a barrel break in on it, cleaned the entire firearm (barrel and field stripped), fired once, cleaned, fired once, cleaned, fired once, cleaned, and fired 5 times, cleaned (on the fire 5 and clean 8 cycles now). I put a New Nikon coyote special on it (3-9x40) and bore sighted it. I have a bench set up at 100 yards, I have tried to sight this rifle in 8 times now. It makes absolutely no group at all, I get 7" circles at 100 yards with a bench and lead sled. So i moved it to 50 yards and tried, still absolutely nothing. I read in an article that a guy who bought one's barrel was pitted after 67 shots ( http://www.predatormastersforums.com/forums/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=1774397). I Took the scope off and use the standard sight, still no group, not even close. Any help would be appreciated. Andrew
  6. I have a 26" 12ga Bennelli SuperNova/Nova Matte Barrel for sale or trade. Bought it new and have put 50 rounds thru it in one shoot, just never use it as I am not a big skeet shooter or hunter. Barrel has some wear spots from mounting screw. Has a factory Bennelli choke installed. Email with offers and or trades. If your trade item is valued over my barrel I will match cash difference. Thanks for looking. [ATTACH=CONFIG]1368[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]1369[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]1370[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]1371[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]1372[/ATTACH]
  7. Hi, What is the best barrel lenght for trick shooting ? Thanks a lot !
  8. Hi ! I don't know which chose ! I do a lot of trick shooting Thanks !
  9. Quick question. Can you purchase a second left-handed barrel directly from Benelli? The catalog doesn't specify left/right in the barrels section. I'm looking at buying a SBE II with the 28" barrel but would like to have a 24" barrel as well. (I know the rifled barrel is not and will not be available.) Thanks. Edit: Called Benelli and was able to obtain the part number from customer service since it's not listed in the catalog. The 24" black matte barrel in left-hand is PN - 81141.
  10. Hi ! What is the best extension tube lenght for M2 24'' (I want a flush-fitting) And what is the measurement of the M2 24'' like this picture ! [ATTACH=CONFIG]1000[/ATTACH] Thanks !
  11. Hi ! I need to know the barrel measurement of the SBE 2 (28'', 26'' or 24'')like this picture. Thanks ! [ATTACH=CONFIG]986[/ATTACH]
  12. Hi I need measurement of the M2 Field (28'', 26'' or 24'') Look the picture [ATTACH=CONFIG]987[/ATTACH] I don't know which barrel lenght for clay ! Thanks a lot !
  13. I have just bought a SBE II that is possibly unfired. Walnut stock with matte 26" Crio Barrel. I would like to even swap trade just the barrel for the same barrel in 28" in like condition. Or, I would like to trade entire gun with breakdown case, all 5 chokes, owners manuals, bubble wrap, wrench, etc., whatever comes in the box, in exchange for SBE II 28" barrel max 4 or duck blind camo. If either of these trades makes your life better, please reply.
  14. Where can I find replacement barrels for my SBE??? Somehow the original barrel fractured slightly at the mouth of the chamber. It basically looks like the mouth of the chamber has a small piece missing, which causes the occasional shell to get stuck (and cut) during autoloading. In addition, I question whether the shell seats properly due to the damage. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Ryan
  15. Wanted: 20 gauge Cordoba barrel, with or without chokes.
  16. looking for an m1/m2 barrel with threads to replace my fixed cyl m1s90 barrel with ghost ring sights. thanks for stopping in!
  17. The is a 26" Benelli barrel for the m1 with 4 chokes and tool. i purchased it new 3 yrs ago and shot it only two times (once on the range to pattern on paper, the other whackin ducks). I no longer need the pipe as i have several other scatter guns to shoot at waterfowl with. barrel is in near perfect like new condition as are the choke tubes. Email if interested.
  18. Greetings all, Although I've frequented---and enjoyed---the forums in the past few months, this is my first post... It's a pleasure to be joining the community! After a lot of research and a long wait, I will finally be picking up my new Benelli M4 this week and can's wait! I am trying to understand what type of coating is on the barrel of the M4 because I want to know how to care for it properly. I've searched quite a bit, but the only information I have been able to find is that the barrel is coated with "heavy phosphate" (see pg 14 of the M1014 operator manual, available by googling "farrarsodfarm" and "USMC_M1014.pdf"....(I can't post links yet)) but not what specific kind of phosphate coating is used. There are many different types of phosphate coating, each of which requires different care. Google, for example, "heavy phosphate" and read about the different types at "engineersedge") In particular, phosphate coatings are quite porous, and will (generally speaking) easily wick moisture in the air and rust accordingly. The phosphate is designed not as an end-all protective coating against corrosion, but rather a medium in which the *real* anti-corrosion coating can be easily suspended. For parkerized finishes (which encompass many types of phosphate coatings), it is cosmoline or grease, suitably wicked by the porous phosphate finish, that prevents against corrosion. Google, for example, "xavierthoughts" and "parkerizing". So does anybody know exactly what type of phosphate coating is used on the Benelli m4 barrel? (e.g. Type M, Class 2 or Type Z, Class 1, or....) What are you M4 owners doing to care for your barrels, especially those of you who use them in moist environs? The M1014 manual linked above recommends light oil like CLP or MILITEC (see pg. 60). Is anyone slathering their barrel in cosmoline or axel grease and baking at 350 F? Thanks all for the great posts and for the help.
  19. Have brand new 28 inch SBE II max -4 camo wanting to trade barrel for 26 in same camo.
  20. Hey there you guys. Just wondering if anyone knows of a left-handed riffled barrel for the benelli m2. even a third party one. i really love my benelli but when in one of the places i hunt deer you have to use a shotgun and I'd like to only have to use my benelli and not my trusty old mosseberg 500. thanks for any suggestions. Thanks again
  21. Ok, so I switched out my 24" factory barrel for an 18" factory benelli barrel. Ever since, it will not "auto" feed the next round. I have tried everything and it does this when shooting, or cycling by hand, which it used to feed with the old barrel by hand and with shooting. Is this barrel maybe causing my problem? Did I do something wrong when re-assembling? It seems to shoot fine, but just won't auto feed. If I press the silver/red button, it will feed the next, but then not the one after, unless I press the button again. I don't think I should be having to press that button every time. Please Help!! I am a NEWB to Benelli's.
  22. Hey, I was just wondering if anybody could tell me what the bore diameter of the SuperNova Tactical 18.5" barrel is? I'm guessing that it is around .730" but I haven't been able to find any information about it. I guess I could just measure it with some calipers, but I was wondering if there was an official spec from Benelli, that I don't know about. Thanks
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